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The Architects Of Our Destruction

One of the most red-to-black pills I have had to choke down is that where we are today, on the brink of disaster and collapse, is not the result of those damn lib’rals or even just gross incompetence. It isn’t because we took prayer out of schools or haven’t given enough money to Our Greatest Ally™ to earn God’s blessings. It isn’t even that we have a significant percentage of people that have proven incapable of basic civilization wherever it has been tried who are holding this country back like an anchor. No, it is far more insidious than that and is the result of a willful, intentional, long-term plan to undermine, destroy and replace Western civilization. All of the crap we have been dealing with all of my life: “feminism”, the forced acceptance and then adoration of homosexuality and other degeneracy, racial tensions and violence, cancel culture and Critical Race Theory, all of it has an origin in a small but powerful cabal of people who have been planning this for at least the last century. The architects of our destruction go by many names but one of the most prominent is the Frankfurt School and it is the subject of this video from Vertigo Politix.

It is critical that we don’t get caught up, as I often do, in the day to day outrages. Those are important to notice and point out but the real key to understanding what is happening and why is found behind the scenes. There are people who really do want you dead, your children perverted and mutilated and the society built on this soil by the blood of your ancestors razed to the ground. This is not tinfoil hat stuff and it is happening all around us.
To defeat your enemy you must know who he is.


  1. Wyomarine

    I heard it was June, then July.
    Everyone thinks they have an inside scoop to the downfall, and then carry on as usual.
    And no one will address the big scripted soap opera they are living in.

  2. Anonymous

    September or October may likely have many difficult events like a stock market crash, another lockdown, or such. That could create a catalyst for social upheaval. In August it’s hot but since many people are gone on vacation not so much can begin in that month

  3. Wyomarine

    NOTHING will come of these distractions, just like "any day now".
    Trump's not coming back and Epstein didn't die.
    That's exactly the purpose of this scripted soap opera, to take your attention off reality. The Bolshies won. But keep dreamin.

  4. Bear Claw Chris Lapp

    Zactly. Its our goober mint (the cabal) against every human in America, the divide is for power and control sadly many will never understand that because they are mental midgets and their emotions run them.

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