Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Steel Your Mind And Harden Your Heart

This is a very sober and serious video. No flashy production values, just the honest truth.

This is in line with something I keep saying. Yes, train with your weapons. Yes, get into better shape. Yes, have your supplies and preps lined up. But just as important, get your head right and your heart hard. Being tender hearted isn't a luxury we have in these days. Have honest conversations with yourself and with your loved ones and people you trust. If you are so inclined, turn to your religious faith. We have been slowly pushed into a corner and that corner has become very tight indeed. They are pushing to cause a reaction and they will get one. The important thing to remember is this:

They have already worked up the mental resolve to kill you and your family. 

Now you need to match their resolve. I am not going out preemptively to go after anyone but I am getting my heart and mind ready to do what most likely will be forced on me at some point. The time to get your heart hardened for what you might have to do, stuff that is contrary to your instinctive and culturally enforced norms, is right effing now.

Figure it our now because there won't be time to figure it out later. A hard heart will be needed to survive and trying to play by obsolete rules that your enemy has rejected is a good way to end up facedown and taking a dirt nap.

Monday, August 30, 2021

That's All She Wrote

Will the last soldier out of Afghanistan please turn out the lights. Best of luck to the Afghan people and any (actual) Americans who are still there but you are going to have to figure it out on your own from here on out.

Something Is Brewing

Whoever you talk to about the Afghanistan debacle, one question always comes up: why would they do that? I was talking about it with some Amish last night and they couldn't understand leaving billions in perfectly usable gear behind for the people we have been fighting for 20 years to use. The obvious answer is just sheer incompetence and stupidity, and that is a safe fallback position a lot of the time but the safe answer is rarely the complete answer. The better answer is that this was done out of malice. 

That brings us to Big Country and his post They ARE Trying to Provoke -Something-. The gist of the post is that a Marine general who looks a lot like a penis dressed up in a uniform, one Brigadier General Farrell J. Sullivan, forced his troops to clean up a base that the Taliban were about to take over. That seems a lot like a retreating Wehrmacht general telling his troops to tidy up Berlin before the Red Army arrived. 

BCE is of the opinion that the brass is trying to provoke some sort of response from the pissed off grunts. My take in a comment was that it could be a part of the move to create the image of widespread "White supremacism" running rampant in the ranks, as if that would be a bad thing given that the most lethal fighting force we ever unleashed back in Europe in the 1940s was full of men who top to bottom would be considered "White supremacist's" by today's standards. Push some PFC into popping a star and of course his social media would be littered with MAGA and III% stuff, and then use that as a further excuse to purge the ranks of regular White guys. Replacing Nebraska farm boys who grew up hunting with scrawny fags and obese trannies won't be bad for morale or preparedness. 

The same thing is happening all over, they keep squeezing and squeezing, hoping to get someone to crack and give them the false flag they are hoping for. Be aware of what is going on, go ahead and get pissed but don't do anything stupid in reaction because that is exactly what they want. You aren't going to do anyone any good on a slab killed by a SWAT team or rotting in jail.

Sooner or later, probably very soon, they are going to get the false flag they are looking for, either because they get someone to snap or one of their mind-fucked windup toys finally goes berserk. The wheels are coming off and they need a patsy to take the fall. Don't be that guy.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Generational Politics

The Zman did one of his "mailbag" podcasts where he picks out some emails he gets with questions and responds to them, they seem to be a less time prep intensive format but often are very good. I got about half way through last Friday's episode but one section really caught my eye/ear.

The relevant portion starts at around the 10:30 mark.

"Generational politics is intended as another way for White people to fight each other"

That is the key. The squabbles and blame-game over generational politics are simply one more way to divide and distract White people from what is actually going on. There are lots of examples:

- Religion: organized religion has been the source of much of the warfare among people of European descent for centuries. I don't care what, if any religion, you practice but don't try to kill your fellow Whites if they decline to follow your religious flavor.

- Class: Apart from the ultra-wealthy, it doesn't really matter to me how much another White person makes. Lots of White people make more than me and even more make less. I do what I do for a reason and that means I make less than I could in order to have the freedom I enjoy. 

- Regional: I have little tolerance for the Southern Whites who still screech about carpetbaggers and other nonsense from 150 years ago. The guy in Alabama or Tennessee who cares about his people has far more in common with a White Northerner in Michigan or Maine than he does with some woke corporate mouthpiece in Atlanta.

On and on. We are in this together so stop letting them find new ways to set each other at one another's throat. M'kay?

The Internet Isn't Real

Maybe an odd statement from someone who is online a ton and was an early adopter of the internet when many others didn't even know what it was but this is some truth....

The internet is a fantasy world. Most of it only exists in your imagination. The real world is where things are going to go sideways, where you will have to make decisions to protect your family and your people. You aren't going to save anyone by arguing with strangers on the internet, although trolling is permitted and encouraged in reasonable doses. 

Get offline, go outside, talk to real people.

Here It Comes

The radar view as of 9:30 AM on August 29th, 2021 as Hurricane Ida slams into New Orleans.

This looks like it could be a bad one. Very bad indeed.

We Were The Goods Guys! Weren't We?

While many norms and cultural beliefs have evaporated or mutated over the past quarter century, one absolute article of faith remains: we were the good guys in World War II. Sure we firebombed women and children in Dresden and Tokyo, and dropped a couple of atom bombs on women and children at Hiroshima and Nagasaki but that is Ok because they started it. They had it coming. Anyway we won and made the world "safe for democracy" so that makes it OK. Eggs and omelets. 

While not here to rehash that, Black Pigeon Speaks has a new and very disturbing video that looks at one of the most forbidden topics concerning World War II: the rampant rape of German women by the Red Army as they rampaged across Germany and into Berlin.

Thanks to a media and entertainment blackout of this topic, combined with the endless propaganda portraying anything to do with Germany as the ultimate evil, very few people know about this and of the ones who do know, they just don't care thanks to the caricaturization of the German people as the embodiment of evil.

It took the combined forces of the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. to defeat Germany. Either one alone wouldn't have been enough. The question we should ask is this: was it worth it to get into bed with a monster like Stalin to "liberate" Europe? I used to think I knew the answer but now? Let's just say my opinion has changed pretty radically. 

