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Cache Me Outside

Lots of posts the last day or so on the topic of caching supplies. I am very upset at the lack of “cash me outside” girl memes….once again it falls to me….

Disappointed and you know who you are.
Check out from Aesop: For A Rainy Day
And from John Wilder: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Cache
My thought? I like the idea of it but I am nowhere near at that point. One of the things I think we all need to realize is that there is a point where we won’t survive, where things get so bad that we don’t make it. Some have a longer horizon like Bison Prepper, mine is much shorter but at some point it might get so bad that we die because things are just that shitty or from sheer rotten luck. There is also a point where I have to wonder if surviving is worth it. I want to stay alive to protect my family and my people. But if things are so shitty that all I am doing is maintaining calorie intake with no hope of things getting better? I am not sure that is worth it.
I would be more inclined to bury at an undisclosed location a firearm or two plus ammo. Maybe something like this Mossberg 590 Mariner, generously protected with grease or cosmoline:

But enough stuff to live on? I don’t have the time or money for that, at least right now. Read the posts and see what you think.


  1. Anonymous

    I've read and watched videos on caching. My issue is most of the ones discussibg it live in warmer climes.

    In my area we have 8months of winter, anythibg not down at least 6 feet will frost heave and cone to the surface in a few years. Add in thatduring 7 months of the year you fill need to either build a bonfire to unfreeze the ground or use a pick axe to dig it up.

    Ladt concern is contents, anything that can survive repeated freeze thaw cycles can't be cached here.

    So i like the idea but not as ptactical for me as say someone in alabama.


  2. Anonymous

    caching is good and nice to have, it might be better to sharpen your skills and check your rifle zero.
    now I can see caching some spare stuff in case of bad times. my grandparents had 2 root cellars on
    their farm and they where spaced far apart from each other in case of fire.

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