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This Story Keeps Getting Better

My post about the South African woman and her unemployed husband who had ten babies, Pro-Life But Pragmatic, took a turn for the weird….

A father of decuplets has requested people stop donating money to his wife and their 10 new babies, whom he says he still hasn’t seen. 

Teboga Tsotetsi’s wife, 37-year-old Gosiame Sithole, recently made headlines for giving birth to a record-breaking 10 children at once — but conflicting local media reports in South Africa and a lack of photographic evidence now have many, including the babies’ father, doubting the authenticity of the claim. 
Wut the wut?!
“I appreciate the financial support that we have been getting from members of the public, but I also would like to appeal to the public to stop making money deposits into our accounts until members of the community have seen the babies,” Tsotetsi told local newspaper Pretoria News, according to the Daily Mail. 

Not only has Tsotetsi not yet seen his children, but he hasn’t seen his wife since she left home on June 7. While she has purportedly given birth to her hefty brood, the Sunday Times reported that local authorities have been unable to trace Sithole to any public or private hospitals.
Wut diddily wut wut?!
Tsotetsi, meanwhile, said he is excited to eventually meet his children, whenever that may be. On Wednesday, he accepted over $70,000 in public donations for them in Cape Town.
Oh come on. How much of that $70,000 do you suppose came from White evangelicals in America?
No pictures, no medical verification, the dad hasn’t seen the babies or the wife for well over a week, after she allegedly had ten babies?
This is gettin’ good.


  1. Anonymous

    If nothing else, pickaninnies are an endless source of mirth, given their "magic thinking". For a demographic that is decidedly not of a mathematical turn, three is likely close enough to ten for begging purposes. Remember, sub-Saharans count "one, two, many".

    Just as bears have learned to associate human communities with sources of food and have encroached dangerously upon them, africans worldwide have come to associate YT with free shit. They hail from a continent that is unbelievably rich in natural resources, yet still follow YT around helplessly with their grubby palms open. So has it ever been, and ever shall it be.

    I'd be willing to bet that not one thin dime raised for those ten-plus-or-minus african babies was donated by anyone darker than milk.

  2. Arthur Sido

    I recall a post I read once from missionaries who had been in Haiti and spoke a bit of their language recounting a Haitian guy laughing at them, asking them for money and asking if they were going to rescue him. It seems like they have the same combination of entitlement and resentment as Africans living in America. They are utterly dependent on us and resent the hell out of us for it.

    I am going to check back in on this story and see what happens, I bet it disappears and the money along with it. Is that guy even her husband, was she even pregnant or is this a new twist on the Nigerian princess scam?

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