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Based Bolsonaro

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, along with Trump and Hungary's Viktor Orbán, were on the neo-Bolshevik hit list for a number of years and it looks like he might be on the way out via a rigged election but he is telling his supporters exactly what they need to hear:

Effing based brother. 

“Everybody has to buy a rifle, damn it! Armed people will never be enslaved,” the head of state told a crowd of supporters outside his official residence, the Alvorada Palace.

He acknowledged that weapons “cost a lot,” but insisted that those who oppose guns should stop nagging people who want and can afford to buy them.

During his campaign for office, Bolsonaro vowed to relax Brazil’s gun laws so that citizens could protect themselves from the country’s rampant crime and violence.

And he kept that promise, issuing almost a dozen decrees that made firearms, including semi-automatic assault rifles, more easily available to the public. Some of them, however, were modified by the National Congress.

The president’s latest initiative in February allowed Brazilian citizens to own up to six guns and stripped back federal police and army oversight of firearms ownership. Those with hunting licenses are now free to buy 30 guns, while sports shooters can have as many as 60.

Very nice and this is the key passage:

Armed people will never be enslaved

As we see in Australia and Canada, the opposite is inevitably true:

Disarmed people are subjects, not citizens, and will always eventually be enslaved. 

Remember those choices because there isn't a third choice. 

Never give up your guns.

This Is Going To Be Great!

A hurricane barreling straight at New Orleans? What could go wrong?

This is the same city where Hurricane Katrina led to more than 1,500 people dying, making it one of the, if not the, worst natural disaster in modern American history. The hurricane was bad enough but the aftermath was just a glimpse of our collective future. Rampant robbery, murder, mayhem and rape. It was described in many dystopian terms, including "A police chief described post-Katrina New Orleans by stating, “it was like Mogadishu.". That makes sense since New Orleans is demographically pretty similar to The Mog. 

Also worth noting: in the aftermath of Katrina the authorities decided they had the right, in the middle of mass violence and looting, to disarm citizens at gunpoint:

The disorder of the storm’s aftermath – and the inability of local law enforcement to contain it – brought into stark realization the importance of the right to keep and bear arms in order to provide for the defense of oneself, loved ones, and community. Stories of looting and violence abounded. A police chief described post-Katrina New Orleans by stating, “it was like Mogadishu.”

Despite their inability to cope with the resulting mayhem, several days after the storm passed New Orleans officials ordered the confiscation of lawfully-owned firearms from city residents. In a September 8, 2005 article, the New York Times described the scene, stating, “Local police officers began confiscating weapons from civilians in preparation for a forced evacuation of the last holdouts still living here… Police officers and federal law enforcement agents scoured the city carrying assault rifles seeking residents who have holed up to avoid forcible eviction.”

As reported by the Washington Post, New Orleans Superintendent P. Edwin Compass made clear, “No one will be able to be armed,” and, “Guns will be taken. Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns.”

Any disaster is an excuse to go after your means of self-defense.

With America leaderless at present and already overwhelmed by the mishandled evacuation from Afghanistan, we could be looking at a Katrina 2.0 in New Orleans. Needless to say, if you are in The Big Easy, you should grab your family and valuables and GTFO. Better yet, GTFO and don't come back.

Friday, August 27, 2021

The Brave Sir Robin Of The Capitol Police

Although most of us have known his name for some time (Say His Name: Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd) the name of Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd was officially revealed when he granted an interview regarding his murder of Ashli Babbitt. 

He saved "countless lives". Saved how exactly?

Ashli Babbitt was a 5'2" unarmed woman. Who was she going to kill?

All but a handful of the protestors were also unarmed. Who were they going to kill?

Since they had the run of the place for several hours and yet the only person killed was an unarmed woman, murdered by Michael Leroy Byrd, it makes absolutely no sense to claim that he "saved countless lives" when no one was in danger in the first place. Yes there were some physical altercations, quite possibly instigated by paid FBI provocateurs, but that was pretty minor. The cop who died, his death blamed on Trump by the Leftist media, turned out to have died of natural causes. 

Byrd declares that he "showed the utmost courage"...by shooting an unarmed, defenseless woman to death. She was not a large adult man hopped up on drugs and resisting arrest. She was not pointing a gun or a knife or even a pair of tweezers at Lt. Byrd or any member of Congress. She was just a woman who made a poor decision to enter the Capitol building in the sight of a man who had previously been shown to be careless with his firearm, leaving his Glock in a men's room (no repercussions) and was also seen on the floor of the House in close proximity to his fellow officers with his finger wrapped around the trigger of his sidearm. 

Tucker Carlson interviewed the widower of Ashli Babbitt, Aaron Babbitt, and their family attorney, Terrell Roberts, about her assassin's interview. Her husband shows more restraint than I could have mustered.

Link to the same video mirrored on my Rumble channel in case Youtube nukes this one.

The American media is treating Michael Leroy Byrd as a hero for gunning down a small, unarmed, non-threatening woman because of two reasons:

One, she supported Trump and therefore was a enemy of the state fit only to be disposed of.

Two, she was White and her killer black.

That is it. There is no reasonable person who could say with a straight face that she was a threat, and that a 28 year veteran of the Capitol Police somehow realistically saw her as a danger to anyone in the Congress. No one coming through those doors was a threat, and you know this because no one in Congress or anywhere else was killed or seriously harmed apart from one woman slaughtered by a trigger happy imbecile. If that crowd had wanted to harm members of Congress, they could have quite easily. They didn't and they never did.

The Left loves this guy because he killed a Trump supporter and make no mistake, they would be orgasmic to see anyone who voted for Trump shot dead by some government flunky with a gun. They want you dead because they see you as less than human, as undeserving of life when compared to some extraordinarily useful person like George Floyd or some random Afghan who now gets to live in America.

They hate you with a white hot hatred and that sort of hatred only has one reasonable response.

Don't expect justice and don't expect mercy. You will get neither.

What Has Gone Before Is Unimportant. What Comes Next Is Critical.

