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They Are Coming For Your Kids. They Have Always Been Coming For Your Kids.

For a long time I have been a harsh critic of the public school system. Initially it was theological but today my revulsion toward the school system is based more in it’s general incompetence coupled with anti-White neo-Marxist indoctrination. Children are inherently rebellious toward parents and at the same time generally accepting of adult authority figures who are not their parents, thus making teachers some of the most influential people in their development. That is a problem because most (and not all, I get that) public school teachers are at best running the clock out toward retirement and increasingly are actively undermining the values instilled in children by their parents. In other words, we aren’t sending our best to the classroom. 

The average education major in most schools is a doe-eyed idealist girl who is easily swayed by the voices of her older and “wiser” instructors. Usually they are on the short end of the stick when it comes to smarts. My recently retired sister was one of the few teachers in our school system who majored in the subject she taught, biology, instead of being an education major who took a couple of biology classes. Little wonder so many of them, after marinating in a stew of cultural Marxism and White self-loathing, go into the school system with the goal of undoing all of the years of parenting put in by mom and dad and creating a classroom of little compliant cogs in the globalist machine. 
The latest example of this is the open pushing of anti-White and anti-American filth via the embrace of “critical race theory” which has been openly endorsed by the National “Education” Association. According to the NEA: We Need to Teach the Truth About Systemic Racism, Say Educators
In their post, the quote one “Dr.” Shantel Gabrieal Buggs. Here are her “qualifications”:
Shantel Gabrieal Buggs, Ph.D., is approaching her fifth year as an assistant professor of sociology and African American studies at Florida State University. She specializes in a variety of areas, including race, racism, gender, feminist theory and queer theory. She also teaches critical race theory, often referred to as CRT, at the graduate level.
That is pretty tame, on her website she describes herself like this:
My research interests center on culture, race and racism, gender, intimacy, digital life, and work inequity in academia.  Most of my current published work explores how race and ethnicity, gender, and sexuality shape the ways that people build and negotiate intimate relationships. Through this work, I illustrate how interpersonal relationships structure and reify identities and social inequalities. In particular, this branch of my research focuses on multiracial populations and interracial couplings as people move through life course processes like dating, cohabitation, marriage, and parenthood. In addition to studying multiracial people and their families, I also research and write about the representation of race, gender, and sexuality in popular culture, racial and gender inequality in academic spaces, and how online platforms like Twitter and OkCupid can create community.
That is a pretty lengthy word salad that boils down to “I am a pervert and also insane. Send your kids to Florida State to have me share my degeneracy with them!”. Oh and she is also super hot, also from her webpage:

I am guessing most of her “negotiating intimate relationships” involved a tub of ice cream. She posed for these pictures and then voluntarily chose to post them on her website. Really. Anyway, the good “Dr.” has this to say about “critical race theory” in the NEA post:
Critical race theory, explains Buggs, originated from legal studies and, at its most basic definition, is thinking about the ways that racism—particularly White supremacy, anti-Blackness, and various kinds of racialized inequality—is embedded into law and legal practice, as well as other kinds of policy within institutions.
In other words, critical race theory examines everything in our society through the lens of “White supremacy” and being mean to blacks. That means that two factors dominate every conversation:
One, blacks are perpetual victims and nothing any black person has done at any point in time in any place can be viewed apart from their status as victims. What she calls “blackness” is summed up by their victimhood.
Two, everything White people have done throughout history is motivated by “racism” and “White supremacy”. Not just slavery and Jim Crow, everything. There are people who argue that the Constitution was written to keep black people down when clearly that isn’t the case.
Point one needs to be noted as expanding far beyond just blaque peepo. blacks are generally viewed as the most sympathetic victims in our society because of slavery which ended 150 years ago but now other groups are lumped in with their victimhood. That pisses off a lot of blaquetivists like Tariq Nasheed because it means others are getting on the gravy train. Now every sort of degeneracy under the sun is included in “justice”, so descendants of African slaves are treated the same as hairy fat dudes wearing panties and calling themselves women. 
The two pillars of critical race theory, perpetual black victimhood and perpetual White culpability, infect everything aspect of “education” and it is getting worse. Christopher Rufo has been following this and has a list of at least 30 school districts that use a book titled “Not My Idea” that…well, see for yourself. 

SCOOP: At least 25 public school districts in 12 states are now teaching “Not My Idea,” a book that claims “whiteness” is the devil, luring children with the promise of “stolen land [and] stolen riches.”

Critical race theory is driving public education—and must be stopped.

— Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ (@realchrisrufo) July 8, 2021

UPDATE: We have received more whistleblower contacts and are now up to 30 public school districts in 15 states teaching that “whiteness” is a pact with the devil.

— Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ (@realchrisrufo) July 9, 2021

Based on his spreadsheet, this book is recommended or being actively used in classes of children as young as 1st/2nd grade and even pre-K. While most of the districts are in far left states like Oregon, Washington, California and Massachusetts, one jumped out at me:

East Helena, Montana? That is a town of around 2,000 people, around 86% White and about one half of one percent black. The per capita household income is listed as around $31,000. Yet the teachers there have decided that what low income 1st grade White students need is to be taught that “Whiteness” is of the Devil. Nice. 
These same people are super concerned about contraception. For 5th grade students.
Granted, I don’t really want to see La’quishia having Dondiddlydums babies as a 11 year old but come on. It is almost like there is are a bunch of people in America who are pushing to sexualize children because they like having sex with children.
Hey guys, it was just a joke! 
Children are far more impressionable and vulnerable than adults of course and as such they are easier targets. Not to mention that a sizable percentage of the fag population were molested by older fags and now want to replicate themselves the same way since their degenerate coupling is sterile. 
The saying about how the Left wants you dead, your children raped and your civilization destroyed? Yeah, it isn’t just a meme. They are coming for your kids and they have been for a long time. There is no room left for conversations, we went from “We just want to get married!” to “We are coming for your kids and by the way we would like to fuck them” in pretty short order. 
Time to fire up the wood chipper*.

* Not an incitement to actually feed pedophiles into a wood chipper.


  1. Anonymous

    this is the same playbook used by the nazi's and commies. sad to say it works all too well.
    hardest fighting unit on the german's side was the hilter youth div. the 12th ss. after the defeat
    only like 10-12 of them where captured. the rest where dead. we have to stop this shit
    show now.
    otherwise we end up fighting our own kids in the end. or be killed off by them.
    like what happen in china in the 1960 culture remix/killing spree

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