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The Final Tally

This headline from the Chicago Sun-Times says it all:

That means “The Barbarian Contrarian” was the closest with an estimated 70 shot and he guessed more than double the actual numbers. Pretty amazing what a massive police presence plus a very cold and rainy Friday did to the numbers, which ended up pretty close to Miami with over 30 shot and 3 dead. My own personal guess of 87 and 17 was wildly off the mark. 
That doesn’t indicate that things are better in Chicago, the same article notes:
Shootings are up 36% this year compared to the same period in 2020, according to Sun-Times data. Homicides are spiking in areas long afflicted with gun violence.
So the difference during the Memorial Day weekend really was police working overtime and cold weather. That isn’t going to last, this is the forecast for next weekend in Chicago:

Warm, no rain and sunny = gunz a blazin’ in the Windy City.
Stay clear of cities, avoid crowds, head on a swivel, etc.

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