The parallels between the interwar Weimar Republic in Germany and modern America are well documented and the comparison is mostly solid, given the technological and demographic differences. Both were marked by rampant degeneracy, economic uncertainty, social tensions and of course rampant inflation. Weimar didn't last long but in the aftermath came something quite different, something that changed the course of Western civilization. The question facing the observer of Western decline today should be: what comes next?

Every honest student of contemporary affairs can tell that the Western style of liberal democracy fueled by a capitalism-socialism fusion is on it's last legs. We can see the race to keep printing new "money" to stay ahead of inflation will eventually collapse on itself. The only reason it hasn't fallen completely apart yet is the lack of a system wide shock but we are overdue for one and when it happens, the whole house of cards falls. 

In interwar Germany, as the Weimar Republic rolled around in degeneracy like a pig in shit, two competing forces were vying to replace it. Neither wanted to control the Weimar Republic, they wanted to remake it into something else.

Everyone knows about the one side. 

The desperation of the German people after World War I and seeing their beloved Fatherland sinking into public degeneracy made many Germans willing to try something, anything, different that would restore Germany to her rightful place as a world power. The Weimar Republic was a giant power vacuum. Into that vacuum strode a man who would become the most famous figure of the 20th century.

Hitler's Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or  National Socialist German Worker's Party, more commonly known as the Nazi Party, promised a restoration of Germany's former glory through a focus on workers and families and German pride. His vision was both past and future focused, recalling the many years of German power and promising a future with a thousand year Reich.

We all know, or at least think we know, how that went and how it ended. What most people don't know is that Hitler and the Nazi party were not working in opposition to just the existing government of the Weimar Republic.

In 1918 Germany was roiled by the November Revolution. This came shortly on the heels of the Russian revolution that saw the transformation of Russia into the USSR under Communism. Something similar was happening in Germany with the rise of the Spartacus League and the subsequent Communist Party Of Germany. Their intent was to replicate the Russian revolution in Germany, transforming her into a Western European version of the Soviet state. Had they succeeded, who knows how history would have played out but you can bet it would have been bad. The combined German and Russian forces would have been unbeatable and likely all of Europe would have fallen, and much of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Imagine the Soviet Union but stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from Scandinavia to South Africa. It would have been a very different world indeed. In Germany at this time there was open conflict between the Communists and the Nazi "brownshirts" in the streets.

We still see some of the vestiges of this conflict today. The modern far Left paramilitary group loosely organized under the umbrella of "antifa", which is supposedly short for "anti-fascist", uses the language and iconography of the militant wing of the German Communist Party of that era which called itself Antifaschistische Aktion. Photos from that era show the "antifa" flag flying side by side with the Communist hammer and sickle.

The modern reincarnation of Antifaschistische Aktion uses the same basic symbolism.

I am not sure how many garden variety idiots with antifa slogans on social media understand this but the people who organized antifa and chose that symbol? They understand.

Back to my point. I am not looking to lionize the Sturmabteilung in this post nor of course Antifaschistische Aktion. My point is that these two groups looked past the current system and sought to replace that system with a brand new system, at some level both groups understanding that the system was doomed and irredeemable. It wasn't reform they were after, it was revolution. 

We find ourselves in a similar era. Despite the obvious differences, the similarities cannot be ignored. People are frightened of what the future holds. Gone is any sense of sunny American optimism, replaced with dread of more economic insecurity, violence in the cities and the apparently now permanent state of panic over the plandemic. Most Americans don't trust the election system, and increasingly the political divide has morphed into a visceral hatred of "The Other". The language of violence is already rampant and getting steadily worse from the Left. A few weeks ago a person named Steve Cox running as an independent for Congress from California wrote that people who choose not to get the "vaccine" should be shot.

The original tweet is gone but his account with over 16,000 followers is still active. Or this person:

Oh, forcible participation in medical experiments. Where have I heard that before?

The entire society is teetering on the edge of widespread economic and social collapse and almost no one is still dumb enough to look to the governing authorities or any other institution for help. What exists today is dead and the only question that remains is what will replace the dead system? This requires a very different way of thinking:

We are not fighting for the right now, we are fighting for the future.

Who wants to win a fight to take over a dead and decaying system? The winners of this conflict will get to set the course for what remains of Western society, for good or ill, for the foreseeable future.

What happened in the past isn't that critical right now and what is happening right now isn't terribly important either. You can't change the past and everyone reading this blog has basically no control over what is going on right now. The crap in Afghanistan is outrageous but what are you going to do about it? Send a strongly worded letter to your Congressman? Strap on your $3000 AR set up and jump into Afghanistan? Yeah right.

But what you can have a real impact on is the future. 

It might not seem like it but you really can, certainly far more so than your ability to change the course of the present. Recall that Hitler tried to stage a coup early on, the "Beer Hall Putsch" and ended up in jail, where he penned Mein Kampf. It was a struggle for basically a no one to go from lowly enlisted man to jailed dissident to the leader of the Third Reich. It is obvious but it needs to be said that I again am not advocating for a new Hitler but simply am pointing out the historical parallels and how understanding history can change the course of the future. 

Current events are important of course and those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them but our focus should be on shaping what is to come, rather than seizing the reins of power in the right-now. As the saying goes, we aren't going to vote our way out of this but grassroots organizing and creating both a physical and intellectual foundation to control the course of the future absolutely is feasible. 

Being a dissident in 2021 means understanding that the present war is already lost but the war for the future is just beginning.

Speaking Of Podcasts

Here is one I was listening to today on our old friend Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset from The Corbett Report:

Good stuff and an interesting coincidence that the World Economic Forum and I were both birthed in the same year. 

Something else that caught my ear, the idea of how deeply integrated these super-national groups really are with "multiple stakeholders" in the form of government, NGOs, academia, celebrities and of course big business all working in conjunction to move the levers of power.

That bullshit you see on Fox News? Most of it is empty fluff. The real action is happening at places like the WEF and other secretive gatherings of the most powerful elites.


...in the middle of a disaster, Army leadership is laser focused on....diversity.

Not to contradict the Sergeant Major of the Army but our military was actually about a million times more lethal when they were almost exclusively White men.

