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The fiddy cent barrier has fallen

A few days ago I noticed the first offering of 5.56mm for under $.50 per round. Sure it was 49.9¢ but still it was below fifty cents a round. Today I checked Ammoseek again and…..

I expect prices to keep dropping. Watch for brass case to get into the sub 40¢ range. When it gets to around .35¢ I am going to start buying again. I saw someone listing 6.5 Creedmoor for $1.25 per round so that is also really dropping as is 9mm, listing today for brass case 9mm for 33.5¢ so that is getting better.
All that goes out the window depending on current events so if you are in need, pay attention.
One of my big AR manufacturers has gone from having a couple of items in stock for dealers, to having basically everything in stock for dealers to today sending an email with everything in stock plus an additional significant savings on top of dealer pricing. Another one has shipped me more stuff in the last month than the six months prior. It looks like they ramped up production and then demand went in the toilet. That would be great for me except demand on my end has also dried up. Effing figures.


  1. Anonymous

    Which website are you checking prices on? I think I need to do it as well! Getting close it seems to buy with a vengeance before the next spike.

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