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Me And My Darn Optimism

In a prior post I suggested that we might be back in full lockdown mode in a few months…

We involuntarily gave up a year and a half of our lives, at least most people did, and for what? Apparently it didn’t work and we are facing the same thing all over again in the next few months. There is nothing that infuriates the mandarins in Coruscant quite like regular people going about their lives without being bitched at by their betters in D.C. so lockdowns and mask mandates are likely just around the corner as the temps start to cool down as we enter fall. 
It appears I might have been far too generous on that timeline. 

I assume a significant percentage of the denizens of Coruscant will be incredibly excited at this opportunity to once again show that the residents of D.C. are superior in every respect, especially morality, to the peasants in the rest of the country by masking up.
We might not even get out of August without a new round of nation-wide lockdowns. Hopefully a lot of Republican governors will refuse to go along with the new mandates but I have little confidence that will be the case.


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