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This Should Help Food Prices

Another ransomware attack, this time on JBS the mega-meat processor.
According to the article, JBS controls about a quarter of the U.S. beef market and has plants all over the country….

The Usurper Joe Biden’s occupational government is mostly concerned with blaming this on “Russian hackers” again, because trying to play geopolitical games is more important than recognizing that we have a very serious problem with our IT security.
Beef has a very long production cycle. A calf born today isn’t ready for market for many months and a new calf takes almost a year to be born. In other words you can’t flip a switch and get more slaughter ready fat cattle. Plus you can only slaughter so many cattle at a time, the logistics are pretty complex. 
Reports are coming out that JBS plans to be reopening their plants today, which would indicate that they paid off the hackers quickly to get production going again.
Oh and did I mention that this massive meat company is a Brazilian outfit? It is a shrewd move to have your food processing companies owned by foreign conglomerates. 
I am feeling pretty good that we have a bunch of beef in our freezers but this, along with Colonial pipeline and who knows how many other incidents we didn’t hear about, are signs of how unstable our interconnected global economy really is and how easy it is to disrupt it. Imagine a hack of something more significant like the power grid, or nuclear power plants or government computers. Heck, what about the dot mil systems? They don’t control anything important like nuclear weapons or anything. 
Food is one of those gotta have items and the illusion of stability you get from grocery stores stuffed with cheap, always available food is rapidly shattering.


  1. Anonymous

    They announced that they wiped the systems and re-installed the backups they keep just in case of this.

    Of course these are all building to the bill gates sponsored cyber attack drill in July. They are calling it cyberpolygon and it's brought to you by some of the same players in event 201.


  2. Anonymous

    I thought he was a little over the top at first, but Iceagefarmer does a good job of keeping up with the news on this stuff and has paid attention to other Great Reset-ish things.

    You or your readers probably know, just throwing that out there. If anyone knows anyone else with blogs or websites that are on topic, I'd be interested in knowing.

  3. Anonymous

    Rabbits and Quail take up less space and both are quit enough neighbors can't hear them, just saying.
    Of course you could also get a sheep or a mini cow for milk.


  4. Arthur Sido

    We are out in the country so having cattle is fine for us, we have tried dairy goats but I can't stand the taste of goat milk. We are going to get rabbits for meat, my wife raised them in high school and they are easy to care for and can eat low quality forage.

  5. Mike Guenther

    So far, no changes in meat prices in my neck o' the woods from the ransomware attack.

    The real increase in the cost of meat was during the pandemic. Ground Round, which we buy a lot of, went from around 5 bucks/pound to almost 8 bucks/pound in less than six months. Plus the meat market cut their hours and days open. And for a few months, they also rationed meat purchases.

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