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The Architects Of Our Destruction Part 4

This is a much longer video but it is very comprehensive, examining in particular the idea of critical theory which is the ideological basis for today’s critical race theory. The video is “age-restricted” so you will have to click through to watch it on Youtube….
The worst part of this video is the fact that we invited in the Frankfurt School. They didn’t even need a giant wooden horse. They also never had any interest in assimilating like prior immigrants, they came to overthrow and destroy. Like many contemporary immigrants, they showed not the faintest hint of gratitude for their rescue but rather immediately set out to destroy what draws people here in the first place (looking at you Ilhan Omar)
Critical theory does not create, it only destroys. It criticizes everything endlessly and the goal is not to find a better solution but simply to merely criticize everything endlessly in an effort to tear down.
That is the goal, to undermine and destroy one thing and then another until nothing is left. At that point they can rebuild, perhaps using a dumb slogan like “Build Back Better” or something equally nonsensical. 
The method isn’t new, as part of the Cultural Revolution in China the young and impressionable were used to stamp out the Four Olds:  Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas. It is all about razing the culture to the ground. For more on the Cultural Revolution see: The Cultural Revolution, Take Two! It has taken longer in America and the bloody phase is just getting started but make no mistake, it is starting.
When you see them doing insane stuff like pushing for the same disastrous policies that collapsed the housing market and the entire economy, just remember that this is their plan. They don’t want to fix anything, they want everything to collapse. That is why they talk about disarming Whites to “combat gun violence” instead of focusing on the people committing the gun violence. That is why they want to cause the economic instability that accompanies hyperinflation. That is why they push so hard for degeneracy of the sort that appeals only to the most foul among us. The gaslighting, the psyops, the indoctrination, the corruption of institutions and especially the young and vulnerable. It is total war fought on an intellectual level that is quickly turning kinetic. 
You need to know the enemy because you can be sure he knows you.


  1. Anonymous

    Normie says everyone is basically good and wants what is best for their families and communities except for people like us who are just mean nasty bigots for raising concerns about the direction our nation taking.

  2. Anonymous

    people are tribal. once you wrapped your head around that fact everything else comes clear.
    smart and hard working blacks don't really like blm, but faced with the choice they back them at their
    cost as most of blm hates them as well. sad but true. and most think bozo was and is their savior.
    that I find hard to believe. but then again think tribal . most whites are too stupid to realize this. and it will cause a bit of a problem for them. people stock up on things like gold and the like
    when they need a good supply of food, water and a few good rifles along with the WILL TO USE THEM this game they playing is not going to end well for a lot of people because of a lot of reasons
    the big three are food, medical if sick or injured- you going to die, and shelter- from the weather,
    protection for whatever. mobs of starving morons, idiots whatever. plan wisely as this is not going well as is.

  3. Anonymous

    The BIG ONE is water.

    If the water is not coming out of your tap, you'd better have alternatives.

    I'm guessing that when the water shuts off, you'd have a day and a half of clean water supply until it is depleted.

    Three days after that, people will start drinking anything that is wet. Then they will develop symptoms:

    Cholera – 2-3 days
    Dysentery – 3 days
    e. Coli – 3-4 days
    Salmonella – 6 hours to 6 days
    Giardiasis – 1 to 2 weeks
    Typhoid Fever – 1 to 2 weeks
    Hepatitis A – 2 to 7 weeks

    So, when TSHTF, you have just over a week before most the people around you are feverish, vomiting, and peeing out of their buttholes. Everyone around them will join them within half a week, since they ain't no bathing, laundry, or TP. This illness spike can last up to two months or more, and will continue to claim victims during that time.

    If you are prepped and keep your heads down for the first week and a half, you might find yourselves to be the only hale and hearty folks in your AO. After all, what do welfare recipients, web designers, and walmart employees know about clean water? Are they even capable of boiling it if there is no working stove or microwave?

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