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The Great Replacement Is A Racist Myth And Definitely Isn’t Being Funded By Globohomo

(Note: This ended up being much longer than I expected thanks to me wandering down multiple rabbit holes but stick with it until the end)
Over on Twitter a few days ago, someone posted this piece from Nebraska Public Radio from back in June. Nebraska is about as heartland-y as you can get, a state obsessed with college football and with hours upon hours of driving through nothing but corn and wheat fields. Nebraksa is sparsely populated and overwhelmingly White, with just under 2 million people scattered over 77,000 sqaure miles, mostly in the east in Omaha and Lincoln. The Western half of the state is very lightly populated including a town I mentioned before because we share a name, Arthur, Nebraska, a burg of 117 people that is the county seat of Arthur County, population 460. 
Here is the title of the article:
As you would expect, this is portrayed as an unequivocal positive in the post. There is a clever bit of spin in this post in several places:
A new report argues the Midwest is much more welcoming to certain types of immigrants than stereotypes — or political rhetoric — suggests.
“Despite the narrative that heartland communities haven’t been as welcoming,” DeVol said, “others have had very specific well intentioned strategies to try to bring new immigrants to their communities and try to aid in their overall population growth and economic growth.”
“It’s a cultural aspect,” Sutton said. “No matter where you sit on the political spectrum we [Nebraskans] are a welcoming people.”

If actions speak louder than words, some refugees and their families seem to be exempt from anti-immigrant rhetoric, which is largely aimed at people who overstay on their visas or cross the border illegally.
Being a nice Midwesterner means you have to accept an unlimited number of refugees in your state. You don’t want to be one of those intolerant stereotypical bigots, do you? Of course you don’t, being neighborly and kind is ingrained in the culture of the Midwest. Conversely, Trump is mentioned four times, all four times in reference to his “restrictive” policies on immigration that kindly Gandpa Joe is now reversing. 
The large midwestern cities tend to dominate the population of the state. Around half of the population in Nebraska is found in Omaha. Des Moines has about one quarter of the population of Iowa. This is the case throughout the midwest in places like Wisconsin, dominated by leftist college town Madison and Milwaukee, and Minnesota where the twin cities have a huge percentage of the total state population. Dropping a bunch of refugees who then bring their families over via chain migration where they eventually become citizens and have children who are magically Americans because they were born here is a great way to shift the political leanings of a state. Democrat strategists look at a map like this and see a lot of opportunity. 

There is an awful lot of red in the center of the country and that also means a lot of states sending two Republican Senators to D.C. year after year. It doesn’t take a lot of new voters in places like South Dakota or Montana to change the electoral map. 
According to this post, refugees are helping to swell the populations of these midwestern cities and that is a good thing because of the almighty economy. The numbers are not insignificant. In 2016 Nebraska absorbed more “refugees” than any other state. Many of them were Yazidis fleeing ISIS in Iraq, another result of our “invade the world, invite the world” foreign policy where U.S. forces go around the world breaking nations which then obligates the U.S. to welcome in the refugees from the places we broke. If we hadn’t invaded Iraq under false pretenses, there wouldn’t have been an ISIS and the Yazidi wouldn’t have needed to flee to the U.S.. It almost seems like this is being done intentionally or something…..
As these states have more and more “refugees” taking up residence in their cities, it is transforming the very foundations of these heartland states. According to the linked article:
The Des Moines public school districts offer extensive resources for multilingual learners and have implemented bilingual family liaison programs. There are more than 100 languages spoken at homes within the district. Almost 7,000 students in the district are part of the English Language Learner program.
Wow that is great! There are around 31,000 students in the Des Moines public school district. This is how that breaks down:

Almost a quarter of students are “English Language Learners”, meaning they are not American students and therefore require additional resources because they don’t even speak our language. Not coincidentally, more than three quarters of students are getting free or reduced lunches and almost 15% of students are “special education”. When I was in school there were very few special ed kids and they all had some sort of serious developmental issues. Now that is code for “minority kids who can’t behave so they get designated special ed”. How in the hell can you run a school system with 31,000 kids when 14.8%, or over 4,500 of your students are “special ed”? Well you start by having an enormous budget of $434,109,000 according to the district facts:

Let’s do a little math. $434,109,00 budgeted for a school with 31,621 students in 2020-2021. That works out to….
$13,728 per student.
According to the Des Moines Register in 2019, there are an average of around 24 students per classroom in DMPS high schools but also that many classes have 35-40 students. The same story also has an obligatory quote from the teacher’s union bitching about needing more money. But in a class with 24 students, that represents….
$329,472 per classroom. 
Yeah that sounds like they are “underfunded”. The thing is, that money isn’t even distributed. A huge chunk of that money is eaten up by “special ed” where you have one on one, or even multiple people working with one student that is more than likely most a behavioral issue. Add in that you have students who were born all over the world, including 336 born in Tanzania of all places,…

