Saturday, July 31, 2021


A couple of stories caught my eye this morning. I have previously stated that one of the most dangerous "backdoor" attacks on the 2nd Amendment will come via "lawfare" or using the courts to make it prohibitively expensive for manufacturers and importers to sell firearms to civilians (see: Death By A Thousand Cuts). It is part of the Biden regime plan to strip firearms manufacturers of liability protection to make it easier for people to sue gun makers when Laquandro shoots into a crowd. This pair of cases shows how broadly this lawfare can be waged:

In 2019 a bunch of people were shot in Dayton and the alleged gunman used an AR-15 with a crappy KCI (Kyung Chang Industry) 100 round magazine. According to the lawsuit, KCI shoulda known that their mags would be used in a mass shooting.....

“The risks to public safety of making and selling these to civilians outweigh any benefits. They are also not aware of any meaningful protocols, checks, or oversight KCI has in place to make sure its product isn’t used in a mass shooting. Therefore, it was foreseeable that, without sufficient safeguards, providing 100-round magazines to the general public would likely result in them being used in a mass shooting.”

That is like saying Ford doesn't have any meaningful checks or protocols to make sure that a drunk driver doesn't kill someone with an F-150 but look at the language they used and then read the second example:

This has to do with the Gilroy shooting, also in 2019. In this case the lawsuit is focused on Century Arms as the importer of the WASR-10, a Romanian AK, used in the shooting.  Century imports the AKs, modifies them to meet the import requirements and then distributes them to dealers. All legal. Here is the reasoning behind the lawsuit.

The survivors’ complaint accuses Century Arms of having “intentionally flooded” nearby states with the WASR-10s that were illegal to possess in California but could easily be transported there. The mass shooting, they allege, was a “foreseeable” and “probable” consequence of Century Arms’ failure to “adopt reasonable safeguards to prevent the diversion of firearms to dangerous parties.”

Notice the similarity in the language: "foreseeable", "likely/probable". It is up to a company to foresee any and all possible misuse of their products and it is always their fault if someone misuses their product, not the person who actually committed the crime.

Making guns, mags and ammo for the American market is probably quite a lucrative business for overseas manufacturers but not if they are endlessly fighting lawsuits. This is the design of lawfare, to starve the U.S. gun market by causing companies to seek a different way to make money rather than selling firearms to the civilian marketplace. 

Our rights are under assault in a myriad of ways and there isn't much we can do about it other than supporting groups like GOA and FPC and buying what we can, while we can.

Friday, July 30, 2021

That Don't Make No Sense

From CNN

In other words the "vaccine" doesn't work or works so poorly that is basically doesn't work or perhaps even makes things worse in many cases.

Now the narrative has shifted from "get the vaccine so you don't get Covid" to "get the vaccine so you don't die from Covid". 

They are getting so confused with their conflicting bullshit that they don't even know what they are saying. I would think this was intentional obfuscation but they are too stupid for that.

I will let Pete Hogwallop and friends take it from here.

This Is Just A Brief Respite

I keep telling people that our return to normal for most of us, seeing family and going to the store without a mask and what-not, is just a temporary lull in the plan and that we are headed for a round 2 that will be much, much worse. Having established once that they can shut down the whole country, this time it will include new and stricter rules. It won't have anything to do with health or science but that will be the appeal to authority to get you to obey. Worse, most people will immediately comply, especially older people who are terrified of the 'vid and people in coastal enclaves who love to have Big Daddy Government tell them what to do.

A couple of good posts to share this morning and my comments. Yes, this is lazy but I am pretty busy today.

Lots of good memes and a quality bikini pic. Also lots of good information about the weirdness behind people getting the jab over and over and still getting it again. It raised the question I have had for a while now. My comment:

If nothing else, the hysteria and urgency to more people to get the jab RIGHT NOW makes me incredibly suspicious. I am under 50 and reasonably healthy so for me the odds of dying of the ‘vid, assuming I haven’t already had it, are far lower than having some complications spring up from a gene therapy. They really, really want a bunch of us to take it and these same people wish us dead so why wouldn’t they simply let us refuse the “vaccine” and die from corona?

They hate you and want you dead. Literally, many of them are openly fantasizing about killing you or at least having someone else kill you but at the same time they insist you take this supposedly life-saving "vaccine". I would never discourage Leftists from doing something lethal, I would encourage them. Something weird is up.

Then from Big Country Expat: Papiere, Bitte

BCE has it on good authority that in the next 3-4 months or so we are going to see significant travel restrictions throughout the country and by travel restrictions he is talking about within the borders of the United States

My comment:

It would have been hard to imagine just a few years ago but the freedom we take for granted in being able to travel from one state to the next, all across the fruited plains, might be gone by EOY. Better start to tighten up your circle and adjust your expectations, and make sure where you are *now* is where you want to be *later*.

THAT will cause a brand new panic. While firearms sales are dead right now I am not really too concerned yet because once this shit starts, plus people realize that the ATF wasn't kidding about that whole pistol brace thing, people are going to be scrambling for guns and ammo, TP and food. I live a few miles from the Ohio border and we go into a neighboring town in OH all the time, will that become illegal by the end of the year? Maybe. 

Don't get complacent but instead get ready.

As a side note, I try to put as many solid posts as I can from people like John Wilder, Cold Fury. WRSA and BCE, as well as my own,  on in case we get shut down. It is a good practice, WRSA got hit again last night and one of these times it will go down and not come back.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Revealing Open Border

The borders of the U.S. are the pipeline for the neo-Bolshevik endgame.

Then of course we have the airlines who keep getting bailed out working with Catholic Charities to ship Africans FOR FREE into the U.S.

What America really needs are more low IQ perpetual dependents who will then bring over their similarly low IQ family to get that sweet free stuff.

Me And My Darn Optimism

In a prior post I suggested that we might be back in full lockdown mode in a few months...

We involuntarily gave up a year and a half of our lives, at least most people did, and for what? Apparently it didn't work and we are facing the same thing all over again in the next few months. There is nothing that infuriates the mandarins in Coruscant quite like regular people going about their lives without being bitched at by their betters in D.C. so lockdowns and mask mandates are likely just around the corner as the temps start to cool down as we enter fall. 

