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They Are Spying On Tucker And They Are Spying On You

Yep, the National Security Agency with the blessing of the Biden occupational regime has been spying on and reading the emails of Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Sure it is Federal crime to do that but they are doing it anyway….

You can be sure if they are reading his emails, they are reading yours. They are reading your direct messages on Twitter and Facebook messenger. Your attempts to hide your identity? They aren’t fooled.
The Federal government is brazenly breaking the law and literally no one is going to stop them. 


  1. Anonymous

    they record everything, all the time. the feds break more laws everyday than you could in a year.
    you must remember. they just people, so think of how petty your co- workers and assholes next door are
    and you get a good idea of the fed labor pool. a lot go in for the paycheck, but others go in for the power the get and get off on. just look at the congress critters, a lot near or at 80 and they just can't give up the power trip they on. like to assholes who love to doxx people, they get off on the power. until we bring back dueling, i don't see this going to change. just small nasty people striking out while safe behind a screen. getting others to do what they are too scared to do themselves. so, until they start getting held in to account for what they say or smear,,,

  2. Anonymous

    I don't know who said it first, but it is true. some people are alive only because it's against the law to shoot them. we need to change that if we going to have any hope of being a decent place to live.
    until people are held to account for what they do, nothing will change. look for it to get worse
    lockdowns are a case in point. some of them went nuts trying to control everyone and everything.
    all the while doing whatever they wanted to do.

  3. Anonymous

    Don't forget tomorrow is the cyber polygon "simulation".
    Now back on topic

    I assume anything recorded digitally will be accessed by someone at some point to my detriment. Emails, texts, browser history etc. I also assume that even if they don't find anythibg incriminating, they can and will ensure something criminal is in those records if they need to discredit you.


  4. Anonymous

    Within the internet of things has allowed certain people access to information that they do not own yet claim to be able to sell to the highest bidder, AKA your elected representatives. found the ability to snoop without a pesky warrant. Until your data becomes your property this will continue because they can .

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