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I wasn’t kidding

I said the other day (Returning To Normal? A Little?) that it seemed like there were signs of life in the retail gun market. Since that time it is just getting better. More emails from reps telling me about all the guns they have in stock and for the first time in a year ammo wholesalers also are emailing about ammo in stock. Online retail prices for ammunition are also dropping quickly and gun stores are selling guns at a significant discount compared to 3 months ago. I saw a Sig Sauer P365 online for $499.99 from a retailer who was selling them for a hundred bucks more just 6 weeks ago. I even saw this from one of my big distributors….

The S&W Shield EZ is a hot seller, very popular with ladies and older people who have trouble racking the slide on a regular semi-auto. Not only in stock but they have 233 available. I have never seen any firearm from these guys with that many available. 
Things are heading the right way for gun buyers. With California’s “assault weapons” ban going to the 9th and then the SCOTUS there might be a window in July when Cali residents can get AR-15s so that should really run demand up for a short time.
Anyway, maybe bide your time as prices seem to be dropping fairly fast but when things level out, don’t wait. You might not get a second chance.

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