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Willkommen To East Germany!

From the thin blue line bois at the Eff Bee Eye, on their official Twitter account….

Rat out your family, it’s for their own good! Where do I go to report the FBI for signs of mobilization to violence? Asking for Vicki Weaver and the children of Waco since they can’t ask for themselves. 
As you might imagine, the ratio is pretty awesome and the replies are very, very spicy.
The link is to a document originally from 2015 and it starts out with this lovely paragraph…

Sure it is Constitutionally protected but you should still rat out your cousin if he exercises his First and Second Amendment rights.
Most of the “indicators” in the document are obviously linked to Al Qeada, ISIS and other Islamist groups but now the FBI isn’t worried about actual terrorists. They are laser focused on “White supremacists”. 
Getting family members to inform on their kin is straight up Stasi stuff and surely won’t be abused at all. Are you getting the picture yet?


  1. Anonymous

    Well it worked well in east germany and russia…. are they offering an extra bread ration for turning in your family?


  2. Anonymous

    We just sent off uber-lib, potential future DIL back home with clueless son only yesterday, following a VERY tense weeklong visit. And it was not a moment too soon, for future DIL is no longer on speaking terms with me, despite living (for free) in the home that we bought for clueless son. We had grown weary of sending monthly mercy checks to pay for his rent, and sunk considerable cash into a purchase, instead. He thanked us by installing his latest trainwreck of a Tinder date in said home to keep him company, and we couldn't be more displeased about it.

    I would not be the least bit surprised if future DIL takes advantage of that FBI program to kill the goose that reluctantly lays golden eggs for her, being a typical modern megalomaniacal entitled female. Go ahead, cunt, turn me in, for my arsenal and for my deplorable leanings. Then see how quickly you end up back on the street when I stop payment on that lovely upscale home you squat in. Of course, clueless son will always be welcome to move back home with doting mommy and daddy, against my better judgment. But not with his entitled, megalomaniacal fuck buddy.

    Why is this so damned complicated?

  3. Arthur Sido

    Ugh, I am sure that was painful. My tolerance for nonsense has never been very high but having been out of corporate America for a while my ability to hold my tongue is worse than ever.

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