Effing clown world.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

It Needs To Be Said

As the news cycle is once again dominated by Afghanistan and the utterly incompetent withdrawal of American forces followed by the fiasco of thousands of Americans as well as "Afghan allies" left behind trying to get into the airport in Kabul to take the magic iron bird to America, today brought the news that was really inevitable: more American causalities, the most in a single day in Afghanistan for many years. The responses from many neocons are what you would expect, bluster and calls for escalation and vengeance just days after it looked like we finally were going to extricate our forces from the graveyard of empires. 

My take is quite different, probably very cold-hearted and even, dare I say, "un-American".

The American people have a pretty hard and fast rule: we don't leave our people behind.

This has been the source of the POW/MIA flags seen at the homes of many Americans who still, decades after the end of the Vietnam War, hold out hope for our troops who were left behind in 'Nam. It also spawned many movies about the subject, including one of my favorites as a kid: Uncommon Valor.

So of course the thought of Americans being trapped in Afghanistan sparks the desire on the part of those sitting at home to get them out. No matter what.

I am not sure that is wise or proper, at least in this case.

To be clear, I have no idea what all of these thousands of Americans are still doing in Afghanistan in the first place. Of course, and this is important, I wonder how many of these "Americans" are actually Afghans who have somehow managed to get dual-citizenship and/or American passports, in other words not Americans at all. I suspect that is a significant chunk of the "Americans" left behind. The rest, the actual born in America citizens? No idea. Contractors, civilians, missionaries?

Here is my point. The first week of July, Bagram Air Base, the largest U.S. base in Afghanistan, was handed over to the Afghan "army" and the last remaining U.S. forces rather infamously left in the middle of the night without telling the Afghan "allies". Almost immediately photos started coming in of Afghans looting the stuff our forces left behind. That should have been a glaring neon sign to GTFO.

At the same time the Taliban were taking over more and more of the country. 

On August 15th the Afghan forces surrendered Bagram without so much as a whimper. Bagram is very close to Kabul, someone who has been in country can tell me how far in real time but as you can see, it is close....

If by this point you weren't on the next plane back to America, assuming you were not critical embassy staff (and why have an embassy there?) or military, I kind of have to wonder what the hell you were thinking? 

Sitting in Indiana I could see the advance of the Taliban and understand that it was inevitable that they would retake the whole country in weeks, not months. Why did people in Kabul think otherwise? I also could guess that the retaking of Kabul and the entire country by the Taliban was going to be bad news for people who didn't want to go back to sharia law or whatever the Taliban enforced.

Maybe they couldn't get out, although I assume there were lots of flights, but it seems to me that they waited until things really went to shit and then decided "Oh crap we gotta get out of here!". Now we are in a situation where our forces are trapped in an airport in what appears to my amateur eye to be a really shitty tactical situation. The deadline apparently agreed to by the Taliban and the U.S. of August 31st is quickly approaching and the situation seems to be deteriorating fast. Soldiers trapped with no room to maneuver and civilians to protect are in a bad spot.

So I have to ask: do we really want to spill more American blood to try to get people out, that may or may not be American, who chose to not leave when the Taliban were clearly taking over the country?

If someone climbs Mount Everest and then gets trapped because they don't know what the hell they are doing, is it incumbent upon professional climbers to go get them? At some point doesn't the old saying about you making your bed and now you having to lie in it come into play?

Maybe not. I get that we don't want to leave anyone behind but there needs to be some sort of cost-benefit analysis here. There must be a better solution than the chaos at the airport with American forces facing suicide bombers. This might be a bad take but I think it is a question that has to be asked and yes there are lots of other factors in play like actual Americans being left behind in favor of privileged Afghan "allies". If I am missing significant factors, please feel free to correct me.

Perhaps the way to ask it is this: how many combat casualties are too many in order to evac people who should have left weeks ago?

The Inevitable Death Toll

Word from Afghanistan is that a bombing or two has claimed the lives of four U.S. Marines, sent in to try to stabilize the situation at the Kabul airport.

At some point there is going to be a significant firefight and the death toll is going to go way up.

This is on the people behind the curtain pulling Biden's strings but not one of those fuckers will face any consequences. 


The numbers keep climbing, latest numbers are at least 10 dead. That number will likely rise.

Now Hiring! Please?

Living the majority of my life in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana means living in automaker country. The best jobs for people without a college degree (and many with college degrees) were at one of the Big Three automakers. Our biggest local plant in Toledo was Jeep and getting a job there was next to impossible without some union connections. There was also a Ford plant, stamping or something, and a bunch of other associated plants like Dana. Auto worker jobs paid very well, had great benefits and were extremely coveted. 

Where we live now near Fort Wayne, this is or at least was still true. The local General Motors plant on the south side of the city is the second largest employer in Allen County with other 4,300 employees. The plant assembles the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra, which I believe are still the best selling vehicle at GM. The jobs are not supplier jobs, they are actual honest to goodness GM jobs.

Anyway, our local radio station reported that GM held a job fair for new temp workers, direct hired by GM mind you to make sure you aren't an imbecile or insane before hiring you on full time. Apparently they were hiring people for jobs at GM on the spot. 10 years ago there is no way that would have happened but employers are desperate. I decided to check these jobs out and this was the pic greeting me at the GM careers site.

Ah yes, the African woman (?) with the dyke haircut, artfully torn off sleeves and covered in tats. I am sure she is an engineer or something, look she has a laptop and is wearing glasses so she must be smart and stuff! She kinda has a Simon Phoenix thing going on.

Anyway, these temp assembly positions in Fort Wayne are paying, for part-time work, $16.67 per hour. For part-time temp work as a direct hire employee of General Motors. That is crazy. Everyone around here has signs out begging for workers, advertising jobs at $15 -$20 per hour. Everyone is hiring. The local B.F. Goodrich site is open hiring on their website, not that many years ago they held a local job fair and the place was swamped with hundreds and hundreds of people looking for a good job. 

With this many job openings and fall right around the corner, what happens when they lock us down again and start mandating the "vaccine" as a requirement for employment? How many businesses will just fail because they can't get employees or their suppliers can't provide enough parts, which will lead to some foreign company filling in the gaps and further tanking the economy?

These once highly sought after, nearly impossible to land, jobs at automakers are now sitting vacant and they are hiring warm bodies just to try to find a few decent people.