It appears I might have been far too generous on that timeline. 

I assume a significant percentage of the denizens of Coruscant will be incredibly excited at this opportunity to once again show that the residents of D.C. are superior in every respect, especially morality, to the peasants in the rest of the country by masking up.

We might not even get out of August without a new round of nation-wide lockdowns. Hopefully a lot of Republican governors will refuse to go along with the new mandates but I have little confidence that will be the case.

A Gen-U-Wine Shootin' War

With the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan the military-industrial complex is going to need a new conflict to justify spending trillions on the gear needed for yet another unnecessary war. Good thing we already have a pre-existing villain hated by both Boomers and younger liberals: RUSSIA!

President Biden on Tuesday warned that cyberattacks could lead to a “shooting war” while disparaging Russian President Vladimir Putin as desperate and “dangerous.”
“I can’t guarantee this, and you’re as informed as I am, but I think it’s more likely we’re going to end up — if we end up in a war, a real shooting war with a world power, it’s going to be as a result of a cyber breach of great consequence.”

Wow, we already had a couple of cyberattacks on JBS and a pipeline that totally were from the Russians and not plots hatched in-house by the Feds.

Years of chatter about Russia as a serious threat have created in the minds of most Americans a predisposition to going to war. Add in the leftover memories of the Cold War and you have a great place to start if you want to launch of new Forever War. 

One minor problem. Russia ain't Afghanistan or even Iraq. Russia has over one million active duty personnel in their armed forces and zero percent of the woke crap in our military plus a couple million reservists. They aren't using Cold War relic castoff gear, their stuff might not be as technologically advanced as ours but it is still pretty damn good. Not to mention that the Russians seem to still remember that the purpose of an army is to kill your enemy, not provide free gender reassignment surgery for deviants.

Who do you think would win if you took five Russian soldiers and five U.S. soldiers picked at random, threw them in a pit with a couple of knives and clubs and told them to fight to the death?

This is Sergey Shoygu, the Russian General Of The Army and Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation.....

He looks like a soldier and also like someone who would gut your from stem to stern for a nickel. 

And this is Lloyd Austin, our diversity hire Secretary of Defense landing in the Philippines wearing not just a mask but also a face shield and fist bumping other officers. 

What a fucking embarrassment. While Lloyd Austin is engaged in a jihad against normal White men in the military, Shoygu "...ordered commanders to begin every morning in the barracks with a rendition of the Russian Anthem, to compile an obligatory military-patriotic book reading list...". Like an actual leader of fighting men.

Not only would we likely lose a "shootin' war" with Russia but at this stage I would be inclined to root for the Russkies. 

If the next set of lockdowns fail to work, don't be surprised to see increasing provocation of the Russians in order to instigate a shootin' war. I am sure it will go swimmingly.

Speaking Of Supply And Demand

As a follow-up to the prior post Supply And Demand, Eric Striker brings to our attention a push by Federal "law enforcement" to get more hate crime charges from local police:

As Eric points out: Hate crimes laws are political and racially motivated. This new initiative is part of the broader effort by the Biden regime to create a narrative of there being hordes of dangerous White racist extremists out looking to blow up Jews, shoot Africans and beat up fags and trannies. The program was rolled out by U.S. Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta and having someone named Vanita Gupta as an Associate A.G. is a clear sign of the deep shit we are in and how the same people Whites invited into our country have now turned on us out of resentment and ingratitude. According to Gupta, if your local law enforcement outfit isn't charging anyone with hate crimes, the Feds are going to be badgering you to find out why not. 

"Approach each and every law enforcement agency in your district that reports zero hate crimes or does not participate in hate crimes reporting to learn what's going on and why that's happening," the Justice Department’s number three in command said to the several hundred personnel listening.

Notice the assumption. They assume that every local law enforcement agency is experiencing hate crimes so if you aren't reporting any, then obviously you are hiding something or have some sort of "inherent bias". It can't possibly be because no in was committing a hate crime.

The article Eric links to focused on an alleged bomb plot against a synagogue by a guy named Richard Holzer. Holzer was charged with "hate crimes" and explosives charges as well as this:

Holzer pleaded guilty to intentionally attempting to obstruct persons in the enjoyment of their free exercise of religious beliefs, through force and the attempted use of explosives and fire, in violation of Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 247, and to attempting to maliciously damage and destroy, by means of fire and explosives, a building used in interstate commerce.

Notice that all of it was "attempted". He didn't actually do anything. Also notice that somehow a synagogue is considered a "building used in interstate commerce". WTF? The guy was about as cringe as you might expect.

If I didn't know better I might think this guy was a Fed who they dressed up using every "hate symbol" they could find from the SPLC database. If I didn't know better. 

The Feds were working undercover to egg this guy on, once again inciting someone to do something so they could then arrest them.

Holzer talked to associates for months about attacking Temple Emanuel, and he visited the synagogue to observe Jewish congregants. During a meeting with undercover agents to discuss his plans, Holzer repeatedly expressed his hatred of Jewish people and suggested using explosive devices to destroy the Synagogue. Holzer told the undercover agents that he wanted to “get that place off the map.” Holzer further admitted that he coordinated with the undercover agents to obtain explosives, including pipe bombs.

On the evening of Nov. 1, 2019, Holzer met with undercover agents, who provided Holzer with inert explosive devices that had been fabricated by the FBI, including two pipe bombs and 14 sticks of dynamite. Holzer removed a copy of “Mein Kampf” from his bag and told the undercover agents that the explosives looked “absolutely gorgeous.” Holzer admitted that he planned to detonate the explosives several hours later, in the early hours of Saturday morning, Nov. 2, 2019. After his arrest, Holzer explained that “The event planned for tonight would define me as a person who would die for his people.”

The FBI provided him with fake pipe bombs and dynamite. Would this dumbass ever have taken his plot this far if the Feds were not encouraging him and offering to sell him explosives? 

