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Are We Living In Rainbow Six?

Most people know Rainbow Six from the video game series but it started out as a novel by Tom Clancy, very long and ponderous and the harbinger of a serious decline in quality to come as Clancy started churning out books rapid fire. Still, it was a fun read back in the day and I read it again recently. 
What got me thinking about Rainbow Six is the parade of stories that keep popping up, usually accompanied by a warning from Facebook that vaccines are totally safe, of people who get seriously ill or keel over after getting the coronavirus “vaccine”. Paul Craig Roberts has a brief summary of stories about this: Deaths from Covid “vaccine” so high that the fact can no longer be suppressed
Basically, there are lots of very bad side effects but we aren’t supposed to notice or talk about them. How does that apply to a Tom Clancy novel?
If you haven’t read Rainbow Six, spoilers ahead. 
The plot of Rainbow Six is two parallel storylines. On the one side is John Clark, special operations/spook who has been tasked with setting up an international counter-terrorism unit that will respond to any terror attacks with lethal force.
On the other side are a group of environmentalist wackos funded by a connected billionaire. They have decided that the environment is in danger and mankind is irredeemable so their plan is to kill off most of the world’s population with a bioweapon but there is a twist. The bioweapon is in two parts, the first being delivered by aerosol at the Olympic games where it will then spread around the world as people return home after the games. It is super lethal and on it’s own would kill a ton of people but that isn’t good enough. The second strain is the insidious one. Once the initial virus starts to spread, the billionaire’s company will announce they just happened to be working on an effective vaccine which will be rushed to production and given to everyone in the world. The problem is that the “vaccine” is actually carrying a more virulent strain of the same virus and this time the whole world will clamor to be given a shot that they think will save them but will actually kill them, accomplishing the goal of global depopulation apart from a carefully chosen select few environmentally conscious people who will be given the real vaccine. They will carefully repopulate the earth while the rest of humanity dies a horrible death. Of course Rainbow Six finds out about it and stops them in the nick of time. 
That brings me to current day.
The panic that resulted from a virus that had a better than 99% survival rate for most people was carefully orchestrated. Yes, Covid-19 was real and yes it was dangerous and yes it was almost certainly a Chinese bioweapon. The response was far from organic. It clearly had two goals, first the removal of Donald Trump as President and second the reinforcing of a culture of obedience in the populace. Wear the mask, social distance, don’t have family gatherings, get the untested “vaccine”. The people wearing masks while driving alone in the car are the desired result, people so terrified of a virus that they are willing to do anything they are told to “stay safe”. If you told them to smear dog shit on the inside of their mask, they would do it. Trust the science!
At this point most of the country is operating as normal, and a lot of people look a little sheepish at the thought of giving up an entire year of their life to some B.S. “pandemic”. If you were going to get vaccinated, you already have. So now we are hearing about new variants and oh maybe you need to get two shots and then a booster. Pretty soon people will have an IV tree and a constant drop of the vaccine 24-7. It is a near certainty that there will be a new variant that will necessitate a lockdown soon and we will be told to stay home and wear masks if we go out and perhaps be shot on sight if we are a non-essential worker. 
When we have a new variant that the “vaccine” doesn’t have any effect on, what will happen next? When the number of deaths *with* Covid start to go up again, you can bet that a new “vaccine” will miraculously appear. Will this one be safer and/or more effective than the last one? Or will it be something else entirely. Big Country Expat has a thought or two:
My question, hell, -everyone’s- question is just what the hell is going to happen in a few months?  Myself?  I think it’s a depopulation kill shot.  Notice how Bill Gates still hasn’t publicly announced his vacc as of yet?  In fact -none- of the Powers That Be have, or, in the case of a few of the ‘public shots’ the vidyas out there show that they were faked… blatantly faked for the cameras.
Five years ago, talk like that would have gotten a guffaw from me. Today, after what we have seen going on and especially over the last 12 months or so, with a coup taking place in D.C. and people forced to stay in their homes? Having seen the lengths to which these loons will go to make their dream of a new and better world (ruled by them naturally) a reality? You can’t put anything off the table. Nothing.
Someone like Bill Gates, a billionaire for a long time who lives in a completely different world than the rest of us, doesn’t view you and I and the bulk of humanity the same way we see it. He sees us like ants to be squashed or set on fire with a magnifying glass for his amusement. So while I am not saying it is probable that we are on the cusp of a Rainbow Six scenario with a lethal “vaccine” on the horizon, I also am saying that we sure as hell can’t rule it out because you can’t rule anything out.
You can make a lot of mistakes in the world we are living in but there is one that will get you killed sure as anything and that is underestimating the degeneracy and malevolence of our enemy. You can’t expect mercy or fairness or consistency because they are insane and they are evil. Don’t for a second think that “No American would ever do that to another American” because they will and they will laugh about it afterward. 


  1. Anonymous

    I think there are multiple factions working together and I think they don't all know everything the others are doing. Its the best way to explain the sometimes bipolar response by certain agencies.

    In my own personal circle, I know 2 people who died of a heart attack within 24hrs of getting the shot, another who had a stroke but lived,and another who had clots but survived the surgery.

    I live within sight of where they set up a tent for giving the shots in a drive up setting. Then they had you park for 30 minutes to check on you. 4 times in one week i saw the medivac copter land there.

    I suspect that the reactions are much worse than they admit too but they are doing a good job of suppressing data.

    The last 3 days the city nearest us has put out a request to all the rural hospitals asking for every available ambulance to be loaned to the city. Evidently the last week has seen a huge spike in people calling 911. Officially its caused by the heat and covid.


  2. Anonymous

    A british columbia doctor noticed a nassive increase in heart attacks among first nations in his area post vax. An Alberta reservation is saying a 400% increase in heart attacks in 2021 vs previous years. The official claim is all the covid lockdown weight gain causing it….. yeh right


  3. Anonymous

    why in the hell would trust anything they say anyway ? they have being lying to us for years already
    old george carlin was right in trusting nothing they say or print. and that was back in the 1970's for god's sake. you think they got more truthful since ???

  4. Bear Claw Chris Lapp

    "Don't for a second think that "No American would ever do that to another American" because they will and they will laugh about it afterward".

    Just like in the NWA song F the police. Kill a cop laugh about it afterwards.

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