A nation cannot survive on a culture of mass consumption of cheap consumer goods and even cheaper calories. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Open Thread: Pod People

Internet is being hinky again tonight but I wanted to throw this out there. I have been listening to a lot of podcasts lately but some of the ones I used to listed to are either off-line completely or have gotten pretty stale and dumb. So my question to the multiverse: which podcasters do you listen to?

Right now I have bookmarked:

The Zman. Must listen material, every week plus the extra stuff I get because I give him some Subscribestar shekels. 

Myth of the 20th Century. Usually big brained but sometimes completely not worth listening to, especially if the co-host is dominating the conversation.

Fash The Nation. For those who like a little JQ humor in their podcast.

Exodus/Americanus. Normally solid, low key, not current events driven. Sometimes gets weird and of course badly.

The Political Cesspool. James Edwards is always solid and often has great guests.

A few others on occasion, Counter-Currents, Amren, VDARE.

So let me hear from you. Listening to smart people makes you smarter.

Monday, August 23, 2021

A Wild Bison Appears!

New Bison Prepper is up: August Article- The $50 Prepper

Money Quote:

When your night vision device costs more than five years of food, something is seriously wrong and improper about your priorities. When one MRE costs more than a month of food, you aren’t trying to prepare. You are playing at a Praetorian Guard Of The Free Republic fantasy. You want all the wealth of empire and all the freedom of your ancestors prior to imperial colonialization. You are as nicely brainwashed as the banker elite care to have you, and despite all your bluster pose absolutely no threat to them, because you are a marshmallow man, not a Minuteman. You wouldn’t know how to handle deprivation or lack of luxury, and that makes you malleable.

In other words, you can't eat your NVG.

More Good News

This is the first I have heard of this but Rex seems trustworthy. 

Do you have what you want? If not, better get it. Without a proper optic, your fancy rifle is about as accurate as a blunderbuss. 

In other news, as expected ammo across the board is rising. The window I mentioned for buying might have slammed closed last week, who knows at this point but I am not optimistic. 

Can you feel the squeeze happening?

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Far More Subtle Than Expected

If you need further proof that people far smarter than the public face of the Biden regime are actually running the show, people who's names you have likely never heard, you need look no further than their carefully measured approach to gun control.

As it became apparent that Biden's handlers were going to pull of a coup, steal an election and place this doddering old fool in the Oval Office I assumed that we were in for a full on assault on the 2nd Amendment. The strategists running Biden's campaign as much as said so in the 2020 platform which I detailed here: The Future Of Gun Ownership (Or Lack Thereof)

Liberals in general and anyone associated with Joe Biden specifically are notoriously stupid so I expected a clumsy attempt to ram through some sweeping legislation, a move that would stall in the Senate and end up being a disaster. Or perhaps it would pass and that would lead to a significant showdown as the overreach caused gun owners to openly rebel. 

Instead we have seen a far more measured and subtle approach. While some legislation that was DOA has been proposed by a few of the extraordinarily dumb members of Congress, most of what we have seen has been quieter and attacked on multiple fronts. The proposal to change the definition of a receiver and ban "ghost guns" almost simultaneously with the renewed move to redefine pistol braces as short barreled rifles has generated a lot of attention but there is little chance this attention on our side will stymie their efforts. The comment period for ATF proposed rule 2021R-05 ended on August 19th so I expect to see the new rules on receivers and "ghost guns" being finalized as soon as next week. The comment period for pistol braced AR/AK pistols, ATF proposed rule 2021R-08, expires in about 2 1/2 weeks and that is going to get a lot of attention. I would recommend you get a pistol AR/AK now if you want one.

Then last week, in a move that caught a lot of people off-guard, the State Department banned new import licenses for Russian made ammo and firearms. That is leading to panic buying, at 8:30 AM on Sunday prices for 7.62x39 rounds are over $.50/round and climbing. Others are following, 5.56 is over $.50 and .223 is up to $.45/round.

All of this happened without an official executive order from Biden or legislation from Congress. It also is getting little attention from the bulk of the gun owning community, at least so far.

Meanwhile as the occupation of Afghanistan winds down, the regime has been working overtime to pivot the endless war on terror away from actual Islamist terrorism and on to the phantom menace of "White supremacist domestic right-wing terrorism". It has been an amazing turnaround to see the once anti-war Left suddenly clamoring for Americans to go back to Afghanistan "for the girls" and while we are at it maybe invade a few more places. For example...

You will be stunned to discover Ms. Applebaum's ethnic heritage. This fella on Twitter gets it right....

For people like Anne Applebaum there is no upper limit on the number of dead White men she will accept to bring "freedom" to black and brown girls around the world. In fact, the more dead Whites, the better.

So the stage is set. Now we just await the penultimate act and it is going to be a doozy. I expected some sort of mass shooting false flag at a school or something as the pretext but I am beginning to think I wasn't thinking big enough. Kids are passé  when it comes to false flags, but another "assault on our democracy"? That will get the juices flowing. Look how fast most Republicans turned on the January 6th panty raid insurrection. If some official D.C. people actually get killed? They will flip on gun control so fast it will make your head spin and for the Powers That Be, a mass casualty event with lots of dead court mandarins is a small price to pay to disarm the kulaks in the heartland.

They have gotten smarter and more subtle and that makes them far more dangerous. We need to get a lot smarter on our side and quickly.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

BCG Deal

Palmetto State has a pretty good deal going on their basic bolt carrier group. 

Nuttin fancy, just a basic BCG. Maybe not my first choice for your primary BCG but as a spare? That price plus free shipping is killer, I picked one up and it was all in $85 with sales tax. I didn't really need another one but that was hard to pass up. You really need to have a few of these on hand as back-ups, who knows if the ATF is going to require this to be a serialized part soon that you have to get through an FFL?

As always I am not affiliated in any way with Palmetto State Armory and receive nothing for sharing this deal. 


The steel case 7.62x39 prices on Ammoseek this morning

Pre-announcement yesterday I saw it for under $.30/round. Press F for AK owners, that is brass case 5.56 prices. Other calibers don't seem as badly impacted but the AK fanbois wiped out the supply of Russian steel ammo for their Kalashnikovs. 

