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F-15s And Nukes?

One of the Left’s favorite “arguments” is that having an AR-15 is useless against the mighty American military. Even old Joe got in the act with his “nukes and F-15s” rambling threat. Oddly the same people say that AR-15s are “weapons of war”

Is that true? Do regular citizens stand no chance against the U.S. military, even assuming you can get the U.S. military to fire on their fellow citizens?
The American military of 20 years ago? Maybe. 
Our new and improved woke military? I am starting to like those odds.
As the neo-Bolsheviks try to drive out the very people who made America’s professional military the most dangerous in history, “right wing” White men, what remains is, shall we say, not the cream of the crop. 
Exhibit A from Angry Cops, we have Private La’quiiashatala on video coaching recruits on how to get out of the military by things like claiming a religious exemption or faking a mental illness…
I haven’t served but I assume faking a mental illness to get out of your commitment and coaching people to do this would be conduct unbecoming or something. Really, I am not that concerned about this mental midget patrolling the streets of Fort Wayne to keep the extremists in check. 
Exhibit B from cdr salamander: Culture is Upstream of Everything
RTWT but the bottom line is that the U.S. Navy is woefully unprepared to wage a serious naval war thanks in large part to spending a lot more time worrying about Pride Month than in preparing for combat against actual enemies. Granted our Navy is at least on paper far superior to anything anyone else can field, including the Russians and the ChiComs, but a naval conflict today over something like an invasion of Taiwan would involve far more casualties than it should because of the state of the Navy and the military in general. 
I won’t go into the obvious stuff like the military in the U.S. having vulnerable supply lines, not to mention very vulnerable dependents. You can’t hide your entire extended family on base. Nor will I point out that there are millions of vets and former LEOs who are very much on /ouside/ who have the training and the willingness to pull a trigger.
Bottom line? For all of the blusters of Leftists on social media and Creepy Joe whispering his threats, the military versus 80 million Americans isn’t the mismatch they think.


  1. Anonymous

    China is commissioning a warship a month. They have a lot of hulls under construction. Now even if they are not as good quality wise as the US navy they still have a lot of them and they can replace lost ships way faster. The US navy getting savaged in a battle would be a significant issue asit would empower lots of other hostiles to get active.



  2. Anonymous

    this country could not fight a war like ww2 today.
    the people for the most part are too stupid and lazy. we DO NOT HAVE THE MEANS TO MAKE WAR HERE.
    all of the factories are gone. even worse is the skills to run said factories.
    people do not how to grow or store food.
    but as long and the lights are still on and the a/c still works. netflix is showing new shows
    they put up with anything. I never thought I would see anything like the last year here.
    it was without any doubt the biggest mind fuck in history. and now the fuckers will do it again
    because the last time worked so well for them. people are stupid !

  3. Arthur Sido

    I am not even sure at this point what a significant naval war would look like. We have more and better aircraft carriers than the rest of the world combined, and several of those are owned by allies like the UK and France. But is that how a naval war would be fought in 2021? Not sure.

  4. MN Steel

    The greater danger is the threat of cartels Carpe'ing the Diem in multiple locations at once. Think a small-scale Tet Offensive with the only goal of killing the current fiction of Rule of Law.

    Why is easy, people need supplies to live, control of supplies is power.

    How is easy, look at South Africa.

    When is anytime, population is primed.

    Who is not just Cartels or whoever they get incentives from, but anyone that wants to use Cartels, or White Extremisists or whoever to catch the blame.

    Too many spinning plates to follow them all anymore…

  5. Mike_C

    What happens in the Navy is downstream of naval culture, fair enough.

    But in general society, culture is at least partly downstream of biology. This is why civ-nattery is not a viable model.

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