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I have been watching ammo prices as they drop and for me a bellwether was waiting for the price of 5.56 to break the $.50 mark. There has been a lot of resistance to that, I assume mostly psychological but I saw a large retailer finally daring to price below fiddy centz shipped, in this case Rainier Arms.

What is more, Mrgunsngear posted this deal yesterday and as of this morning it is still available which means people are not knee jerk buying ammo right now. Hopefully this will lead to a lot of others following their lead.
On the gun side, we simply aren’t selling any. It has been dead and a lot of smaller dealers are saying the same thing. My distributors are emailing non-stop to tell us about the inventory they have on hand and they have more stuff on their websites than ever. A lot of them wouldn’t give us the time of day six months ago and now are my best buddy.

Accessories are in good shape, lots of “high capacity” mags in stock as well.
Getting back to normal which means it probably won’t last.


  1. Anonymous

    Waiting for the other shoe to drop…

    Funny but tge deadline for Canadians to get rid of all the guns made suddenly illegal last year is this december. The government is recommendibg people sell them back to gun shops and they will sell them to US distributors. Which is an insane amount of paperwork i understand. After that date you will have 30 days to hand them in for collection and 'buy back'.

    I suspect the government will be disappointed by the low numbers of hand ins.


  2. Anonymous

    anyone who didn't start stocking up during the bozo years is a moron. hell. i started during the clinton crap years. and learned reloading back then as well. without ammo all you have is a fancy stick. same thing with a pistol with no ammo fancy rock. get a base load and seal it up ! stock up on mags and spare parts as well. there are other places that will give you a list of what to keep on hand.

  3. Anonymous

    Not my PM, i live in the province he said he doesn't represent because of its evil ways.

    If he refuses to represent us then he's not my PM. Though i noticed he showed his ugly mug here the other day looking to promote more job killing ideas.

    We have thr village idiot but yourr president is a drooling vegetable. 😂


  4. Anonymous

    yea, I ended spending stupid money on a bushmaster car-15 clone back then as all i had where bolt
    actions at the time. that has changed. building your own with a 80% lower is the way to go now.
    damn shame gun shows do not have as many for sale like they used too. cash and carry is always best.
    I fully expect the feds to shutdown that market here soon. so get them while you can or regret it
    later if you have a few like minded friends do a group buy in cash.
    a while back some boys from down va way drove up to upstate pa to buy a lot ammo, paid cash and left. that's a least a 4 hour drive each way. smart is a lot of ways. debit and credit cards make it
    so easy to use, but it also very easy to track. think ! I dumped the cell phone a few years back,
    don't even miss it one bit. don't think for one minute they not tracking you either. all those
    traffic cams you see, they not local ones. they damn near all federal. why ?

  5. Anonymous

    say what you will about armslist, it still gives people a better deal than you local ffl does.
    once I watch one try to talk a old couple into letting the like new in the box 1911 colt in 38 super
    for 70 bucks or half of what the old guy paid when he bought it. I offered 500 for it and was showed
    out the door. not before telling them the guy was trying to rob them. some gun dealers make used car
    guy look good. some are square shooters,, but they far and few to be found.

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