Friday, August 20, 2021

Two Videos On The Russian Ammo Situation

This will definitely impact the AK more than the AR guys so Robski weighs in....

...but it will hurt everyone. As Mrgunsngear notes, the Russians account for 40-45% of the U.S. ammo market. I had no idea it was that huge but this will cascade down all of the calibers....

The brief holiday we were enjoying seems to be slamming shut. I don't like shooting a ton of steel in my ARs or pistols but it is better than nothing and I expect brass prices are going to shoot up as well as Wolf makes a lot of brass case 5.56.

Haven't I been warning you?

RIP Ammoseek

The news about the clamp down on ammo from Russia has people panicking so if you are trying to use ammoseek right now? Good luck because the page keeps crashing as panicked AK owners are freaking out.

Russkie Ruh Roh

This is just breaking but the State Department is apparently clamping down on Russia made and imported guns and ammo....

I will see if I can learn a little more about this but that is bad news for AK owners and all firearms owners as steel ammo prices are potentially about to explode. Steel might suck but it accounts for a lot of the total ammo sold so this would mean pressure back on brass case potentially.

Some Big Brain Stuff

Very solid podcast from the Zman today, The Revolution Part II, big thinks going on while I listened, some lightbulbs turning on and some of those red strings suddenly intersecting. 

He has three segments and here are my snapshots from each.

- The Marxist sees history as inevitable. They believe the Marxist revolution leading to utopia will inevitably come to pass. The ominous point he made is that this is why they have no problem with visiting violence or death on their political opponents because they see us as standing in the way of the inevitable evolution to utopia. 

- A very interesting tying together of the ideas of Gramsci that led to what we are seeing the end stage of today, the "Long March Through The Institutions". Gramsci apparently understood that you had to first control the institutions in order to change politics and economics and that is why we see the Left taking over one institution after another: schools, the churches, bureaucracy, entertainment and the military.

- Marxism as religion. The reason most people who read this who identify as Christians are Christians instead of another religion is that way back when in Europe, local leaders would convert and then that religion was basically imposed on everyone else. We see the same thing today. Our ruling class has adopted this new religion of Cultural Marxism and is now trying to force the rest of us into compliance.

All very good topics for thought. Give it a listen, it will only cost you an hour.

A Quick Word Of Caution

With things going to shit in Afghanistan, there are lots of rumors charging around the internet. The problem is that most people are repeating them verbatim as if they know this stuff first hand while much of it is coming 3rd or 4th hand at best. The Taliban are bad dudes by most every measure but that doesn't mean that everything you read on the internet is true. What is more, there isn't a thing you can do about it

Are the Taliban executing Christians? I have no idea, maybe. Are they taking teen-aged Afghan girls as "brides"? Also no idea. Maybe. Probably? Is there anything I can do about it. Nope. Do I want to see American forces go back into Afghanistan to stop it? Also nope.

The world has generally always been a dumpster fire with lives that are solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short. People suffer unspeakable crap all day every day all over the world. There are a few regions where this is generally not true but for the most part the majority of humanity live awful lives. In a better world we could try to do something about it but in this world we live in circa 2021, all we can do is concentrate on our own immediate sphere of influence. 

Maybe someday things will get better but not for a long time. Don't believe anything everything you read on the internet and focus on what you can do for your family and neighbors. Worrying about things you have no control over is a waste of time and emotional strength.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

The Endless Vaccine

Even as the media tries to hush up the horrific side-effects of the coronavirus "vaccine" and squashing reports of huge numbers of "vaccinated" people still getting the 'vid, we are now being told that the "vaccine" just isn't good enough and apparently is wearing off so you have to get a "booster". 

I am not a doctor but I don't recall my childhood vaccinations wearing off after a few months.

Just imagine what it will be like in a couple of months when the weather gets colder and the flu Covid-19 starts to spike again. We can't be far away from people getting an IV drip of the "vaccine" all day.

Some Catholics go to Mass twice a year. Some go every Sunday. But some go every day. Getting "vaccinated" is a religious ritual for these people and they just can't get enough of it. 

Lockdowns. Shortages. Mask mandates. Proof of "vaccination" to travel on planes, trains and busses. It is all likely coming in just a few months so don't squander this time.

Every Single Day

Well I found myself with an hour or two to kill while an Amish teenaged girl scrubbed the inside of my van down from top to bottom so of course I figured I would grab a few firearms and get some range time in.

It is also, by northeast Indiana standards, hot enough to kill. Not so much just the temperature but the humidity the last few days has been brutal leading to heat indexes in the 90s.

Sure if you live in a tropical swamp like Alabama, that doesn't seem that hot but when you live somewhere it snows in the winter, anything that feels like 90 degrees or hotter is brutal. Plus the humidity was making my glasses fog non-stop, which combined with the sweat getting on them made visibility not so great. Anyway, shot my PSA Dagger for the first time, pretty nice shooting gun. Could use a trigger upgrade but that is true for most OEM pistol triggers. Shot the Hellcat a bit but not a ton because micro-compact pistols just aren't pleasant to shoot a whole bunch as you get all of the recoil with very little heft to absorb it. Also got to shoot another "pistol" for the first time, the Rock River Arms 9mm AR pattern RUK-9BT. That is a ton of fun to shoot and ran like a champ with cheap reloaded 9mm. Right out of the gate with a brand new red-dot (Holosun HS510C) this was my pattern at 10 yards. It was off on elevation quite a bit so you can see where I moved it up a few clicks. Later patterns were dead on the money after a few more adjustments. 

Keep in mind, I am not a great shot by any measurement. Probably an average shooter with anything but a shotgun and I hadn't shot this pistol before. So I was pretty pleased with the initial run. I am a big fan of the Holosun HS510C, it has a dual reticle, solar charger and a quick release lever so you can yank it off quickly if it malfunctions and go to iron sights. This is what you see:

So it is really easy to acquire quickly, I like it better than a plain red-dot. 

This was kind of a last second thing so I ran out of the house without any extra mags so I was using 15 rounders instead of the higher capacity mags which was kind of a pain plus with the heat I didn't shoot as long as I would have liked but still a little shooting is better than none. We all need to really be intentional about this. I am fortunate in that I have a place to shoot for free about 6 minutes away so I really don't have much in the way of excuses to not shoot more.

