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Someone Is Going To Die

Aesop had something to say on the notion of going kinetic to come to a conclusion to this Cold War we are in: Is There An America Worth Dying For?

tl;dr, my summary:
Someone is going to die, and in large numbers. The only actual question that remains is whether it will be them or us. I vote for them. 

I will leave the muttered threats of pending violence to others, so far no one has actually done much of anything despite all of the internet tough talk. Believe me, I get it because things are just too comfortable for almost all of us right now. They haven’t quite pushed us into the corner yet so it still looks like there may be a way out (there isn’t) and more important there absolutely is a jail cell ready for you if you get caught right now. I don’t think that will be the case much longer but it is today so it really isn’t useful to talk about how many throats you are going to slit, just that at this point you start getting your mind right about the future necessity of slitting.
Patriotism, my country ’tis of thee, etc is worse than useless, it is dangerous. We aren’t getting back what was taken from us by a means other than the one that got us this country in the first place. We are not fighting for the past, we are fighting for the future. America is gone and ain’t coming back, even if we win some complete victory in some hypothetical and unlikely civil war, what comes next will still be very different.
What is worth fighting for now is your family and your freedom. Make that your focus and get your mind right.


  1. Arthur Sido

    I knew a guy from high school, we graduated in 1990, we got into Yale and despite all the talk even back then he got in because he was a good athlete. It wasn't a "football" scholarship but that is what it really was. He wasn't even in the top ten smartest kids in my little school. The only people impressed by the Ivy League are people who don't know anyone who attended an Ivy school.

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