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Not gonna lie, this made me giggle a little bit. 

There is something a little delicious in watching the court mandarins of Coruscant fleeing in terror from the same diversity they want to inflict on the rest of us.

— The Right Rev. Dr. Arthur Extra DeLarge, MD, PhD (@DelargeExtra) July 23, 2021

Earlier we had the shooting outside of a Washington Nationals game and now this. Want to bet the White people fleeing are usually incessantly yammering pabulum about diversity being our greatest strength and have #BlackLivesMatter in their social media bios? Also wanna bet that the irony is completely lost on them and they think that this means White people in Nebraska need to be disarmed? This isn’t some crappy Southeast D.C. ghetto, this is where the beautiful people get drunk….

This was an upscale and previously safe neighborhood but there’s a section (Wardman Row) of subsidized housing (red stripes) and since the riots it’s become a hotbed of violence and criminal activity.

— Dr. Benjamin Braddock (@GraduatedBen) July 23, 2021

Over 100 murders in D.C. this year already and this is a city with 55 cops per square mile
Dear D.C. denizens: you get what you fucking deserve. 


  1. Anonymous

    gee, I am shocked. I mean really what could go wrong ? and people wonder why the big demcraps have
    walls around their homes ?

  2. George True

    I love it ! Even though some people are fleeing the sound of the gunfire, the waitress in the white shirt and tie continues serving the two plates of delicious looking food to her customers. She would get a huge tip from me.

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