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Or Maybe, Just Maybe….

This twitter thread is absolutely fascinating. I will let you delve into the mostly illiterate “yass kween” replies but here are the tweets themselves. 

My first though was that the reason likely wasn’t “racial trauma”…

The comments are hilarious and disgusting at the same time. What it basically boils down to is this:
If you have a black person in your workforce, everything you do needs to be adjusted to catering to their every whim. 
Lots of comments about “microaggressions”, as if blacks are the only people who have to deal with irritating co-workers. Comments about White women touching their hair. One bitching about the thermostat because only the comfort level of black employees should matter. All of the well known and widely documented indignities we all have dealt with working in an office environment, captured in Dilbert and Office Space, but when you force feed a segment of the population with an endless stream of racialist sewage, you get people who really believe that their plight is different and that they should be treated with kid gloves at the expense of everyone else.
Call it racist or whatever you like, but reading that thread should make any manager think long and hard about whether it is worth it to hire a black person, especially a black woman. 
Outside of government offices in larger cities, I assume blacks are a small percentage of the office staff in most places. In the giant corporate complexes I have worked in, there just weren’t all that many and the blacks we did have working in my peer group were pretty decent people, mostly because they didn’t freak out over every perceived slight. We were professionals managing accounts with hundreds of millions in assets and that demands a certain minimum level of decorum. 
Anyway, if you are in a hiring position and you see a resume with the name Qu’anishia come across your desk, maybe that one accidently gets lost…..


  1. Anonymous

    Hey Arthur,

    Off topic, but are you getting an error when trying to get on John Wilder's site now?
    I went there this morning and loaded the comments from his Biden article and all was good.
    Now, all I get is a word press error???


  2. Anonymous

    Kind of a weird day.
    Having problems with cell phone going into roam and no signal.
    (normally a good signal here.)
    One of the people I talked with, said he was having static issues on his when making calls.

    Hope it is nothing and John's site works out.

    Thanks again.

  3. Anonymous

    What is this 'workplace' that blacks are so fearful of returning to? The ONLY times I've ever seen black females in an office environment, it has been some sort of gubmint enterprise, fed or local, and they are never outnumbered by Whites or anyone else. Of the couple of hundred souls at my place of business (defense contractor) there is precisely one black – a cheerful old fellow who toils as a janitor. My employer is so ultra-woke that we would hire the first negro who came through the doors, waiving any consideration of skills, experience, criminal history, etc. But none ever do. It's not that there is any shortage of blacks in the surrounding area. They just do not bother looking for work other than entitlement positions.

    I'm certainly not complaining. I've got enough to do already without having to shoulder some incompetent diversity hire's load as well. And heaven forbid one of those uppity sistas waddles her fat arse into the place as a manager (corporate has issued a mandate that our goal is 50% female managers). I won't get on a line at the grocery store where the cashier is a black female, and I would sooner retire early than answer to one.

  4. Anonymous

    If you hire the drama kweens, there will be drama. White, black or green womyn with fake nails, fake hair and selfies all over the internet will be a problem. Trouble is these harpies and their drones get hired in the first place. Get a pissed off and non dramatic black NCO type in a supervisor billet and the problem is minimized. Its how we used to run prisons, at least till the ACLU types put the gangs in charge

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