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A Few Quick Hits

Some brief news/interesting items to pass along….

….gun owners would be expected to learn of the new requirements through news coverage, social media and City Council proceedings. They would then pay the fees through a city website, increase their insurance coverage and print compliance forms to carry with them. Under the ordinance, police who encounter gun owners lacking proof of compliance will be authorized to confiscate the weapons.
Papers please! As usual this is aimed at law abiding gun owners, making the costs higher to defend yourself, because of bad actors who obviously won’t pay the fee or carry the insurance. Of course poor people won’t have to pay the fees either. The same plan is requiring the videotaping of all gun sales….
San Jose joined Chicago and several smaller California cities — including Campbell, El Cerrito and San Carlos — in requiring the videotaping of gun sales, according to the Giffords Law Center.
The videotaping law is working wonders in Chicago! Want to be that felons purchasing guns out of the back of a car won’t get videotaped?
Food prices are going to just keep on rising….

Hog futures contracts have fallen 14% in June as China’s herds recover from a 2018 outbreak of African swine fever more quickly than expected, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Cooling hog prices come after a wild run-up over the past year. Between April 2020 and this month’s highs, futures contracts surged 183%. Consumers have begun to feel the pinch, with pork prices at US grocery stores rising 5.4% year-on-year in May, according to NielsenIQ.

Earlier this month, the agriculture ministry said hog herds grew 23.5% in May year-on-year, reaching 98.4% of 2017 stocks. The swine fever outbreak ravaged China’s pig population, 40% of which died off or were culled in 2019. The country produces half the world’s pork.
Assuming they aren’t lying about their hog numbers like they lied about their coronavirus bioweapon getting loose. Unlike cattle, you can get more hogs in a hurry as they have large litters and have a much shorter gestation period, around 114 days or less than four months versus cattle with a gestation of around 280 days and only typically one calf. Regardless, the global food supply is very shaky and there are a lot of people who need to eat in places that don’t raise enough food to feed them. 
They are getting a head-start on the weekend in Chi-Congo with a Thursday mass shooting. Thursday was a shooting gallery in Chicago:

On the day Chicago’s top cop touted declining crime numbers, the city was hit with one of its most violent days of the year Thursday: four killed, 28 wounded, including three young children who were seriously injured.
There have already been 100 people shot this week in Chicago.

Cool today in Chicago but upper 80s and no rain Saturday and Sunday so that bodes ill for a ton of shootings. 
Our next war is gonna be great.
Pretty basic stuff but still worth a read if you are new or re-evaluating your kit. As noted, this is a minimum starting place.


  1. Anonymous

    What, no mention of Collapse-O Louie (Joe Biden) at the remains of that Miami condo complex? I thought he would somehow link that tragedy to his 'infrastructure plan' to root out White supremacy in the overheated housing market. Because…leg hairs…or whatever.

  2. Anonymous

    China is lying about the hogs and not mentioning the massive 2020 deaths o poultry,ducks and geese.


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