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Things Really Are Bigger In Texas

Austin mass shooting: 13 hospitalized after attack on 6th Street

Police have a vague but predictable description of the alleged shooter….

Took a screenshot as they often scrub the description when it is a certain demographic. 

The twitter replies to the story are full of White liberals decrying the permitless carry law in Texas, even though it hasn’t gone into effect yet and won’t until September. Apparently just the idea of being able to lawfully carry a firearm in Texas has caused black fellas to start shooting each other prematurely. 
Meanwhile in Savannah, Georgia 9 people were shot in a mass shooting in a housing project, including children, and at least one dead. Mass shooting plus housing project plus Savannah being 55% black and you can make an educated guess here.
Chicago meanwhile is on a tear, through Friday night Heyjackass! is reporting 21 shot, 3 fatally. It is partly sunny and 80 in the Windy City today, so that is prime shootin’ weather.
Yee haw!


  1. Anonymous

    I really don't get it. How do you toss slugs around and hit 14 people without KILLING any of them? Are they even trying? Presumably that is the aim (heh) of shooting bullets at bodies, but these losers are such poor marksmen that it's actually just dumb luck when they DO connect. Considering what it costs we the taxpayers to tend to and treat the wounded, it would make sound financial sense to invest in some free firearms training in the allegedly gun-free zones of the inner city. None of the victims are typically on anything more than a prison-or-morgue trajectory, anyway.

  2. Anonymous

    Just noticed on the KXAN news site which reported on the massacre that the next headline reads "City of Austin seeks to build affordable housing in East Austin".

    Do you want more mass shootings, Austin? Because that is how you get more mass shootings. Those Section 8 roach motels are breeding grounds for crime and poverty. Welcome to Chicongo, you lib morons.

  3. Arthur Sido

    My solution remains solid: announce a few "Purge" weekends in the inner city. Tell the cops and normal people to get out of town for those weekends. Leave behind pallets of Glocks and Hipoints, already loaded to keep it simple, along with coolers of malt liquor. After a couple of weekends, our crime problem will have solved itself.

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