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Don’t Spend Your $.16 In One Place Peasants

Everyone is sharing this but I want to record it here for posterity….

That is the most cringe post ever. Sure it costs an extra $5 in gas to get to the store to buy your meal but think of all the savings! 


  1. 4hawks

    Agreed, cringe worthy. I will be out back this evening having older freezer burned chicken and ramen in a canteen cup over a small fire pit. Not because I have to, because I want to. I'm starting to enjoy being uncomfortable under the current regime.

  2. Anonymous

    I read this and did a little digging; the savings is becauae many people are switching to no-name condiments vs name brand ones. The name brand ones have gone up enough (as have the discount brands) that people chose the cheaper option. At the end of the day that saved 16 cents over the previous year but that still means the discount brands are way up.


  3. Anonymous

    The same substitution of cheaper options is part of the calculation for 'official' inflation rates. The inflation rate also ignores package sizes, so if price stays tge same but packe size goes down then that = no inflation per government formula.

    Just thr other day i noticed the black diamond brand cheese has dropped from 350gram blocks to 270gram blocks. I remember when they were 750g just 5 years ago snd 500grams back in january of 2020.

    There are all sorts of tricks to create the illusion of prosperity.


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