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Shoot Yer Rifle

Love this video from Robski at AK Operators Union. He is pretty riled up.

This is the result of a glut of internet “experts” and Gucci guns. I am all for having good equipment but some of these gun guys are worse than women buying expensive shoes and handbags. A good rule of thumb is this:
Shoot the best rifle you can reasonably afford with money left over to buy ammo to train with. 
Being able to shoot your rifle well is more important in most respect than having the coolest rifle on the ‘gram. I am (mostly) not a “Just as good” guy but a guy who has trained a lot with an Anderson AR is a lot more dangerous than the guy who only gets his Daniel Defense rifle out to take pictures. For that matter there are lots of old deer hunters with a bolt action 30-06 who would eat the lunch of most tacticool guys.
Your rifle has to work for you and what works for you may or may not work for others. Most of my stuff would be considered (at best) mid-tier grade, reliable and functional. My biggest need is not to upgrade my gear with more expensive fancy name brand gear, it is to simply get out and shoot more than I do.
If you run in these circles, your gear is supposed to keep you alive when things go tits up. It isn’t supposed to be a way for you to show off to the world how much credit card debt you have accumulated to impress strangers with your cool gear.
Shoot yer rifle and don’t worry about what everyone else is buying.


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