It needs to be an everyday thing. Not shooting necessarily but something to improve your position. Maybe sending some rounds downrange or maybe reading a book to stretch your mind, perhaps watching a video and learning a new skill, better still getting out and exercising to keep yourself in shape or get yourself there. 

Everyday is an opportunity to get better or to waste it and get worse. Just about everything that will keep you alive is a perishable skill so use 'em or lose 'em. Now I need to make sure to take my own advice. 

Stronger, smarter, deadlier. Every single day. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Their Word Is Good

Back in May I posted about the long process of getting my new Palmetto State Dagger 9mm Glock clone: What A Long Strange Trip It Has Been

Along the way PSA had promised to upgrade all of our orders to the threaded barrel but when it came time to ship the pistol, they didn't have the threaded barrel so it was promised as a future deliverable.

That future was today:

I don't really need or want the extra barrel but I also ain't going to turn down a free extra barrel. Between the extra barrel and the free stripped lower, Palmetto State probably lost money on every Dagger they sold in that initial run but they made their screw-up right and that means a lot in 2021.

You can get them now, they come back into stock around 4 PM EST and are sold out in a couple of minutes but it is worth picking one up for $299. Here is a full review of the Dagger from a Guntuber....

The Similarities Are Uncanny

Patriotic Genocide

One of the recurring themes here at Dissident Thoughts is the fact that in my late 40s the United States has been at war or involved in significant conflict for basically my entire life. Born well after the end of the Second World War, none of these wars involved the acquisition of new territory. Most of them ended in some sort of failure or stalemate. We supposedly won the Cold War but the collapse of Communism in the Soviet bloc was inevitable, having failed to adapt like the Chinese have so far successfully done. Sure we killed a ton of Iraqis in both Gulf Wars but in doing so destabilized the nation and region leading to widespread human suffering. Perhaps that was a "success" in the eyes of those who pull the levers of our foreign policy behind the scenes.

The latest muddled mess in Afghanistan is really the epitome of the U.S. military since the end of World War II: mostly valiant fighting from our servicemen on battlefields around the world that ends up being in vain thanks to incompetence and/or malevolence on the part of the political class and the guys back home with stars on their shoulders.

Something else that has drawn some attention in the aftermath of the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan during the postmortem is that the people who The Usurper Joe Biden's regime call terrorists took a beating in Afghanistan fighting against actual terrorists. From Steve Sailer....

Also true in Iraq....

Remember that America as a nation hasn't been 85% White for half a century and today Whites are barely a majority but they were the vast majority killed in action.

This jives with what Big Country Expat said here DotMil Promotions and the Marines, specifically that blacks especially made up a very small percentage of the infantry and were more concentrated in the logistics groups in the rear with the gear.

Go back a little further. 

Vietnam saw around 58,000 U.S. casualties with the lion's share of course being suffered by White men to the tune of approximately 50,000 young Whites.

In Korea there were 35,000 U.S. casualties, again mostly White young men.

World War II was an abattoir. 

Tens of millions of people and the lion's share were Whites, Germans and Slavs. World War I wasn't quite as bad because it was more geographically limited and Europeans weren't as advanced at killing each other at that point but the death toll was still upwards of 40 million, mostly White people, dead.

In the span of 30 years, the German people lost at least 8 million young men. Russia lost over 12 million. France and England several million more. 

If one were to put on the tinfoil hat for a moment, it might start to seem like European nations have been manipulated into going to war with each other for the last century as a means of gutting the more masculine and fit White men from the population. The guys who were 4-F and didn't serve because of asthma or scoliosis or whatever? They stayed home and eventually had families. That tough White kid from the mountains of West Virginia? He got to go to Europe and get shot by a different tough White kid.  

Have we been manipulated by patriotism to commit a form of self-genocide, killing off our fittest young men? The average German in the Wehrmacht didn't join up so the Reich could kill off the Jews, he was defending the Fatherland. The American boys who volunteered in WWI and II thought they were defending freedom. The Russians who were conscripted fight the Germans at least believed they were protecting Mother Russia. 

Every year of my life, at least some White American young men have been prematurely killed in wars that were none of our business. Over 2000 in Afghanistan over the course of 20 years, and another 3000 in Iraq. The first Gulf War, the Balkans, Somalia, little unknown conflicts all over the damn world. 

These wars have combined to chew up and spit out millions of White men, millions killed outright, millions more maimed and who knows how many millions of White men are permanently damaged mentally and emotionally. All in unnecessary wars.

Really makes you think....

Monday, August 16, 2021

A Sincere Welcome To Our Newest Americans!

Wait. Our leaders wouldn't have engaged in a 20 year war just to flood Western nations with some of the most backward, useless and unintelligent people in world would they? Would they?


What A Co-Inky-Dink!

As The Usurper Joe prepares to humiliate himself on live TV once again during a speech about the Afghanistan debacle....

...there was other news that was released today and it is completely unrelated and not an attempt to distract the people....

SNAP is also known as EBT and more commonly as "food stamps" even though actual stamps haven't been used for a long time. A 30% increase is pretty significant. The reasoning given is that Americans need more money to buy "healthy meals" but there is nothing requiring food stamp recipients to spend their money on healthy food so this will likely just mean 30% more Mountain Dew and Ding Dongs per month.

Coincidence that this lame attempt at bribing the 42 million Americans on food stamps happens as even the leftist media is scorching Biden for his ineptitude and absence while this fiasco in Afghanistan unfolds? I think not. 

Also note I have been predicting that we will enter into an inflationary cycle where endless government spending causes prices to rise which in turn increases the demand for increased government spending. Grocery prices have been going up all year from what I can tell and therefore this massive increase in food stamp allotments is being used to offset food price inflation, which will then increase spending on food, leading to more increases in prices which will necessitate even more increases in EBT to keep up. If you are a sap and pay for groceries out of pocket? Sucks to be you because food prices are going up, up, up! 

Obvious lame attempt at distraction is obvious. 

Different Layers Of Dumb

There is stupid, there is fucking stupid, there is pants on your head stupid and then there is this....

