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Who Run America Town?

Did you see that Donald Trump’s son Barron, at age 15, is already 6′ 7″?

That is no joke right there.
I look forward to our dystopian future where Barron and The Donald reenact Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Maybe Nancy Pelosi can play the part of Auntie? 


  1. Anonymous

    I've got a 13 year old who has sprouted like a weed last year. But on 10inches in 12 months. Keeping him clotheds is a full time job.


  2. Anonymous

    The mongrel 'british' royal was born in the USA. Who knows what retarded things the future holds? I vote Megan Merkel(sp) as regent Auntie.

    I actually don't remember Thunderdome that well. Just the first one and a bit of Fury Road (the tragedy where Odin lost his healthy son [Baldr?] to some stupid feminists)

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