Something else pretty important from a different story:

According to a criminal complaint written by FBI Special Agent John Smith, the investigation into Richard Holzer began after he began messaging with an undercover FBI agent posing as a female white supremacist on Facebook.

What an idiot. Taken in by a honeypot that he never even met. 

The guy was 27 years old and looks like a loser. He was 27 years old and just moved out of his parent's house and worked at a grocery store. I am sure that the idea of a girl who wanted to chat with him was super exciting and I am likewise certain the Fed was encouraging and flattering him when he said something inflammatory which in turn likely caused him to ratchet up the rhetoric. I shouldn't need to say this but 100% of the "women" you meet online are dudes and likely Feds so stop being stupid. Even far-right girls aren't turned on by you threatening to blow up a synagogue. 

Also according to the article, there is more sketchy stuff. This is from the complaint:

"UC-2" and "UC-3" are designations, I assume, for undercover 2 and 3. That means there were at least three Feds egging this guy on. Not to mention that this guy who was supposedly in the "White supremacist" movement for a decade gets popped by the Feds and immediately waives his Miranda rights and spills his guts about the plot. Who does that? I would put the odds at close to 50/50 that this guy is a complete fabrication who is now living under an assumed name somewhere rather than being in a Fed lock-up or maybe was busted for weed and given the chance to avoid jail by agreeing to be a patsy.

Even more:

The ADL says they have been tracking Holzer for several years.

That is important. Federal law enforcement is working hand in glove with partisan, far-Left anti-White outfits like the ADL. It is quite certain that elements of the DOJ are in contact with people at places like the ADL and SPLC. It is also certain, and I am going to keep repeating this, that someone from these groups and/or the Feds are reading a lot of what you post. Sure you might comment anonymously but on most blogs like mine that are hosted by Google, do you really think they can't trace you back if they want? Oh, are you using an incognito browser to hide your identity?

Your girl might not know which porn sites you visited but those sites probably know you were there. Maybe if you are using a VPN and/or the Tor browser but even then I wouldn't trust it so the safest bet is to not say anything stupid online. 

The lesson from Richard Holzer and Tres Genco, the alleged wannabe "incel mass shooter", and so many others is this: the Feds need a lot more "right-wing domestic extremists" than actually exist so they will go out of their way to find people online and try to entrap them into saying stuff that they can use to arrest them. Don't be stupid online and for fuck's sake go meet a real girl in real life instead of getting snookered into saying incriminating things on Facebook to impress some fake girl.

There are a whole bunch of Feds who spend all day online trying to identify people they can entrap and they are probably looking at you.

Despite the thousands of real crimes actually being committed across America daily, the focus of the Feds is on the phantom White supremacist menace and enticing young White losers into saying something they can arrest them for. Don't be the next guy with your name in a DOJ press release.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

At Least Republicans Are Good For Something

Not anything useful like demanding answers about the January 6th political prisoners or the murder of Ashli Babbitt, or investigating who was really responsible for the creation and "accidental" release of the Kung-Fu Flu or that our cities are shooting galleries or that we are spending millions weekly on making sure the wall doesn't get built. Nope, none of that stuff but they are all about what really matters to the American people: Isreal.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is coming out against Ben & Jerry's over its recent decision to end sales of its ice cream in Israeli-occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem.

In a letter to the State Board of Administration of Florida, DeSantis urged the agency to place Ben & Jerry's on its Continued Examination Companies that Boycott Israel List. It also called for the same to be done to Unilever, which it noted is “a publicly traded company in which Florida holds multiple investments” and that also owns Ben & Jerry's.

He also called for the agency to initiate a process to place both entities on its Scrutinized Companies that Boycott Israel List and asked that he be provided with an update on the status of the process immediately.

DeSantis is the heir apparent to Trump, another political figure who talks about the issues that impact actual Americans but only takes action when it comes to Our Greatest Ally™. I am sure Trump 2.0 will be just as effective as Trump 1.0

Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) is blocking a piece of Israel-related legislation over concerns that the measure's language waters down support for the Jewish state, congressional sources confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon on Monday.

Cruz will also introduce an amendment to the legislation that strips the contested language and replaces it with a statement enshrining American support for Israel, according to a copy of that amendment also obtained by the Free Beacon. The senator will block the bill from moving forward until his amendment is considered.

Making supporting Israel the law, that is what I was thinking when you hear about America First!

Just imagine if one of our two political parties would get as energized about the needs of the American people as they do about the hurt feelings of Our Greatest Ally™....

The Serfs Are Getting A Little Uppity

Time to remind us who is in charge around here.

As expected, CDC Director Rachel Walensky announced Tuesday afternoon that because not enough Americans got the vaccine, those who did will now be asked once again to wear masks in public. While the vast majority of transmission is occurring via unvaccinated individuals, the CDC admitted that some vaccinated people might experience "breakthrough" infection. Conveniently, she said the changes are the result of "new science".

"As you have heard from me previously, this pandemic continues to pose a serious threat to the health of all Americans,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky told reporters on a call. "Today, we have new science related to the Delta area that requires us to update the guidance regarding what you can do when you are fully vaccinated."

Remember, Trust The Science™ even when the "science" seems to change at will to be whatever they want it to be.

If you can recall just a short time ago, the "vaccine" was hailed as a way for us to get back to normal. Now it appears that if you get jabbed, you might still be able to get the Chinese coronavirus and also spread it to others (why else would a "vaccinated" person need to wear a mask?). That seems so weird because former Vice-President Biden, widely recognized as America's leading intellectual, told us you won't get the 'vid if you get the jab. 

Those dastardly guys at Zerohedge are daring to suggest that this is all political (again) and not based in The Science™ .....

Biden added that if people get vaccinated and wear masks, it will help avoid lockdowns. But of course that's not true. In reality, measures like the new mask guidance are more likely a prelude to ordering another lockdown, with all the stimulus and federal, Fed-backstopped money printing to convince voters that their only hope is to stick with the Democrats through the midterms...and beyond.