And you have a very expensive and difficult school district. Public schools have been failing American kids for decades, but trying to manage a school district full of foreign kids who don’t speak English and thousands of “special needs” students? It is an impossible task and the kids getting screwed over are the average American students who get mediocre instruction because all of the resources are being used for problem students.
That is a long detour to point out that there are huge costs that come along with absorbing the problem children of the world. No mention of the downsides in the article though, having foreign kids flooding your school is obviously a net positive and thinking otherwise makes you a stereotypical midwestern bigot. You don’t want people to think you are a racist, do you?
The most important thing you need to remember about “refugee” resettlement is this:
Q 1: Why are they being “resettled” in the first place?

A1: Because where they live now is a shithole.

Q 2: Why is it a shithole?

A 2: Because they live there.
It really isn’t much more complex than that. In some cases we have kick-started their departure by breaking their country but all of these places were shitholes to begin with. They always will be. If you somehow could swap the entire European population of Europe into Africa and all of Africa into Europe, no serious person would deny that in less than ten years Africa would be the envy of the world and Europe would be a shithole. 
So who the hell is pushing this crap? It certainly isn’t the average citizen of Iowa or Nebraska. 
We have a couple of answers to this question right in the article. One group is Lutheran Family Services. A consistent theme in the U.S. and Europe is that some of the main drivers pushing mass immigration into Western nations are ostensibly Christian social agencies. Apparently they were not finding caring for the poor among their own people to be sexy enough, so these groups are pushing for the mass importation of permanent dependents who will always need social services from these groups. Sort of like importing your own customers. Speaking of which, the article also features a bunch of quotes from a guy named Ross DeVol, all praising the magic of refugees for Our Lord And Savior The Economy. 
Who is this guy?
Ross is the CEO of an outfit called Heartland Forward, headquartered out of Bentonville, Arkansas. You might recognize that city, more on that in a minute. Prior to working at Heartland Forward, DeVol spent almost 20 years as a researcher at the Milken Institute. That group is another think tank of sorts founded by one Michael Milken, the guy who became famous for helping to create the junk bond market before he and a slew of his fellow Tribe Members were busted for securities fraud (Ivan Boesky, Dennis Levine, Martin Siegel, etc.). Here is Ross.

That is a trustworthy face that doesn’t look like it belongs on some sort of offender registry. 
What exactly is Heartland Forward? That is a tricky question. They are some sort of “think tank”…

What the hell does that mean? It means they don’t do anything but “research” and “advocacy”. They have 9 employees including that creepy looking guy and a bunch of “fellows” who probably cash a check and little else. They have an annual “summit” but you can’t go….

Why would a think tank summit on economic development be so secretive? Weird….

Who exactly is paying for them to do nothing? Well that is another pretty secretive aspect of this organization….

They ain’t telling but I think I can figure it out, at least in part.

I mentioned that this outfit is in Bentonville, Arkansas. What is Bentonville famous for? Being the home and headquarters of Wal-Mart. That is not a coincidence. Ross DeVol just so happens to be on the payroll of the Walton Family Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the family of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton for the last four years….

He isn’t the only Wal-Mart connection, the executive director of Heartland Forward is one Angie Cooper (click to enlarge)….

“Government affairs” is globohomo corporate speak for lobbyist. So you have a Walton Family Foundation guy and a long time former lobbyist for Wal-Mart leading a think tank in Bentonville that has a private summit and gets private donations. It is a pretty safe bet that Heartland Forward is funded in large measure by the Walton family. 
That brings me to the “so what?” of the post. At the very end of the Nebraska Public Radio story, Ross DeVol lets slip what appears to me to be the whole point of gaslighting people in the Midwest into accepting huge numbers of “refugees”
The Biden administration has increased the number of refugees the U.S. will accept. Resettlement organizations across the Heartland are preparing for an influx that will most likely appear next year.

DeVol noted that the tension over immigration coincides with the aging of Baby Boomers, who are experiencing a type of social shift that hasn’t occurred in their lifetimes.

