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Sportball And Politics

Business is kicking my ass today but I wanted to share this from Black Pigeon Speaks:

Both sportsball and mainstream politics serve the same basic purpose: distracting us by providing a competitive outlet that keeps us from noticing that the teams we are rooting for aren’t really the teams that matter. I love sports and enjoyed watching them but the combination of realizing that they were a time suck intentionally keeping me distracted and the revulsion I feel at the thuggish, ungrateful players makes it simply not worth the trouble.


  1. Anonymous

    I always thought any form of sports ball was a waste of time myself. used to watch baseball though
    but gave that up after watching willie mays last game. I think they walked him 3 or 4 times.
    that was when i knew all this fair play crap was just that. utter bullshit. so instead of wasting time. as my om used to say any skills your learn are never a waste of time even if you never do it again. people are tribal and we better start learning who we can trust before things get any worse.
    because what happening elsewhere in the world are coming to us sooner than we would like.
    comms will play a big part in stopping the mess along with arms and a good supply of ammo
    with that crap, I learned metal and woodworking. a much better use of my time.

  2. Anonymous

    Love the thumbnail for that video – communicates the topic succinctly. Attractive young woman "supporting" her team with body language that screams "loooook at meeeeee !" Subtle touch.

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