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I Knew They Could Do It!

It took until late in the day on the third day of the three day weekend but they hit the century mark for shootings in Chicago!

104 shot with a few hours left. Congrats! 
Overall around the country we saw at least 16 mass shootings in places as diverse as Omaha, NE and Lancaster, PA. My hometown of Toledo got on the board again with 11 people injured and one dead in a mass shooting that occurred in a lovely part of town when a “block party” turned ugly with “hundreds of people” fighting. Guess what the video of the neighborhood suggest about the racial make-up of the area?


  1. Anonymous

    he had it right. stay away from crowds. always had a idea that if you took the I.q. of the dumbest fuck in any crowds and times that by the number of morons, it will give you a idea how bright they are.
    but i could be wrong too. just another reason to get out of the cities though. stupid runs deep there

  2. Anonymous

    We are currently hosting son and uber-lib feminista daughter-in-law for a visit, and she challenged me to prove that mass shootings are not the exclusive province of evil trad-American male White supremacists. I sent her that wonderful compendium of mugshots of all recent mass shooters, that she might play Where's Waldo in seeking out the few White faces. And now I can forward her a link to this post of yours. We are barely speaking as it is, so this ought to seal the deal.

    Mission. Accomplished.

  3. Arthur Sido

    My usual tactic is to point out that there were over 600 mass shootings in 2020 and ask them how many were carried out by White men. That usually gets me called racist and/or blocked because even uber-libs know the truth.

  4. Mike Guenther

    Even the small cities of Spartanburg SC and Ashville NC didn't escape the mass shooting bug this weekend. One in Ashville and 2 or 3 in Spartanburg.

    Of course, looking at the news videos, one can guess what the demographic of the neighborhoods were.

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