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The Time Is Pretty Much Now

We are just about at the sweet spot to stock up again. Palmetto State is running this deal right now (I don’t have any relationship with PSA other than being a dealer who can’t get a return call or email). This is the retail price….

If flat dark earth isn’t your jam, you can get a similar deal in basic black. All in with shipping and tax to Indiana…

Under $500 for a new AR-15, two pieces ready to connect and rock and roll. 
Is that my first choice for an AR or even a second choice? No but I have the money to buy better stuff and at dealer cost. But if you don’t have an AR or only have one? This is a budget AR that is “good enough” compared to “don’t have one”. Again, not my first choice at all, for a few hundred more you can get a better rifle but prices are definitely coming down. If you are a gun snob, feel free to snicker at the “poors” and go on your way. I would rather see someone with an AR they can afford than not having one at all. 
Whatever you do, now is the time to start to look really seriously at stocking up.


  1. 4hawks

    Bison sighting, a wee bit early. Agree with your prognosis to stock up N O W . You, BCE and Cold Fury been laying down the fire recently. Thankies

  2. Anonymous

    always good to have a spare or two. I kind of like the idea of the 80% lowers myself.
    get a couple of parts kits and keep them on the shelf. not a big fan of plastic mags though. perfer
    metal ones myself. don't forget to have a few spare springs for your mags handy. I like wolf springs
    good quality spring steel. good service too. use fedex or ups and get them inside of 2 days !
    they use to sell spare parts kits for handguns and shotguns, not so much anymore.
    oil them and store in a MARKED BOX/CONTAINER. and stock up on ammo as much as you can.
    otherwise it is nothing more than a fancy club.

  3. jl

    It's a shame we aren't "allowed" to possess these in CA…I'd have one for every day of the week. I went with a fixed mag AR, vs. a "bullet button" release, but both are a PITA and cost double that PSA gem. Oh well, better something than nothing.

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