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The Situation In South Africa Summed Up In One Tweet

American Whites often comment while watching blacks burn down their own neighborhoods something to the effect of “Why are they doing that? Why would you burn down your own neighborhood?”. The problem is trying to think like a European, evolved in the north where you had to set aside food, firewood, and other staples in nice weather to keep from starving in cold weather. Our ancestors who learned this survived and then conquered the world. They ones who didn’t figure it out died in the winter. I think we were better off when the weak and stupid didn’t survive until spring. 

With American dominance exiting stage left and a new, less suicidally altruistic world order taking over, the nations that have been perpetual dependents of the West are going to be in real trouble. Haiti, South Africa and most of the developing world are completely reliant on the generosity of Western nations. Absent this aid and peacekeeping forces, they revert to their normal state of chaos and savagery. 

The problem in South Africa is not Marxist leanings or institutional racism left over from apartheid, it is demographic. People groups that have never on their own shown the slightest interest in or ability to form a modern, civil society can hardly be expected to maintain a modern, civil society for any length of time left to their own devices. If anything, it is fairly impressive that South Africa has resisted collapse for this long, something I assume can be attributed to the 20% of South Africans who are White, Cape Coloured or Asian. 

The infrastructure damage in South Africa will not be easy or quick to replace, if it ever is replaced at all. Who wants to invest a bunch of dough in a place where this sort of thing can happen for any or no reason at all? Absent some significant intervention by the West, I would put the odds at 50-50 that South Africa simply collapses completely into a nightmare. 

It is also worth noting that the collapse will come quickly and catch many unawares if/when replicated in the U.S. and that you should see the videos of infrastructure and supply lines being looted and burned as a reminder to check your own situation. What would your day be like if you couldn’t get to the store for a few weeks?

All across the globe the blank slate egalitarian worldview is coming apart. It will soon do the same in the United States and the videos from last summer’s riots and current events in South Africa are a stark reminder of why we will never, ever, give up our firearms and the means to defend our families, our homes and ourselves. 


  1. Anonymous

    "Haiti, South Africa and most of the developing world are completely reliant on the generosity of Western nations."

    Isn't it curious that there are modern, first-world states and third-world "developing" countries, but nowhere will you find any serious reference to "devolving" nations or those whose "development" stalled 3 inches from whence it began? Nations are either regarded as fully evolved ("invite the world"), or somewhere on the path ("invade the world"). Reminds me of Lake Woebegone, where all the children are above average.

    Since it is patently ridiculous to suppose that the native inhabitants of every squalid shithole with a copycat flag and designated national bird is eventually going to produce a Nobel Laureate or learn how to take a dump indoors, why do we indulge the sovereign state of every permanent backwater with the 'developing' label?

  2. Anonymous

    you will need food that KEEPS, easy to make stuff. and ammo, get a base load and add MORE!
    you going to need friends you can trust, you have to sleep sometime. and good comms and not the phone
    either. they can shut that down with a switch. ham, cb whatever you and other might have.
    power goes out and after 3-5 days people will start to die off. wood gas is a good option.
    without the nice things of the 20th century, people will go nuts. expect it, have a plan and at least 2 more backup if you can. get out of the cities.

  3. Anonymous

    well the problem is, they get food for all the starving kids, have enough food to make more kids and
    so forth. left alone the mass of people would die off rather fast, say 6 months to a year and a half tops. nothing worthwhile came out of these places that was any good. damn near the whole country smells
    like shit because they go anywhere they feel like. and people expect them to know how to use a bathroom ? if it wasn't for what's under the ground there, no one would go there.
    we would be better off in the long run to leave them alone to fend for themselves.
    and to think they can change is stupid beyond belief. and the whole idea of them farming is a joke.
    way past time to leave there.

  4. George True

    Some years ago, the South African expatriot Kim DuToit (who now lives in Texas) wrote a landmark article entitled 'Let Africa Sink'. It applies more than ever today.

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