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This Is Just A Brief Respite

I keep telling people that our return to normal for most of us, seeing family and going to the store without a mask and what-not, is just a temporary lull in the plan and that we are headed for a round 2 that will be much, much worse. Having established once that they can shut down the whole country, this time it will include new and stricter rules. It won’t have anything to do with health or science but that will be the appeal to authority to get you to obey. Worse, most people will immediately comply, especially older people who are terrified of the ‘vid and people in coastal enclaves who love to have Big Daddy Government tell them what to do.
A couple of good posts to share this morning and my comments. Yes, this is lazy but I am pretty busy today.
Lots of good memes and a quality bikini pic. Also lots of good information about the weirdness behind people getting the jab over and over and still getting it again. It raised the question I have had for a while now. My comment:
If nothing else, the hysteria and urgency to more people to get the jab RIGHT NOW makes me incredibly suspicious. I am under 50 and reasonably healthy so for me the odds of dying of the ‘vid, assuming I haven’t already had it, are far lower than having some complications spring up from a gene therapy. They really, really want a bunch of us to take it and these same people wish us dead so why wouldn’t they simply let us refuse the “vaccine” and die from corona?
They hate you and want you dead. Literally, many of them are openly fantasizing about killing you or at least having someone else kill you but at the same time they insist you take this supposedly life-saving “vaccine”. I would never discourage Leftists from doing something lethal, I would encourage them. Something weird is up.
Then from Big Country Expat: Papiere, Bitte
BCE has it on good authority that in the next 3-4 months or so we are going to see significant travel restrictions throughout the country and by travel restrictions he is talking about within the borders of the United States
My comment:
It would have been hard to imagine just a few years ago but the freedom we take for granted in being able to travel from one state to the next, all across the fruited plains, might be gone by EOY. Better start to tighten up your circle and adjust your expectations, and make sure where you are *now* is where you want to be *later*.
THAT will cause a brand new panic. While firearms sales are dead right now I am not really too concerned yet because once this shit starts, plus people realize that the ATF wasn’t kidding about that whole pistol brace thing, people are going to be scrambling for guns and ammo, TP and food. I live a few miles from the Ohio border and we go into a neighboring town in OH all the time, will that become illegal by the end of the year? Maybe. 
Don’t get complacent but instead get ready.
As a side note, I try to put as many solid posts as I can from people like John Wilder, Cold Fury. WRSA and BCE, as well as my own,  on in case we get shut down. It is a good practice, WRSA got hit again last night and one of these times it will go down and not come back.


  1. Last Days To The Rodeo

    Thank you for the links and your observations. I've been prepping for the better part of two decades. I remember the feeling after the crash in 2007-08, the ammo and firearms scare post-Sandy Hook in '12-'13, Jade Helm, and every other event that people claimed to be the beginning of "The Event". In fact, I had gotten to the point where I took most predictions of doom with a grain of salt and just accepted that "IT" probably wouldn't happen in my lifetime. But now…something just feels different. Like a fog of Evil has fallen over the land. Every adult face I see has the look of a child who has just been told there really is no Santa Claus. Delusions shattered and hoping they can will their lives back to normal by thinking of the past and pretending all is well. The mass psychological break and panic will be epic. Interesting times indeed.

  2. Anonymous

    made the move to the last stand back in 2016, back when I thought the hildabeast was going to win.
    that said. spent the next 2 years getting the place in shape. 2 working wood stoves- heat and cooking
    with power. stocking the pantry as deep as I can. and doing odds and ends. firearms and ammo I good for a few firefights anyway. could use some more tp and paper towels I guess.
    the main thing is location. you would be a lot better off in a bible belt area than any city.
    for those inside blue states and cities, the time to leave is now before it does get any worse.
    bring your skills and tools but leave those stupid ideas back where you left from.
    books are like gold, if they are any good. kindle is great, but if the power out, not so much.
    seeds and the know how to plant and grow food is always good to have. good friends is another
    great thing to have. no one can guard and work at the same time. be careful, but do make ready.
    this is no going to end well for a lot of people.

  3. Anonymous

    There is certainly an "eye of the storm" feel these days. Shits all retarded but there is an uneasy compulsion toward "normal" in spite of the worst plague in human history having come ashore. I make no mention of "virus", btw.

    The eye of the storm is a mix of calm and easily excitable people, having just been in a protracted state of extrinsically induced fight-or-flight descending – or is it ascending? – a penrose staircase of the absurd.

    Most people are partly animated by survivors glee, a kind of adrenal momentum, and partly motivated by that kind of autumn-anxiety that its at once calming, because the sun is shining and life is still mostly good, but also agitating, because we know winter is coming and there is still much work to be done. Then there are the true normies. A source of frustration and envy. Sometimes I just want to taste the juicy steak even though I know its not there.

    Normally I find the September sessions of rapidly iterating power-chilling and fevered prepping for the rocky mountain winter that can come any day to be invigorating. It suits me. We all have our seasons I suppose and mine has always been this delicate dance into winter.

    But already I find myself drifting into the familiar dread; that cloud of wuhan, that has tainted the past several seasons with an edging doom. Not of "end times", per se, but of pent-up potential and action locked into an inability to find purchase among zombies and normies and "our guys" individualists where advice is cheap and plentiful but the maths involved all sum up to "you shoulda bought that land [x] years ago"

    So sure, you stack some ammo and food and try to plan for the unplannable. Try to talk to neighbors and old friends, crossing that hallway full of eggshells and mouse traps, to get at something real, something useful without being put on a list or triggering their already swolle amygdala.

    Anyhow, as we are all stepping over debris and bodies and those still in shock and unaware that the are already dead, to get that tri-tip at Costco because a man's gotta eat and hell it's fixin to be a nice weekend, the HUMINT leaks in and reminds us that it is indeed possible for two distant truths to converge on our watch.

    That after 30 years of "the end is near" it is quite possible that, suddenly, it is in fact near. But then again, so many "reports" from so many "sources" that the fine tuning required to capture the signal from the noise is beyond me. I have fat thumbs better suited for boxing.

    There is that point before an actual divorce, where she has long since decided that you are not worth it, where you go to "counseling" to discuss your feelings. Which is to say, where the "counselor" provides her the vernacular to express her contempt for you in ways that seem like small problems that can be solved immediately, but in reality it is just practice for her rationalizing what has already been decided for you.

    The toothpaste is out of the tube and so the "solution" is that you need to work on being a better version of who she already hates. This can go on for quite some time. As you submit to the edicts required to become a better more attractive you and as she loses weight and buys new panties for reasons that will reveal soon enough.

    In the end though, the truths converge, and you realize you were never really there. The end was not a judge stamping out a contract. It was way back. Before all the fuss. Each squeeze of the tube. Innocuous and boring. Until "suddenly" it was over.

    Thanks AS. – Screwtape

  4. Anonymous

    The wheat harvest across the Canadian prairies is rrally bad this year, about half of the normal production. The price grain depots are paying per bushel is up double over last year. That means by fall the cost of flour and other associated items will go way up as well.

    The canola crop is a right off and barley plant are so poor that some neighbours are feeding them to cattle rather than see the xrop lost.

    So if you are short on bread products now is the time to get them stored away as price increases and shortages are coming.


  5. Arthur Sido

    The same is true apparently south of the border in the U.S. wheat belt, flour and such are going to get scarce and expensive. Meanwhile in our neck of the woods the corn crop is absolutely amazing thanks to warm, humid weather and lots and lots of rain.

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