This is the election strategy, to avoid talking about inflation and rampant violent crime they will simply shut down the nation again, print more money and breeze to election victory by promising to "keep us safe". That won't help the black people living in urban warzones who get hit by stray bullets from their fellow Africans but for White people who live in the burbs and love to parade their small children around with masks to show what good parents they are, it will be a big winner politically. 

The Babylon Bee is right on it as usual.

"We are going to lock down, wear masks, and social distance, all of which didn't work, but hey. It's worth trying again," said Dr. Anthony Fauci in a television interview this morning. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. That's what they taught us in science school. Look at my lab coat. It's white. Do you like it? It has pockets."

The television anchor then assured Dr. Fauci that his pockets were very nice.

"Thanks. I also have the heartbeat thingy. I like to breathe on it to warm it up. Makes me look official and doctory and whatnot."

There is no level of mockery too cruel for this asshat. He gives the entire medical profession a black eye.

Tucker is saying what too few are willing to say: this is about control.

There’s no political advantage in a rational policy like that. Instead, the administration has decided to use the virus to cement its political control of the country. Democrats rode COVID to victory last November, through fear and blame and brand new methods of voting. They plan to keep power through next year’s midterms in the very same way — by dividing Americans against one another, vaccinated vs. unvaccinated.  

That is what I have been saying for a long time. The masks don't work, and apparently the "vaccine" doesn't work or works so poorly that you can still contract or spread the virus if you aren't wearing a thin paper mask that doesn't work either. The lockdowns crushed the economy and paying people to stay home is making it hard for businesses to recover because no business can compete with staying home and getting paid. 

What these measures do accomplish is pretty clear. The fear of coronavirus amplified by the media blaming every death on Trump helped pave the way for the most tainted and illegitimate "election" in U.S. history. It is providing the pretext for even greater centralized social and economic control. Most of all it is increasing the divide. Do you know of a single significant liberal who is questioning the mask mandates or vaccine? Even one? All of the pushback is coming from people on the "conservative" side of the spectrum. It isn't about "science" vs "anti-science", it is about "Left" and "Right" and since the people They want to crush all happen to be "anti-science", well that just makes it a whole lot handier to shit on us and find new ways to make us miserable, all in the name of "safety" and "science". 

It is getting less so but for some time it was startling to go out and see the faces of people going about their business normally. We involuntarily gave up a year and a half of our lives, at least most people did, and for what? Apparently it didn't work and we are facing the same thing all over again in the next few months. There is nothing that infuriates the mandarins in Coruscant quite like regular people going about their lives without being bitched at by their betters in D.C. so lockdowns and mask mandates are likely just around the corner as the temps start to cool down as we enter fall. 

So what do we do? Despite some reports of store shortages, most places are fully stocked up on all of the essentials. For now. I am not saying you should panic shop but again you should ask "What ran out last time?" and then "How do I look right now on  those items?" These two boxes arrived yesterday...

One with Member's Mark toilet paper, the other with paper towels. I already have plenty of both but not enough to last for a prolonged shortage. I anticipate ordering two more boxes just like these in a week or so to top things off. It isn't like they go bad and my position always is this:

It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

That is true for TP and food and ammo and lots of other stuff. Being prepared doesn't mean you are prepared to fight with your fellow citizen over the last pack of Charmin at the Wal-Mart.

Lockdowns are coming and soon. As with everything else, the time to get ready for the next round which will likely be worse than the first is right now.


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

David Chipman: Americans Having The Freedom Of Expression Is Frustrating

Fuck this guy but he likely will get confirmed and even if he doesn't, they will just nominate someone else just as bad. 

Supply And Demand

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is America's national law enforcement agency, with some 35,000 employees and an annual budget of nearly $10 billion. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has another 5000 employees and a budget of over $1.25 billion. The Marshal service has another 5,400 employees and a budget of nearly $1.5 billion. The Drug Enforcement Agency? Another 10,000 employees and a budget of over $3 billion. That doesn't even mention the Department of Homeland Security and their nearly quarter of a million employees and a $51 billion dollar budget. That works out to around $66 billion which makes the Feds one of the largest businesses in America, somewhere between Disney and Lockheed Martin.

By any measure, Federal law enforcement is big business. But keeping the money flowing requires some sort of justification. It doesn't have to be a good reason or even real, in fact fake threats are even better, but there has to be something. There must be a threat to be thwarted because without the threat, there isn't much justification for the enormous sums of money they draw from the Treasury each year. For the last 20 years there was the Muslim terror threat and that had a good run but we haven't had a decent terrorist incident in a long time. They need something new and anti-gubmint White guys kills two birds with one stone, a new make-believe "threat" and a license to go after the only people pushing back against the Great Reset.

In simpler terms, the demand for people breaking Federal laws far exceeds the actual supply. So the Feds do what any business does when things are slow: they go out and drum up some business. 

While the FBI is generally considered to be the white hats in our little cultural kabuki, it is beginning to look more and more like they are at best ignoring crime until it happens so they can come to the rescue or at worst are actively inciting people to commit crimes.

When the "plot" to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen "Giant Head" Whitmer first broke, it sounded too ridiculous to be true. Who would want to kidnap that bitch and hold her for ransom? Five minutes of her yapping and I would be calling the FBI Hostage Rescue team myself and asking them to shoot me. I am about as anti-government as they come but never once did it cross my mind that a reasonable step would be to kidnap the governor of a state and hold her hostage. Regardless of how ridiculous it was, the Left immediately declared that this plot was a direct result of Trump and the media dutifully went along with it. That this "plot" was "discovered" in October, the month prior to the 2020 elections that Trump "lost" is not a coincidence. As it just so happens, a cool dozen of the people involved in the "plot" to kidnap Whitmer were some sort of FBI informants. Glenn Greenwald was recently on Fox with Jesse Waters to discuss this (video skips to relevant section)

Greenwald has been all over the resurgent narrative of the phantom menace of "White supremacist domestic terrorism". Here is a segment from a solid piece he recently put up: FBI Using the Same Fear Tactic From the First War on Terror: Orchestrating its Own Terrorism Plots

Yet from the start, there were ample and potent reasons to distrust the FBI's version of events. To begin with, FBI press releases are typically filled with lies, yet media outlets — due to some combination of excessive gullibility, an inability to learn lessons, or a desire to be deceived — continue to treat them as Gospel. For another, the majority of "terror plots” the FBI claimed to detect and break up during the first War on Terror were, in fact, plots manufactured, funded and driven by the FBI itself.

