Monday, July 26, 2021


The numbers are still rolling in but it was a busy weekend in Chicago as I predicted

75 shot so far with 11 killed, that is way more than last year with "only" 4 killed and 59 wounded, thanks in large measure to a hot and sunny weekend in the Windy City. Weather remains the most reliable predictor of black urban gun violence. 

Chicago is far from alone. The media is full of articles complete with rent garments and gnashing of teeth about "gun violence" sweeping the nation...

...while studiously ignoring the question of who is actually doing the shooting.

Lying press gonna lie. 


  1. If said hood rat has a weapon, he is going to use it. most are lucky if they can keep a half of box of ammo for the thing a week after he got it. and throw in that "my respect " shit and here we are.
    lucky for us is they seldom have more than one mag for the weapon.
    but, some gangbanger's love those extended mags for their g19/1's they love so much.
    I often thought if one stood still you would never get hit for 15 yards away. guess that why they always seem to run to the victim before firing at them. moving out of the city was the best thing i dine in years ! (philly) It has really gotten bad over the last 4 years or so.

    1. That is the problem, they tend to hit people they don't mean to shoot while missing the one they do.

  2. spray and pray, but I don't think said group does a lot of praying

  3. See, I knew they could get those numbers up.