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Do you have enough food to last for an extended period of time? If you don’t live out West you might not be aware that they are in terrible shape, water-wise. Here in Indiana? Everything is soaked and saturated. Rain over the weekend, rain last night, more rain this afternoon, heavy fog from all of the moisture in the air. The Amish gardens look amazing, lots of hay getting made compared to last year, corn and bean field looking solid. Out west, not so much.
This has gotten some play from last week. The big deal is that Andy is proposing using the cover of an “emergency public health” disaster/crisis to go after the firearms industry. Remember, you can do anything you want as long as you call it a health crisis. One major feature is an attempt to make it easier for people to sue the gun industry, a tactic that appears in the Biden gun control plan as well. This sort of “lawfare” is a way to cripple the gun industry without the need for Federal legislation. This video looks at the nuts and bolts of the proposal: Governor Cuomo Signs Gun Manufacturer Liability Law!!! Firearms Declared A Public Nuisance!
Back in the day when I watched a lot of baseball and did the whole fantasy baseball thing, C.C. Sabathia was a fun guy to watch. He is big and kinda dopey but he could bring the heat with over 3,000 career strikeouts. He has lived the American dream but it is 2021 and he is black so now apparently he is a crusader for “equity”
It appears that Sabathia doesn’t like playing “White way” which seems kind of weird since baseball was invented by White people. 
The game needs to change, and I don’t mean using more data to shift guys on the infield. I’m talking about the way people say, “He played the game the right way” when what they mean is “He played it the white way.” What they mean is they don’t like the flair that Black and Hispanic guys bring to the field.
As pointed out in VDare, the example he used of not playing the game the “White way” was intentionally hitting a mestizo player in the knee in retaliation. I get it, that is part of the game but when he talks about “flair” what he means is acting like an idiot for doing your job. It is the same thing we see in football where players have ornate celebrations every time they complete a routing tackle. When Barry Sanders, the best ever to play running back in the NFL, scored one of his many touchdowns, he handed the ball to the ref. He lived by the motto of when you get to the endzone, act like you have been there before. I guess that isn’t “black” enough for people like Sabathia. Oh, and playing the “White way” netted C.C. nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in career earnings. I wish I was oppressed like that.
Mark Dice talks about the Bohemian Grove
I don’t know, acting out a mock human sacrifice seems like a totally normal thing to do. Always remember, these people live in a completely different world. 
American Renaissance records one million visitors in a single month…
That is a good sign, AmRen and Jared Taylor say the naughty stuff that needs to be said but without frothing at the mouth about it. That is what makes him so scary to them, Jared is calm and rational when he speaks. The clowns out there screeching endlessly? They are easy to dismiss but not Taylor. 


  1. John Wilder

    I saw a video where he made a Pakistani (I think) girl correspondent from CBS(?) cry. The killer line (I'm paraphrasing), "Your parents didn't build this, my dear. Mine did. What claim do you have on it?"

    Zero response.

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