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A Wild Bison Appears!

New Bison Prepper is up: August Article- The $50 Prepper

Money Quote:
When your night vision device costs more than five years of food, something is seriously wrong and improper about your priorities. When one MRE costs more than a month of food, you aren’t trying to prepare. You are playing at a Praetorian Guard Of The Free Republic fantasy. You want all the wealth of empire and all the freedom of your ancestors prior to imperial colonialization. You are as nicely brainwashed as the banker elite care to have you, and despite all your bluster pose absolutely no threat to them, because you are a marshmallow man, not a Minuteman. You wouldn’t know how to handle deprivation or lack of luxury, and that makes you malleable.
In other words, you can’t eat your NVG.


  1. x

    Guessing that my first on the phone response went to the interwebs nether-lands.
    So, I will sing now high praises to the almighty Lord Bison!
    This dude is the best.
    Ain't no better.
    Been following him for years, sorta kinda like Big Country back when he was a youngster.
    Phil brought us all back but hell, this dude is original.
    Better than ol Alex.
    Mr. Dankin has a pile of cd's sittin on my desk.
    Nope, ain't read them.
    Hell maybe he's been sending me letters which I've never opened.
    Used to be that I could read him on the internet, now we can't.
    None the less, man, he is great!
    Me, I've been supporting him, and as far as I can tell I should have another year or two to get his at least 90-120 pages on cd.
    Some of which includes his fiction.
    Been awful busy.
    Used to be that I would read his shit when It came out.
    Sucks I can't do that anymore.
    But…I'm still collecting his writings which are cheap.
    Hell, even a year or two back he is still prevalent.
    Everyone should send him a 20.
    Keep him working.
    Yeah, I know it's not kill everyone, all the time.
    Although it may be necessary.
    But, as far as basics go, he is the Lord Bison.
    One of us, and one of the best.


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