Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Weapons Of War!

You know that slogan the gun grabbing Left is always yammering about?

Weapons of war have no place on our streets!

And the usually unspoken second part:

Only the military needs those kinds of weapons!

Maybe someone needs to connect the dots for them....

In the first public accounting of its kind in decades, an Associated Press investigation has found that at least 1,900 U.S. military firearms were lost or stolen during the 2010s, with some resurfacing in violent crimes. And that’s certainly an undercount.

Mostly they are rifles, which surprises me a bit. A Beretta M9 is pretty easy to smuggle out but an M4 is a different beast at around 30" and 6 1/2 pounds. You can't shove an M4 in your waistband, or at least you shouldn't. 

Although some of them were apparently AK-74s stolen by military police. Ironic. 

I guess I will find the government's demand to keep weapons of war off the streets to be more credible when the government manages to keep their own (actual) weapons of war from ending up in the hands of gangs.


  1. Fascinating. II want to know the 'who when where' as let me tell ya, missing weapons? Duuuude you never wanted a weapon to go "M.I.A." We had one 9mm pistola go missing once.

    Seems one of 'our' flyboys, a helo pilot, landed during CAFEX (Combined Arms Field Exercise) to take a dump... took off his shoulder rig and left it on the running rail of the bird, and subsequently forgot it... we spent 2 weeks doing 'hands across the box' on the flightpath looking for the damned M-9.... never did find it. BTW: 'hands across the box' means every. single. soldier. gets online one arm length apart and scours every. single. inch. for MILES if needed. NOT fun.

    So, then saying a single rifle went M.I.A., unless it was from a war zone sort of thing, it means a MASSIVE COVERUP b/c an arms room inventory is like a constant thing, bi-monthly at a minimum. Even when I was doing small arms stuff for the reserves we did a hands-on COMPLETE inventory every. single. time.

    Royal pain in the ass but necessary.
    The fact that almost 1000 bangsticks went bye bye?
    Now, as a point, one of my old units I was in, AFTER mind you AFTER I had left had a bunch of 'display weapons' "grow legs" from the unit museum. A PKM, AK and RPG that had been, at best poorly demil'd (as in to say -not-... the things were still all fully functional, and my thoughts is that whoever brought them back from Gulf One 1990 had hoped to snatch 'em) CID and ALL the cops went all in to find that shytte... so there's always that...

    Interesting stuff....

    1. I was hoping you would weigh in on this, sounds right up your alley! The whole thing stinks and I wonder how many went wandering that never were reported, or how many came home from Iraq or Afghanistan. Maybe that isn't possible.

  2. 74 machine guns.
    36 grenade launchers.
    25 mortars.

    All coming to a 'hood near you.

    And what, for phuck's sake, are the 7 'others'? Nukes?

  3. Muahahahaha.

    No, those are our dudes with that stuff. And if that's what they're admitting, it's at least 2x.

    Regardless, there are more weapons within 2 miles of my place than that little dab. Sure, not mortars, but I'm not imagining any massed infantry assaults anytime soon.

    1. I am out in the middle of nowhere and I am sure that within a mile radius we have a ton of weapons on hand, not just counting me and my store. What I don't know and BCE would have to answer, is how closely the military watches the spare parts because you can smuggle that stuff out a lot easier than a complete rifle and with no serial numbers (I assume), it would be harder to track. You can make a lot of rifles from spare parts.

    2. I do take that partially back - looks like some of the boosted stuff is showing up with the gangs, which makes me assume it was provided to them by the Feds themselves.