Wednesday, July 14, 2021

My God. Even Lightning Is RaCIsT!

Our hometown of Toledo decided to allow some graffiti really great art to memorialize violent criminal and thug innocent victim George Floyd. It was beautiful and in a really nice part of town.

Pretty dope crown that Kang is wearing. And wouldn't you know it, due to a combination of systemic White supremacy, Covid-19 and climate change, lightning struck the memorial and destroyed it....

Tragic. That is all I can say.

Was this the fabled "White lightning" we hear racists talking about?

This should be proof enough that there is some sort of divine Creator who has a sense of humor and perfect timing. 


  1. OMFG... quite -literally- if'n I do say meselves...
    "Define Irony"
    Can't get much better n'dat Aye?

    1. Of course they are going to rebuild it but it still was funny as hell

    2. I take this as a very visible sign as too which side not to be associated with.


  2. and w\just who is going to do the rebuilding ? another evil white person ?
    god has a sense of humor after all.

  3. This is the best "feel good news" I've heard in months. When it comes to the existence of God, I'm skeptical at best after being raised to become an evangelical minister, but stories like this tend to tip the scales just a bit...

    1. "Send me a sign!"

      "Ok, that was a pretty good one"

  4. First a knee on the neck.

    Then a bolt from the blue to the liver lips.

    Nigga can't catch a break.