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Sunday Gunday Videos

A few videos I liked this weekend…

First up, Chris Baker from Lucky Gunner doing a very calm and sober examination of the question: what is the true distance of a gun fight? This dovetails nicely with my post last week Using The Right Tool For The Job
His findings? It seems to me that the short range engagement really is by far the most common. His next video will look at things like red-dot sights for close engagement pistol, something I am not a fan of.
Next, Paul Harrel in a very Paul Harrel video about the speed and practical consideration of switching from a long gun to a pistol. 
I am a believer in the idea that the purpose of a pistol is to keep you alive long enough to get back to your rifle. Unless I am just out of ammo, I would almost always prefer to reload a 30 round mag than start blazing away with a pistol unless I was at a range where the long gun wasn’t practical. Then again this is all academic for me as I have zero, absolutely zero, experience in a real gun fight of any sort.
Finally Mr. Gunsngear looks briefly at the striking down of the California “assault weapons” ban and what it means.
Good overview as always from Mike. 

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