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Inflation. How Work?

Financial journalism at it’s finest.

Upside huh? Should someone tell them that rising wages contribute to inflation?


  1. Anonymous

    and to think these dumb fucks spent 4 or more years learning to be this stupid ? I mean really,
    what are they teaching in schools these days ? I know they stop teaching real history years ago. has
    everything else gone into the shitter as well. for a long time i thought going to a 4 year "program"
    was nothing more than extending your dumb teenage years a bit longer as that what it seem to me.
    and to think these clowns got a job doing shit this stupid ?
    we really need to start removing the warning labels from everything and let nature do it's job
    weeding out the stupid. it really getting out of control anymore

  2. Anonymous

    Hoarding cash is a good idea . But to keep up with the dollar fire you will need to be churning your cash in to more cash, profits need to be changed in to hard assets like silver, gold, copper, lead and boom powder. All of which will forever be in demand.

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