“Eventually they’re no longer around and as other cohorts age, such as millennials, their norms and views become more accepted.” DeVol said, “Demography is destiny.”
Old White people in the Midwest are dying and being replaced. Demography is destiny. 
Biden has raised the refugee cap to 62,500 with an eventual goal next year of 125,000. 
Under current allocations, the United States will be able to accept the most refugees, 22,000, from Africa. Thousands more are expected from East and South Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and Central Asia, and more.
Tens of thousands of “refugees” from Africa dumped into Midwestern cities. Tens of thousands more from every shithole on the globe. What exactly is the benefit of dumping thousands of Africans into the Midwest who don’t speak English, don’t understand our culture or history, generally have the lowest average IQ on the globe, have no marketable job skills other than being cheap to hire and have utterly failed to sustain a civil society anywhere?
It doesn’t benefit the Midwest or the American people who live there but it does create an influx of cheap labor and new consumers who will likely shop at Wal-Mart stores. These refugees will show up with hands out for social services and put their kids in local schools where they will require enormous additional resources from the already overwhelmed system. That doesn’t matter because they will get SNAP benefits that they can spend on groceries from Wal-Mart. 
Sure your quaint heartland city is going to quickly look like Mogadishu, Juárez or Nairobi but diversity is our greatest strength, we are a nation of immigrants and besides you old White people are dying anyway ( Eventually they’re no longer around ) and demography is destiny. So shut up bigot, wear your mask, pay your taxes and welcome all refugees! 
The cold and ruthless use of euphemisms is chilling from that creepy grinning weirdo. Older White people will die off: “Eventually they’re no longer around” and be replaced “Demography is destiny.”. What Ross DeVol is saying is what people on /ourside/ are called racist conspiracy theorists when we say the exact same thing:
There is an out-in-the-open strategy to replace the heritage White population of the United States and Europe with the dregs of humanity who will be reliable voters, consumers and cheap labor. 
What is worse, it is working. In fact it has already worked. Massive numbers of new refugees are just accelerating the process. I would bet that in the Des Moines public school district, the upper grades are more White than the lower grades and that the elementary age children are overwhelmingly non-White. 
We are poised to see an unprecedented demographic shift take place in America and Europe. The oldest Baby Boomers are 75 this year and the youngest Boomers are 57 and that means we are looking at a massive die-off over the next 25 years of the largest generation in American history. This generation ended in 1964, a year before the 1965 Hart-Celler act opened the floodgates of migration from all over the world. Each year the U.S. becomes less White as older White Americans die off and are replaced by non-White “Americans”. In 2018 the percentage of young people in America who are White dropped below 50%…

That trend line is only going to accelerate especially in mestizo and Asian groups. 

What will “unite” these various competing and often openly hostile groups will be consumerism. Wal-Mart doesn’t care if the person using their EBT food stamp benefits in their stores are White or African or Bangladeshi. They get the same profit, just like banks don’t care if they are incentivized to make loans to blacks who shouldn’t be given a mortgage because the government will bail them out anyway.
You are being replaced because you simply are not sufficiently compliant and reliable and your demise has been orchestrated by every established power in our society: government, religious groups, big business, entertainment, academia. That means your future, our future, is going to be less prosperous, less free and less safe than what we grew up with. They are willing to trade what we had, the very best society in modern human history, for a globalist shithole because they will be in charge and the rest of us can go to hell as long as we keep buying their stuff. 
At least now they are saying the words:
“Demography is destiny.”
The enemy is revealing himself and declaring his intentions. That changes the game. Not all the way but getting closer.


  1. Mike Guenther

    I'm thinking abortion has something to do with the black demographic pretty much staying fairly consistent over the last 40 years. Hispanics are Catholics and don't believe in it. Don't know about Asians.

  2. Arthur Sido

    I wondered about that, abortion plus shooting each other plus a bunch of homies being in jail most of their prime impregnating years probably all adds up to a stable population percentage.

  3. Anonymous

    I've got nieces and nephews who are genuinely doing their part to replenish our native White stock (3, 4 kids each!) but I have reluctantly given up all hope. I say nothing to them, of course, but absolutely HELL NO would I bring White babies into this burgeoning third-world shithole we live in today.

    My wife and I had two of our own, decades ago, and we formally adopted a third while also taking in a number of our sons' friends as informal adoptees along the way. But we are NOT encouraging any of them to procreate. And to date, none of them seem terribly inclined.

    It breaks my heart to recall the idyllic America that we grew up in, and realize that the wonderful world we knew is gone, forever. Subsequent generations loathe us boomers for the advantages we had, and I can't really blame them. To have come of age in late 1970s America (so-called 'Generation Jones') was a blessing beyond measure. I'm so, so sorry that Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z will never know the easy passage that we did. All I ask is that we are not universally vilified for the liberal rot that has doomed your future. We certainly did not all ask for it.

  4. EasyCompany

    "Hispanics are Catholics and don't believe in it."

    No, they are not. South and Central Americans Catholics are a very leftist with a bunch of pagan stuff thrown in. Most Northern Americans and Europeans would be shocked at what they do at their churches.

    Mexican's have a very high rate of abortions. Mexican Catholic leaders are some hard core leftists.

  5. Arthur Sido

    The same is true for a lot of Africans. There is a lot of syncretism in mestizo and African communities, blending their old pagan/animism beliefs with pentecostalism or Catholicism.

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