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So I Guess I Am A “RMVE-WS” Now?

What is a “RMVE-WS” you might ask? It is a “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist-white supremacists” according to this “news” story from WABC in New York: 

‘Perfect storm’: Bulletin warns of extremist violence as pandemic restrictions lift

Ah yes, the old “White supremacists are planning attacks!” shtick coupled with “lifting restrictions leads to violence!” ploy. 

According to this “law enforcement” bulletin:

Homeland Security officials also expressed fears about “the recent rise in mass shootings nationwide,” noting that it “increases our concern for violence, particularly in advance of upcoming holiday celebrations and anniversaries associated with high-profile extremist attacks.”

Didja catch that? They are worried about “RMVE-WS” mass shootings because of the spike in mass shootings since last summer but the problem with that is pretty obvious: there are hundreds of mass shootings in America each year but virtually none of them are from “White supremacists”. Instead they are just garden variety black on black shootings, hundreds of them, but apparently not worth noticing from “Homeland Security”, the most misnamed department in the Federal government.

What is the source of this concern by Homeland Security? 

“As of 16 June, racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist-white supremacists (RMVE-WSs) were sharing downloadable links to a publication discussing targeting mass gatherings, critical infrastructure, and law enforcement officers.”

Approximately 0.0% of that is true. If anything, it is more likely that ATF informants are sharing these “downloadable links”, I guess PDF files?, with FBI informants. All of it is bullshit of course….

While no specific plot has been identified for Independence Day, the intelligence brief ominously notes that federal officials are seeing evidence of radicals -particularly white supremacists-and violence prone people- planning.

Well that IS ominous, if by ominous you mean hilarious. 

What is really going on is gaslighting by the Federal law enforcement apparatus, with the complicity and encouragement of the “media”. No one is asking the hard questions or seeing any sort of evidence, we are just supposed to believe that these “downloadable links” are a smoking gun indicating imminent acts of violence. The article further says:

The official encouraged the public not to be in a panic mode but to be alert and to reach out to law enforcement if they see anything suspicious in the coming weeks.

This is simply encouraging jumpy White normies to rat on their neighbors if they maybe have a Gadsden flag or say something impolite at a BBQ. 

We have heard this refrain of impending White supremacist terrorism based on “intelligence” over and over again this year, and it has never come to pass. The only thing close was January 6th, and that was a silly farce and clearly orchestrated by the FBI and others. The result is general slander of White people who don’t like the idea of their country being occupied by an illegitimate and hostile regime, essentially claiming that we are the ones committing the mass shootings that plague our cities and saying we are planning on committing more, without the slightest shred of evidence. It is reprehensible and disgusting but that is what we have come to expect from the Lügenpresse and their partners in the Federal bureaucracy. 

Every institution with any power at all in America is firmly lined up in opposition to you and your family. You want to see actual extremism and violence? Keep pushing*.

*not a threat or incitement to committing any actual violence


  1. Anonymous

    I suspect the "downloadable" items are memes.

    DHS1 "Sir, reports indicated this meme has been downloaded 12000 times in the last 24 hrs."
    DHS2 "That's a very hurtful meme."
    DHS1 "Yes sir, it triggered 97% of twitter moderators and one facebook fact checker soiled themselves after reading it."
    DHS3 "Sir, we also have a report that the RMVE-WS have been stockpiling fireworks leading up to the July long weekend, our annalists believe this means they are planing an attack on the 4th. The NSA are seeing lots of chatter about 'BBQs' and 'fireworks' and 'get togethers' we believe these are code words for some sort of mass uprising."

    30 minutes later giving a briefing to congress
    DHS2 "We have evidence that white extremists have a stockpile of 12000 offensive weapons, so far there is only one known injury, but we fear many more attacks as we go into the national holiday. For some reason the 4th of July gets the RMVE-WS all worked up. Additionally we know they are stockpiling explosive devices and pyrotechnics as part of a coordinated offensive."


  2. jl

    It's hard to believe anyone is dumb enough to believe any of that nonsense…then you go out into public and have the inevitable "ah-ha moment". We're surrounded by sheep that believe everything they see on FB & Insta. and they all expect "someone" (.gov) to do "something" about it.

  3. Arthur Sido

    It is easy to get caught in a feedback loop created by self-segregating yourself away from dumb people but when you get out in the general populace you realize how stupid they are.

  4. Anonymous

    I don't suppose any thinking person actually 'believes' this tripe so much as they sincerely wish it was so. Joggers know they are joggers. And they know that we don't 'jog'. But it creates such a pleasing worldview for them to suppose that we are just as evil as they are, or perhaps a little more so.

    Blacks know they never created anything but trouble, and it hurts their delicate feelings. Singing them sweet lullabies about all of their many alleged accomplishments allows them to pretend for a time that they are not merely the inept, worthless devils we all know them to be.

    Dear Mister Fantasy, play us a tune. Something to make us all happy…

  5. Arthur Sido

    I sometimes have to wonder, the moderately intelligent ones understand it is a hustle but the vast majority refuse to see it. I guess you can't have cognitive dissonance when you lack basic cognitive skills.

  6. Mike_C

    Blacks are not the people who have created and promulgated the philosophical basis of anti-whiteness. The Frankfurt School (to take but one example) was not Black. Nor was it even remotely German, despite the misleading name.

    Blacks do not have wildly disproportionate ownership and editorial control of the newsmedia. Sure you can get some Black public mouthpieces such as Don Lemon, but that's guy's job is to sit up front and be Black and homosexual. He's not setting editorial policy, nor is he actually writing the text for news reports, much less op-ed pieces.

    By and large Blacks are not the people who have created the legal framework — both theoretical and through case law — to institutionalize anti-whiteness. Heck, Black politicians are not even the ones who have done the most to craft laws that are functionally anti-white.

    One might suspect that Black dysfunction is deliberately encouraged, because it's considered a feature and not a bug by those in charge. After all, hating on Blacks keeps the average person from paying attention to just who weaponized, then aided and encouraged, the troublesome fraction of Blacks.

  7. Anonymous

    The covid year (15+months now) has finally proven beyond a shadow of a doubt just how high the percentage of our people are, in fact, cattle. I still barely find it credible, but the day to day experience has proven it. Thank the gods that at least the blood has some potential.

    We are no longer just in the realm of half the people being dumbshits below 100 IQ and others being lemmings, we are now firmly in the realm of the perfected goyim slaves, where others sit like effendi and eat.

    Nietzsche makes so much more sense now.

  8. Arthur Sido

    I don't see it as either-or, but both-and. There is plenty of anger to direct at the creators of the Frankfurt school and also at the ungrateful blacks who rampage through our cities.

  9. Mike_C

    You're right of course, it's not either/or. I should have been more clear. And if group A sets up scenarios that group B can exploit in an unethical/criminal fashion, it doesn't mean that members of group B should do it — they still bear responsibility for their own misbehavior.

    But I'm really really really sick of group A stirring up shit, and then successfully executing DARVO (deny, attack, reverse victim and offender).

  10. John Wilder

    Duh, the FBI are the ones offering the information, and also the ones downloading it. And funding it. And giving it weapons. It turns out to be one high school dropout from (spins wheel) Wisconsin.

    It's all so tiresome.

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