It makes you start to wonder: if it weren't for the FBI inciting and encouraging people to think about these attacks, would we even have any domestic terror plots, much less actual attacks? The Feebs are reduced to setting up a room full of informants with a cockamamie plot to kidnap Governor Giant Head and "preventing" some creepy incel from shooting up a sorority at THE Ohio State University. Hardly the stuff of a TV series. 

It is a rock solid bet that if you run in these circles, even if you have never committed anything resembling an actual crime and never advocate for others to do so, the Feds are at least watching what you post. Maybe not here, I don't have a big audience, but over at Western Rifle Shooters or Big Country? Guaran-fuckin'-teed that some balding, fat Fed LEO is sitting in a cubicle in the basement of some office building reading, recording and probably posting inflammatory stuff to see if he can get a rise out of one of us on one monitor while watching dwarf porn on the other monitor. Sure it is basically entrapment, like pretending to be a teen girl to get a youth pastor or teacher to come to a hook-up so you can arrest him, but anything goes in the name of safety. It is easier to eat donuts and Fedpoast all day than to go into the shady neighborhoods of Chicago and Baltimore to go after actual criminals committing actual crimes. The orders from on high are apparently to ignore the Africans slaughtering each other in the cities and instead to focus on White middle aged guys harrumphing about the government on blogs.
Just remember that they have an insatiable demand for dangerous domestic criminals and are quite willing to do anything and everything to sucker you into saying something dumb so they can arrest you for "attempting a hate crime" or some other trumped up bullshit. 

Be careful out there. They need "criminals" and they don't care where they find them. 

Monday, July 26, 2021

Another Good Deal

My distributors are borderline begging us to buy their ARs right now and retail prices are getting back to pre-'Rona levels. Like this deal from Rural King Guns....

That is $50 cheaper than the base Ruger model they sell with the plastic handguard. This model was selling as fast as dealers could list them for MSRP of $819 a few months ago or even more when it was really bad. This is a solid entry level AR but you have to live near a Rural King, for now they are still only shipping to their own stores. If you need a budget priced AR and live near a Rural King, this is a great deal.

As always, I don't get anything from Rural King and have no relationship with them.

Truth In One Tweet


It was never about health or safety, it was always about compliance.

Making A List, Checking It Twice

From Reuters:

A counterterrorism organization formed by some of the biggest U.S. tech companies including Facebook (FB.O) and Microsoft (MSFT.O) is significantly expanding the types of extremist content shared between firms in a key database, aiming to crack down on material from white supremacists and far-right militias, the group told Reuters.

I really hope I show up in these databases. I need to start uploading various "hate symbols" on a regular basis. I also really like how corporate America is once again stepping in to be unaccountable and probably illegal agents of the Federal government by collecting, compiling and sharing Constitutionally protected free speech. Who the hell decided we needed Facebook to form a "counterterrorism organization"? Since Facebook and the Feds are already working hand in glove on "misinformation" on their platform, does anyone really think they won't be sharing this database with Federal law enforcement?

At the end was the ominous part...

The group wants to continue to broaden its database to include hashes of audio files or certain symbols and grow its membership. It recently added home-rental giant Airbnb (ABNB.O) and email marketing company Mailchimp as members.

That certainly sounds like you can be barred from renting through Airbnb if you are sharing "hate speech" online, not to mention being banned from using Mailchimp for email marketing. I don't care personally about either of those but what if your bank joins this group and then decides to close your accounts without warning because you shared a Honkler gif? Or your Visa card can be closed or you can be denied service at a restaurant chain or be unable to book a flight. The possibilities are endless. 

Your online activity is going to have real world consequences. That is why I keep saying you need to disentangle yourself as much as possible from these globalist outfits. For example, you need to bank at smaller banks where you can. The goal is to keeping squeezing you until you snap and do something stupid or you capitulate and conform. 

Bugging out right now is more than just location, it really is a whole-life process of getting loose from the globohomo world. It is always better to leave on your own terms but make no mistake, you are leaving one way or the other.


The numbers are still rolling in but it was a busy weekend in Chicago as I predicted

75 shot so far with 11 killed, that is way more than last year with "only" 4 killed and 59 wounded, thanks in large measure to a hot and sunny weekend in the Windy City. Weather remains the most reliable predictor of black urban gun violence. 

Chicago is far from alone. The media is full of articles complete with rent garments and gnashing of teeth about "gun violence" sweeping the nation...

...while studiously ignoring the question of who is actually doing the shooting.

Lying press gonna lie. 

Sunday, July 25, 2021

The Great Replacement Is A Racist Myth And Definitely Isn't Being Funded By Globohomo

(Note: This ended up being much longer than I expected thanks to me wandering down multiple rabbit holes but stick with it until the end)

Over on Twitter a few days ago, someone posted this piece from Nebraska Public Radio from back in June. Nebraska is about as heartland-y as you can get, a state obsessed with college football and with hours upon hours of driving through nothing but corn and wheat fields. Nebraksa is sparsely populated and overwhelmingly White, with just under 2 million people scattered over 77,000 sqaure miles, mostly in the east in Omaha and Lincoln. The Western half of the state is very lightly populated including a town I mentioned before because we share a name, Arthur, Nebraska, a burg of 117 people that is the county seat of Arthur County, population 460. 

Here is the title of the article:

As you would expect, this is portrayed as an unequivocal positive in the post. There is a clever bit of spin in this post in several places:

A new report argues the Midwest is much more welcoming to certain types of immigrants than stereotypes -- or political rhetoric -- suggests.
“Despite the narrative that heartland communities haven’t been as welcoming,” DeVol said, “others have had very specific well intentioned strategies to try to bring new immigrants to their communities and try to aid in their overall population growth and economic growth.”
“It’s a cultural aspect,” Sutton said. “No matter where you sit on the political spectrum we [Nebraskans] are a welcoming people.”

