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Our overlords at Facebook are super concerned you might have been exposed to “hate”!

It will now be a source of pride to be the cause of Facebook friends receiving this warning.


  1. Anonymous

    stupid book is nothing more than a intell reporting scheme, a list of all your friends and family members, what they look like ,where they are and their friends. and the fuckers got rich selling your
    address to others. I mean really one could not think of a better way to gather intell on people.
    and people do this of their own free will truly blows my mind. and yet we are to believe a robot looking and acting moron came up with this on his own ? right.

  2. Anonymous

    The RCMP have a similar program where they are keeping track of people who have been reported as having right of center view points.


  3. jl

    Good grief. If it werent so sad it would be hilarious. Glad I never succumbed to Facebook, what a monumental waste of people's brain cells.

  4. Anonymous

    They've been using this against people all along, this is just a way to train people to report others for political wrongthink and treat them like a virus. It's not like governments haven't been using it to identify 'extremists' since back when it became fully functional. 2007 if I had to guess?

  5. Anonymous

    thanks, john w. dad always told me a old wolf will circle around something a few times before going
    in. or as i like to think of it, look it over real good before making a move. and trust your gut, many
    times it is trying to warn you about something. saved my ass a few times over the years.

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