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The Architects Of Our Destruction Part 2

Busy day today but I wanted to share another video looking into the seeds of destruction that are blossoming today. This time a look at the Paris Commune. From my comments on the video:

The Franco-Prussian War had catastrophic consequences for European cultural history. In its aftermath, France was radicalized by social justice activists; while the Paris Commune became a seeding ground for anarchism, communism, feminism, and globalism for every generation of revolutionary thereafter…
There is so much we don’t know and our ignorance is intentional. 


  1. Mike_C

    “There is so much we don't know and our ignorance is intentional.“

    The saying goes “the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he does not exist.”

    That’s not exactly true. The biggest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing us that he is The Real Victim. Of course, he had to have our cooperation in all of it. And he got it in spades. “Please Mr Devil, you can take over our educational system. And become both creator and critic of our entertainment (the modern mythos that help define us as a culture). And could you please control our news sources?”

    So yes, we are ignorant of many many things. For example, I never heard a word about the Holodomor in all of K-12, and I went to what was considered a great school system. (Nor did I learn about Unit 731 (Japan’s atrocities in China). Kids in the ROK (South Korea) know all about that. But not in the US, because: Competing Victimhood Narratives are forbidden.)

  2. G706

    Many years ago I read a novel about a circus troupe who left post war between the states America and traveled to Europe to tour. They ended up in Paris at the time of the commune. As I recall there was an interesting commentary about what was going on at that time. Wish I could remember the name of the book. Otherwise I would have never heard about that period in history.

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