If actions speak louder than words, some refugees and their families seem to be exempt from anti-immigrant rhetoric, which is largely aimed at people who overstay on their visas or cross the border illegally.

Being a nice Midwesterner means you have to accept an unlimited number of refugees in your state. You don't want to be one of those intolerant stereotypical bigots, do you? Of course you don't, being neighborly and kind is ingrained in the culture of the Midwest. Conversely, Trump is mentioned four times, all four times in reference to his "restrictive" policies on immigration that kindly Gandpa Joe is now reversing. 

The large midwestern cities tend to dominate the population of the state. Around half of the population in Nebraska is found in Omaha. Des Moines has about one quarter of the population of Iowa. This is the case throughout the midwest in places like Wisconsin, dominated by leftist college town Madison and Milwaukee, and Minnesota where the twin cities have a huge percentage of the total state population. Dropping a bunch of refugees who then bring their families over via chain migration where they eventually become citizens and have children who are magically Americans because they were born here is a great way to shift the political leanings of a state. Democrat strategists look at a map like this and see a lot of opportunity. 

There is an awful lot of red in the center of the country and that also means a lot of states sending two Republican Senators to D.C. year after year. It doesn't take a lot of new voters in places like South Dakota or Montana to change the electoral map. 

According to this post, refugees are helping to swell the populations of these midwestern cities and that is a good thing because of the almighty economy. The numbers are not insignificant. In 2016 Nebraska absorbed more "refugees" than any other state. Many of them were Yazidis fleeing ISIS in Iraq, another result of our "invade the world, invite the world" foreign policy where U.S. forces go around the world breaking nations which then obligates the U.S. to welcome in the refugees from the places we broke. If we hadn't invaded Iraq under false pretenses, there wouldn't have been an ISIS and the Yazidi wouldn't have needed to flee to the U.S.. It almost seems like this is being done intentionally or something.....

As these states have more and more "refugees" taking up residence in their cities, it is transforming the very foundations of these heartland states. According to the linked article:

The Des Moines public school districts offer extensive resources for multilingual learners and have implemented bilingual family liaison programs. There are more than 100 languages spoken at homes within the district. Almost 7,000 students in the district are part of the English Language Learner program.

Wow that is great! There are around 31,000 students in the Des Moines public school district. This is how that breaks down:

Almost a quarter of students are "English Language Learners", meaning they are not American students and therefore require additional resources because they don't even speak our language. Not coincidentally, more than three quarters of students are getting free or reduced lunches and almost 15% of students are "special education". When I was in school there were very few special ed kids and they all had some sort of serious developmental issues. Now that is code for "minority kids who can't behave so they get designated special ed". How in the hell can you run a school system with 31,000 kids when 14.8%, or over 4,500 of your students are "special ed"? Well you start by having an enormous budget of $434,109,000 according to the district facts:

Let's do a little math. $434,109,00 budgeted for a school with 31,621 students in 2020-2021. That works out to....

$13,728 per student.

According to the Des Moines Register in 2019, there are an average of around 24 students per classroom in DMPS high schools but also that many classes have 35-40 students. The same story also has an obligatory quote from the teacher's union bitching about needing more money. But in a class with 24 students, that represents....

$329,472 per classroom. 

Yeah that sounds like they are "underfunded". The thing is, that money isn't even distributed. A huge chunk of that money is eaten up by "special ed" where you have one on one, or even multiple people working with one student that is more than likely most a behavioral issue. Add in that you have students who were born all over the world, including 336 born in Tanzania of all places,...

And you have a very expensive and difficult school district. Public schools have been failing American kids for decades, but trying to manage a school district full of foreign kids who don't speak English and thousands of "special needs" students? It is an impossible task and the kids getting screwed over are the average American students who get mediocre instruction because all of the resources are being used for problem students.

That is a long detour to point out that there are huge costs that come along with absorbing the problem children of the world. No mention of the downsides in the article though, having foreign kids flooding your school is obviously a net positive and thinking otherwise makes you a stereotypical midwestern bigot. You don't want people to think you are a racist, do you?

The most important thing you need to remember about "refugee" resettlement is this:

Q 1: Why are they being "resettled" in the first place?

A1: Because where they live now is a shithole.

Q 2: Why is it a shithole?

A 2: Because they live there.

It really isn't much more complex than that. In some cases we have kick-started their departure by breaking their country but all of these places were shitholes to begin with. They always will be. If you somehow could swap the entire European population of Europe into Africa and all of Africa into Europe, no serious person would deny that in less than ten years Africa would be the envy of the world and Europe would be a shithole. 

So who the hell is pushing this crap? It certainly isn't the average citizen of Iowa or Nebraska. 

We have a couple of answers to this question right in the article. One group is Lutheran Family Services. A consistent theme in the U.S. and Europe is that some of the main drivers pushing mass immigration into Western nations are ostensibly Christian social agencies. Apparently they were not finding caring for the poor among their own people to be sexy enough, so these groups are pushing for the mass importation of permanent dependents who will always need social services from these groups. Sort of like importing your own customers. Speaking of which, the article also features a bunch of quotes from a guy named Ross DeVol, all praising the magic of refugees for Our Lord And Savior The Economy. 

Who is this guy?

Ross is the CEO of an outfit called Heartland Forward, headquartered out of Bentonville, Arkansas. You might recognize that city, more on that in a minute. Prior to working at Heartland Forward, DeVol spent almost 20 years as a researcher at the Milken Institute. That group is another think tank of sorts founded by one Michael Milken, the guy who became famous for helping to create the junk bond market before he and a slew of his fellow Tribe Members were busted for securities fraud (Ivan Boesky, Dennis Levine, Martin Siegel, etc.). Here is Ross.

That is a trustworthy face that doesn't look like it belongs on some sort of offender registry. 

What exactly is Heartland Forward? That is a tricky question. They are some sort of "think tank"...

