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The Revealing Open Border

The borders of the U.S. are the pipeline for the neo-Bolshevik endgame.

Then of course we have the airlines who keep getting bailed out working with Catholic Charities to ship Africans FOR FREE into the U.S.

What America really needs are more low IQ perpetual dependents who will then bring over their similarly low IQ family to get that sweet free stuff.


  1. Anonymous

    not that the country need more morons. they need more morons to vote and keep them in power.
    and never forget "it for the kids " bullshit. we really need to get off our asses and start holding these assholes to account for the damage they have done. and to think these fucking clowns get more per
    month from ssi than poor old mr.smith who worked and paid into that bullshit for 40 years or more.
    the average ssi payout for us folks is around 1200 bucks, these fucks walk in and get close to 4 grand ? and it running out of money too ? we would be better off flying down below the border and walking back in for the goodies like everyone else does. the clowns running the country hate us.

  2. John Wilder

    Oh, this will end well, right? Introducing a people that have never lived in a functioning society with no skills into a culture where they don't speak the language.

    Sure success.

  3. Arthur Sido

    150 years and multiple generations of the descendants of freed African slaves have led to the current state where they are prosperous and perfectly adjusted to the U.S. and totally not shooting each other by the bushel, I am sure brand new Africans will do even better!

  4. Anonymous

    well, It was lbj's great social bullshit that fucked that up for them. until then most where doing
    well at fitting in. dems showed them a way to get money without working. it is why crime started to
    rise in the 1980's-90's and does so to this day. when you go from a 2 person home to a one person home
    shit always gets worse for the kids and the ones left behind. and today we have kids who think it's okay to do whatever they want. life is one long vid game. what is needed is for dad's to be in the home and using his belt to show them no means no.

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