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Magical Bullshit Bux!

Just as promised, the Fed Gov delivered my “tax refund” in July, six months before I even file my taxes for 2021.

Where did those $750 come from?
Don’t know.
What did the funding come from to make this money appear in the Treasury?
Don’t know. 
The firehose of magical bullshit bux keeps right on flowing with no end in sight and no one seems to connect that with skyrocketing inflation. Just imagine Weimar Germany plus South Africa with 400 million guns thrown in for good measure. 
You should definitely not see this as a scheme to enact a universal basic income via the backdoor by calling it something else ( Wondering Why You Should Work At All? That Is The Plan. )
What could go wrong?


  1. jl

    Got an email from my so-called "representative" letting me know that these checks are forthcoming to families with children. The verbal cheerleading was spectacular. But, my only child is 27, so no soup for me. I suspect that both she and I will be paying MORE taxes to support these children. Super news! /sarc/

  2. Anonymous

    yup. this is what coming because the fucktards do not know history. when it does happen and it will.
    it is going to suck bigtime. check your weapons, zero them, make sure you have enough ammo, spare parts. and food, water, and friends who are like minded.

  3. Anonymous

    The idiots at work took their returns and tossed it into the market. I put mine into metals – lead, copper and brass.


  4. Anonymous

    when I started to stock up nato ball was 19 to 21 cents per round surplus. fired a box a while back to recheck zero and it did just fine. and the old british 5.56 ammo worked just as well. ammo keeps if stored right. ammo cans, dry and under 80 degrees. this past year made me wish i had bought the stuff by the pallet load when it was that low. lube and bore cleaner I can make with local stuff- ed's red works as well now as it did back in the 1950's and now the clowns at state want the un fucks to oversee what again ? going to get real sporty here soon.

  5. Anonymous

    the problem is I think that once this shitshow starts, it will burn like a brushfire until it burns itself out. that may take a while. the cities and burbs will burn of that I have no doubt at all.
    unless people group together like some are in the other place right now. remember crowds are composed of cowards for the most part, and can be very dangerous as they always attack in a pack or group. soo the farther you can engage them the less chance they hurt you.
    I do not own any rubber bullets. and remember body armor, hips and heads only.

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