What the hell does that mean? It means they don't do anything but "research" and "advocacy". They have 9 employees including that creepy looking guy and a bunch of "fellows" who probably cash a check and little else. They have an annual "summit" but you can't go....

Why would a think tank summit on economic development be so secretive? Weird....

Who exactly is paying for them to do nothing? Well that is another pretty secretive aspect of this organization....

They ain't telling but I think I can figure it out, at least in part.

I mentioned that this outfit is in Bentonville, Arkansas. What is Bentonville famous for? Being the home and headquarters of Wal-Mart. That is not a coincidence. Ross DeVol just so happens to be on the payroll of the Walton Family Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the family of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton for the last four years....

He isn't the only Wal-Mart connection, the executive director of Heartland Forward is one Angie Cooper (click to enlarge)....

"Government affairs" is globohomo corporate speak for lobbyist. So you have a Walton Family Foundation guy and a long time former lobbyist for Wal-Mart leading a think tank in Bentonville that has a private summit and gets private donations. It is a pretty safe bet that Heartland Forward is funded in large measure by the Walton family. 

That brings me to the "so what?" of the post. At the very end of the Nebraska Public Radio story, Ross DeVol lets slip what appears to me to be the whole point of gaslighting people in the Midwest into accepting huge numbers of "refugees"

The Biden administration has increased the number of refugees the U.S. will accept. Resettlement organizations across the Heartland are preparing for an influx that will most likely appear next year.

DeVol noted that the tension over immigration coincides with the aging of Baby Boomers, who are experiencing a type of social shift that hasn’t occurred in their lifetimes.

“Eventually they’re no longer around and as other cohorts age, such as millennials, their norms and views become more accepted.” DeVol said, “Demography is destiny.”

Old White people in the Midwest are dying and being replaced. Demography is destiny. 

Biden has raised the refugee cap to 62,500 with an eventual goal next year of 125,000. 

Under current allocations, the United States will be able to accept the most refugees, 22,000, from Africa. Thousands more are expected from East and South Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and Central Asia, and more.

Tens of thousands of "refugees" from Africa dumped into Midwestern cities. Tens of thousands more from every shithole on the globe. What exactly is the benefit of dumping thousands of Africans into the Midwest who don't speak English, don't understand our culture or history, generally have the lowest average IQ on the globe, have no marketable job skills other than being cheap to hire and have utterly failed to sustain a civil society anywhere?

It doesn't benefit the Midwest or the American people who live there but it does create an influx of cheap labor and new consumers who will likely shop at Wal-Mart stores. These refugees will show up with hands out for social services and put their kids in local schools where they will require enormous additional resources from the already overwhelmed system. That doesn't matter because they will get SNAP benefits that they can spend on groceries from Wal-Mart. 

Sure your quaint heartland city is going to quickly look like Mogadishu, JuΓ‘rez or Nairobi but diversity is our greatest strength, we are a nation of immigrants and besides you old White people are dying anyway ( Eventually they’re no longer around ) and demography is destiny. So shut up bigot, wear your mask, pay your taxes and welcome all refugees! 

The cold and ruthless use of euphemisms is chilling from that creepy grinning weirdo. Older White people will die off: "Eventually they’re no longer around" and be replaced "Demography is destiny.". What Ross DeVol is saying is what people on /ourside/ are called racist conspiracy theorists when we say the exact same thing:

There is an out-in-the-open strategy to replace the heritage White population of the United States and Europe with the dregs of humanity who will be reliable voters, consumers and cheap labor. 

What is worse, it is working. In fact it has already worked. Massive numbers of new refugees are just accelerating the process. I would bet that in the Des Moines public school district, the upper grades are more White than the lower grades and that the elementary age children are overwhelmingly non-White. 

We are poised to see an unprecedented demographic shift take place in America and Europe. The oldest Baby Boomers are 75 this year and the youngest Boomers are 57 and that means we are looking at a massive die-off over the next 25 years of the largest generation in American history. This generation ended in 1964, a year before the 1965 Hart-Celler act opened the floodgates of migration from all over the world. Each year the U.S. becomes less White as older White Americans die off and are replaced by non-White "Americans". In 2018 the percentage of young people in America who are White dropped below 50%...

That trend line is only going to accelerate especially in mestizo and Asian groups. 

What will "unite" these various competing and often openly hostile groups will be consumerism. Wal-Mart doesn't care if the person using their EBT food stamp benefits in their stores are White or African or Bangladeshi. They get the same profit, just like banks don't care if they are incentivized to make loans to blacks who shouldn't be given a mortgage because the government will bail them out anyway.

You are being replaced because you simply are not sufficiently compliant and reliable and your demise has been orchestrated by every established power in our society: government, religious groups, big business, entertainment, academia. That means your future, our future, is going to be less prosperous, less free and less safe than what we grew up with. They are willing to trade what we had, the very best society in modern human history, for a globalist shithole because they will be in charge and the rest of us can go to hell as long as we keep buying their stuff. 

At least now they are saying the words:

“Demography is destiny.”

The enemy is revealing himself and declaring his intentions. That changes the game. Not all the way but getting closer.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

It Is A Short Stroll...

...from social media screeching to burning people at the stake. Black Pigeon Speaks holds forth on the approved and encouraged two minutes of hate:

The self-righteous religious fervor of these people is something we all need to be aware of and you can see the pendulum is swinging back toward new and more strict lockdowns, mask mandates and up to and including forced "vaccinations". Get a load of this "journalist" in Britain.....

Questioning the "vaccination" or electing to not get it for yourself is basically murder.

There are a lot of people who feel lost and unmoored without the authoritarian lockdowns. The idea of people without masks going to the store fills them with rage and that rage has no outlet at present. We aren't far from people encouraging actual mob violence against anyone who refuses to comply. Our world has gone insane. 

Friday, July 23, 2021


Not gonna lie, this made me giggle a little bit. 

Earlier we had the shooting outside of a Washington Nationals game and now this. Want to bet the White people fleeing are usually incessantly yammering pabulum about diversity being our greatest strength and have #BlackLivesMatter in their social media bios? Also wanna bet that the irony is completely lost on them and they think that this means White people in Nebraska need to be disarmed? This isn't some crappy Southeast D.C. ghetto, this is where the beautiful people get drunk....

