Saturday, July 24, 2021

It Is A Short Stroll...

...from social media screeching to burning people at the stake. Black Pigeon Speaks holds forth on the approved and encouraged two minutes of hate:

The self-righteous religious fervor of these people is something we all need to be aware of and you can see the pendulum is swinging back toward new and more strict lockdowns, mask mandates and up to and including forced "vaccinations". Get a load of this "journalist" in Britain.....

Questioning the "vaccination" or electing to not get it for yourself is basically murder.

There are a lot of people who feel lost and unmoored without the authoritarian lockdowns. The idea of people without masks going to the store fills them with rage and that rage has no outlet at present. We aren't far from people encouraging actual mob violence against anyone who refuses to comply. Our world has gone insane. 


  1. wow, they figured it out. people suck, and mobs of them suck more. I always figured if you took the Iq
    of the dumbest fuck in a mob and subtract one point for each moron there would give you a good idea of
    just how fucking dumb they are (in a group ) very rare is it you find smart people in a mob.
    and if you consider how many people think anything said on tv as truth, It is just insane.
    people stopped thinking a while ago, but then that is the whole point of fear- get you to stop thinking.

    1. Even people of moderate intelligence lose their marbles when they get in a mob.

  2. Always some shrieking harpy leading the shame-hate-charge, complete with physical violence. They know the male will not defend himself and happily charge in, mouthing off. And if he does protect himself, J A I L for him and insta-hero status forever more for her. No wonder they love it so very very very much.

  3. the only way I know of "winning" against any mob is either be somewhere else or start shooting them.
    they tend to run away when you do that. that in itself is weird as they tend to outnumber you as a rule. but again fear has a say. most mobs tend to be made up of two different groups of people.
    one the loud mouth ones who think they bad. and two (the larger part of them ) are followers .
    all of them are dangerous as hell. the mob has no idea of self control. they will beat you to death.
    given the chance. best bet is to run away from them or never get close to them. my 2 cents.

  4. Just wait until you don't want to eat the bugs or live in the pod!