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Identifying Shooters Is Racist

Earlier I mentioned the mass shooting in Texas that left 13 people wounded: Things Really Are Bigger In Texas The number of victims might be 14 now, I am not sure if that is official yet.

I took a screenshot of a news report that provided a brief description of the shooter as a “skinny” black male with “locs-style” hair. I assume that is slang for dreadlocks? Anyway, not a great description but is certainly helps to narrow down the pool of suspects somewhat and since Austin has a relatively small black population, a skinny black guy with dreads is mildly helpful. Apparently it is also racist to provide a description, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Screengrab from around 4 PM EST….

Hat tip to Scott Greer.
Think about this. Rather than providing a description of the suspect which might help track this person down, the Austin American-Statesman is instead suppressing this information because it might “perpetuate a stereotype”. Have they considered that this stereotype exists for a reason? That reason being that the shooter in these cases is almost always a black guy?
The cops have one suspect in custody, I wonder if the Statesman will publish a picture of him or give his name, or might that also perpetuate stereotypes? Regardless it is clear that the Austin Statesman would rather a black man who shot up a crowd of people escapes justice in order to avoid reinforcing the fact that we all already know: black men shoot a lot of people.
This is the state of the Lugenpresse in America. I assume you already knew that.


  1. BigCountryExpat

    Austin, despite being -that close- to Fort Hood, is and has been pozzed out of it's fucking mind since forever. 6th was, and probably still is, a madhouse grifter club scene. They close the street off, and you can bar-hop w/open containers, (leastways back in 1996) and party all night. Used to have a -strong- 5-0 presence as the ghetto-thugs were always on the make for a quick mug and run… guess that whole 'defund' isn't working out the way that they'd hoped.

  2. Arthur Sido

    Never been to Austin but it seems from a distance like one of those places that did so well that they forgot what got them where they are. Places like Austin are why Texas is going to flip blue soon and rural Texans are never going to admit it is coming.

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