Over 100 murders in D.C. this year already and this is a city with 55 cops per square mile

Dear D.C. denizens: you get what you fucking deserve. 

No Sacrifice Is Too Great

This is something few people think about: Most of us in the U.S. have been at war for most of our lives. For younger people, really all of their lives. I was born at the tail end of the Vietnam War but even after we got out of there we were entangled in the money pit of the Cold War. We just managed to get through that and then jumped into the first Gulf War followed by assorted conflicts in places like Somalia and Kosovo. Before long, we had the Big One on September 11th. For the last two decades we have been locked in conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention all over the Middle East, Asia and Africa in quieter conflicts, with no end in sight and no concept of what "victory" would even look like. 

As the U.S. prepares to leave Afghanistan, leading to the inevitable Taliban victory returning that shithole to the same state it has always been, many people are asking the big question: Why? Why were we there, what was it all about? A trillion bucks pissed away and all we have to show for it are a bunch of dead and maimed American kids. Why do we keep into these wars for no real reason? Why did a bunch of American die in Mogadishu? 

The answer is money. Not from the poppy fields, or at least not primarily. No, the money I am talking about is the endless flow of make-believe money from Uncle Sam buying endless quantities of military hardware and all of the ancillary stuff that goes into a 20 year occupation: food, fuel, housing, vehicles, computers, ammo. All of it lining the pockets of contractors back in the states. 

I don't blame the guys who served, we all thought Our Way Of Life™ was under attack. Turns out Our Way Of Life™ is perverts saying they are transgender so they can get off by wagging their dick around little girls in locker rooms. The guys who signed up after the towers fell thought they were doing the right thing but it seems like many of them realized too late that we were just over there to create a demand for the supplies provided by the Military-Industrial Complex. 

Here is one great example from someone who saw inside the belly of the beast from Big Country Expat: Finally Back and Stuff

VA HQ in D.C.
BCE looks at one sliver of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and how medical providers are approved. It is kind of inside baseball but you get the gist. The VA is big business, according to government sources the budget is around $315,000,000,000 for fiscal year 2021 with something like 400,000 employees. If there are 331 million people in the U.S. that means that every man, woman and child in America is on the hook for $951 to pay for medical bills for vets in perpetuity. Again, just to be clear, most vets earned this and were promised it so I don't have an issue with them getting the care they were promised. Whether it is a good idea in general is a topic for another day. What I do have a problem with is that that much money creates a specific incentive.

It is very lucrative to create as many vets as possible who will need VA benefits. 

When it comes to making big bucks, it doesn't really matter to those reaping the profits that creating lots of vets requires creating the conditions needed to justify having a huge military and that means you need lots of wars with scary bad guys and if they are foreigners who look and smell funny, even better. Yes that means a lot of dead and wounded Americans but those quarterly profits aren't going to make themselves.

Sure, that means that hundreds of thousands of Americans are going to end up dead, missing limbs or with deep psychological trauma but the maimed survivors need even more VA care so that is a win! Even better, they are mostly younger so they have a long life of needing medical care in front of them, creating an annuity stream of medical services that lasts for decades. 

Here is the beauty of it. The VA is one of those almost impossible to cut departments. All you have to do is start talking about those who served and keeping our promises and playing a little Lee Greenwood in the background and it is game over. Sort of like "education", one of the other big grifts in Coruscant. Can't cut "education" spending, can't even question it, otherwise you obviously hate the children. Are vets getting the best care possible for the hundreds of billions we spend? No one gives a shit, but are the middle men and hospitals getting filthy rich? That is what really matters. 

When it comes to funneling money to connected political donors, there is no sacrifice too great. What is the point of normies raising families if those kids can't be sent overseas to die on behalf of the military-industrial complex and/or Israel?

Gonna Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight

The weather forecast for Chicago portends a lot of spiciness....

Hot and humid, no rain. It is going to be a warzone up in the Windy City. This has been a busy week already, with Friday and Saturday to go they are already over the century mark for shootings

It is easier to rack up those kind of numbers when you generate headlines like this:

Impressive! The homies are already planning retaliatory strikes....

Of course what the media is really concerned with is the foiling of an "incel" who was allegedly planning to commit a mass shooting at a sorority. Tons of stories about this.

According to the story, this guy is being charged with a "crime" I didn't even realize was a crime:

An Ohio man federal prosecutors say is an "incel" was charged in federal court this week with attempting a hate crime for his plot to kill women.
Prosecutors say attempting to commit a hate crime is punishable by up to life in prison. One count of illegally possessing a machine gun is punishable by up to 10 years.

Attempting a hate crime? What the fuck does that even mean? Whatever it means, you can get a year in the slammer for attempting to commit a hate crime. It sounds like just doing stuff like Google searching frats and sororities and legal questions is "attempting a hate crime" and can get you arrested. He also had some guns and body armor, including a bump stock and a weapon with the serial numbers allegedly filed off. The guy, a 21 year old named Tres Genco looks as cringe as you might expect....

Genco washed out of Army basic or shortly after for "entry-level performance and conduct" which sounds like "he was a whackjob" to this civilian. 

He had been posting on some incel website for a couple of years and the cops have been looking at him since March of last year but he was arrested on July 21, 2021 more than a year later. I suspect this guy was being egged on by the Feds but they finally got tired of waiting for him to snap so they arrested him and are moving on to a new unstable patsy for their false flag.

Important lesson here. Don't fed post. They are watching all of the sites you like to post on, they know about them all and they are looking for people they can manipulate into saying incriminating stuff and even better that they can wind up enough to actually go commit a mass shooting. You commenting anonymously doesn't mean shit, they know who you are. 

Don't be stupid online, it will get you tossed in the hoosegow for a year just for talking about being stupid and you won't be doing any tactical goon shit if things go down while you are getting turned into someone's bitch in a prison.

Anyway, I am glad to know that a guy "attempting a hate crime" gets more press than three actual mass shootings in six hours in one of our largest cities. Priorities!