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Speaking Of Which

The same two degenerate pole smokers who brought you that chipper-inducing song about corrupting American children, Charlie Sohne and Tim Rosser, also did a lovely little number celebrating the practice of molesting Afghani boys….

Sohne and Rosser created a musical in 2016 about “bacha bazi” or “boy play,” a custom in Afghanistan involving child sexual abuse between older men and young adolescent males or boys—known as dancing boys. The boys are trained to dance seductively in front of older men at parties and are often sexually abused.

The play, titled “The Boy Who Danced on Air,” is described by the BBC as “a love story between a 16-year-old boy, Paiman, and another young boy caught in the same bacha bazi practice.”

The production got mixed reviews among liberal theater critics, with some calling it “courageous, thoughtful and beautiful,” but with many others finding the subject matter to be off-putting, including a New York Times reviewer who found the play to be “troubling” and said Sohne and Rosser had “taken the challenge of difficult source material too far.”
What a lovely pair of chaps these sodomites are! You could hardly tell they are fags from this picture on their website:

Those two are cock gobblers? Never would have guessed it. They get off on writing a musical about the forced prostitution and abuse of young boys? Say it ain’t so! 
Getting the picture yet? These are the people who laugh about coming after your children, degenerates who think that two abused Afghan boys “falling in love” is a lovely coming of age story.
Then one day, for no reason at all….


  1. Anonymous

    In high school, way back in a universe far, far away, any "boy" who even remotely resembled those two quiffs was routinely rolled up in the gym mats until he squealed loud enough for some authority to take pity. Mean? Cruel? You bet. The natural order of things? Most assuredly.

    It was known as 'establishing the pecking order' and it was standard practice for millennia, ensuring that the more viable male seeds were sown while the sickly sprouts did not get the chance to spread their weak sauce.

    Shit runs downhill. I was bullied, myself, and in turn I bullied. It's how the wheat was separated from the chaff. Nature never intended for ALL of us to thrive and reproduce. That little bit of equity nonsense was the brainchild of some very low-T beta males and miserably big-hearted mommies who secretly wished their little pussy boys had some hair on their chests.

    Life is inherently unfair. All get some, none get all. Deal with it. But stay the phuck away from the children, nancyboys, or I and a bunch of other hairy-chested bullies will be only too happy to change your ways.

  2. Arthur Sido

    Bullying served a utilitarian purpose of keeping certain behaviors off limits. Act like a fruitcake, get shoved into a locker. Most of the young guys I went to school with who were a little soft hardened up and lead normal lives. Now? They are encouraged to act faggy and the resulting confusion leads to adult fags.

  3. Anonymous

    I was reading an article that 20 of the 26 choir members names are in the california sex offender registry.


  4. Anonymous

    never cared much about bullies, that said, mom taught me to treat like you want to be treated. but
    if you come after my grandkids, they never find your ass after. but I can't stand by and watch someone
    fuck with any kid. this grandpa used to be a paratrooper a long time ago so,,,,
    I figure I got at least one good fight left in me.

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