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Someone Is Getting Rich

While I don’t work with lumber directly, many of the people I do some work for are in businesses that rely on lumber as their primary raw material and with prices skyrocketing it is making life a little hairy for them. Lots of people are not getting rich but someone is and this guy thinks he knows who that might be….

This has the ring of truth to it. Cattle producers are having a tough time right now, at least the small and mid-sized ones, but that isn’t making meat less expensive at the grocery. The big processors? They are doing great.
In lumber two of the five largest lumber companies are owned by billionaires, Archie Aldis Emmerson and the Koch brothers. These are the people who are rich and getting richer while normal people struggle. 
America has two separate economic systems, one for the connected and one for the rest of us. 


  1. Ron

    I wonder if it is any coincident that here in the land of SPI, he is known as "Red" emmerson. I don't know if Gates has overtaken him bit he was the largest private landowner in the West.

  2. Marina

    Absolutely and just like small businesses all had to close while only the big stores like the WM of this world could be open. They're preparing a really nice world for all of us, the deplorables and useless eaters.

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