In case the tweet is deleted I uploaded the video to Rumble....

Fly majestic metal bird! Fly me to freedom in America!

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Lessons From Haiti And Afghanistan

Two human tragedies are unfolding simultaneously on opposite sides of the globe.

In Asia, the Taliban have completed their blitzkrieg of Afghanistan with the Afghan president fleeing this morning as the country falls. Bloody reprisals and triumphant displays from the Taliban incoming.

In the Caribbean just southeast of the Florida coast, yet another earthquake has hit the island nation of Haiti, just eleven years after the devastating 2010 earthquake that left over 300,000 dead. This one seems less likely to see those levels of casualties but still the death toll will likely be in the 1000s even far from the capital of Haiti. The aftermath will be just as deadly without medical care, food and clean water. This follows the assassination of the President of Haiti a month ago and comes right before the island gets punched in the mouth by tropical storm Grace.

There are a couple of similarities I see between these seemingly disparate events. First and foremost, neither are our problem. There is no vital U.S. interests in either case. 

Second, and more pertinent to my post, both countries are examples of something that most Americans don't want to hear:

You cannot help people who don't want to be helped or who are incapable of being helped.

It is hard for Americans to imagine that anyone in the world doesn't envy the American experience. Of course everyone else wants drag queen story hour and endless supplies of enormous amounts of cheap calories. Turns out, lots of people don't want that and increasingly that group of people includes lots of Americans.

Likewise it is painful for Americans to admit that many people around the world simply are incapable of maintaining the sort of civil society that we take for granted. Our system has been the envy of the world for centuries so clearly if we just recreate that system in other nations they will prosper in that culture just as we have. Yet they don't. 

The occupation of Afghanistan was always doomed to fail because our leaders seemed to think that the solution to the Afghanistan problem was to enforce Western cultural norms, trying to create a democracy and overturning centuries of cultural norms. I get the impression that a significant percentage of the Afghan population, maybe a sizeable majority, liked things the way they were under the Taliban the first time around. They don't want to be Americans with turbans, they want to live in their tribal system under Islamic law. 

The basic gist is true for Haiti. That place has been a mess since they slaughtered the Whites and became independent. Over the last century we kept going to Haiti to restore order and it falls right back apart as soon as we turn our attention away for a minute. There is no amount of money or infrastructure or mission work that will turn Haiti around for one basic reason.

There is no path forward for that sad island that doesn't end the same way.

As an aside on Haiti. As someone who has been to Haiti and has blogged extensively in the past on the need to provide aid to that country.


Sending money to Haiti is the same as lighting dollar bills on fire. The funds will just go to some corrupt strongman while people starve. 

A realistic world view that informs a foreign policy would recognize that there are more places around the world that cannot be helped than places that can be. Money invested in former Warsaw Pact nations in Eastern Europe can have a dramatic impact on those nations but the same money invested in sub-Saharan Africa is wasted. Nation building in the third world has been an unmitigated disaster everywhere we have tried it while the investment to rebuild Japan and Germany after World War II saw the rebirth of two economic powerhouses. Different people groups yield different results.

Of course no one will learn this lesson, not from Haiti or Afghanistan or Syria or Somalia. They will keep sending Americans troops to die not because they think it will make things better but because it will enrich their masters. Still, it is something that dissidents need to understand because it gets to the heart of biological realism.

Biology is destiny.

That's All Folks

Preferring to keep his head on his shoulders instead of a spike, Brave Sir Robin President Ashraf Ghani ran away.

With that this fiasco is about over, the only question is whether our troops have to fight street to street to keep the diplomats safe. Genius planning all around folks. High fives for everyone. 

A few weeks short of the 20th anniversary and things are right back as they were in Afghanistan only with the added bonus of the Taliban now being able to brag about defeating the U.S. and getting a ton of looted gear. At least they won't be able to maintenance those Humvees and MRAPs for long.

Game over man. Game over.

Somebody Done Effed Up

The view from Kabul...

Choppers and a panicked evacuation of the U.S. embassy. Where have we seen this before? Oh yeah...

Let's be clear. There was no way to extricate ourselves from this mess in Afghanistan that wasn't going to lead to the Taliban retaking the country in short order after we left. Fear of just this scenario is partly what kept us there far longer than we should have been, although of course we never should have been there in the first place.

Also, I am not a military strategist, not even an amateur one.

Having said that, what the hell? We pull out our remaining forces abruptly and for some reason thought that the Afghan forces would hold back the Taliban indefinitely? It seems that it would have been prudent to empty out the embassy as soon as the last of the troops left. Now we are left with a panicked re-deployment of troops to protect the embassy evac. 

What was the plan again? Or was the plan to pull out and then use the collapse as a pretext to go back in? WTF?

The end of the Afghanistan occupation is right in line with the entire mess, a giant clusterfrack with no plan. I have to assume that the U.S. forces "training" the Afghans knew that they were useless and would drop their U.S. funded firearms and flee at the first sign of the Taliban. I also assume they passed this up their chain of command but apparently it didn't make it to the decision makers.

News reports are that the 'ban are in the outskirts of Kabul but maybe the "government" will do the smart thing and negotiate a surrender. Otherwise "President" Ashraf Ghani is going to end up hanging from a lamppost. Do they have lampposts in Kabul? If not I am sure those inventive Taliban will find somewhere to string him up. On the other hand, why would they agree to a peaceful surrender when they are going to win anyway? According to reports which are highly suspect in my eyes: "The US embassy in Kabul said it has received reports that Taliban members were executing surrendering Afghan troops". 

I am sure that being accused of war crimes is a huge deterrent for the Taliban🙄. Meanwhile...

The Taliban has also denied allegations that its militants have demanded conquered territories provide them with females aged 15 and older as brides.

Want to bet they aren't checking birth certificates to make sure those girls are really at least 15? To the winner go the spoils I guess, 20 years in the mountains humping goats leaves a jihadi with certain urges. 

Again, it was always going to end this way but even still the clueless mismanagement of the withdrawal is yet another embarrassment. The inability of the military hierarchy to plan something as obvious as this should serve as a warning before we decide to get engaged in another war, this time with someone who can go toe to toe with us.