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Knowledge Is Power

Having a rough one today, a late night run to the hospital with an Amish girl in labor will do that to you. It was a haul to get her to where she needed to go and she popped the baby girl out 13 minutes after she arrived so we about had a situation in the van. 

Anyway I meant to mention this anyway so here goes. If you aren’t, you should be getting the Forward Observer Daily SA emails. They are very brief and hit important news you probably don’t get most places. Looks a little something like this….

You can sign up here.
Like I said it isn’t a super long email, just the highlights and you can investigate more as you see fit. Being aware of what is happening is a good way to avoid being caught with your pants down. Knowledge is power.
Speaking of which, I liked this quote as an addition to yesterday’s post All Hat, No Cattle:
If you are smart and knowledgeable, people will figure it out without you having to tell them.
Knowledge. Get you some.

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