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Holy Pudding Pops Batman!

My wife and I literally were talking about him yesterday and how it seemed like he was set-up and framed for saying things like young black men needed to stop acting like thugs and idiots. Sort of a pre-Epstein. Maybe he really did it but it seems out of character and awfully convenient. Anyway, the best part is that the #MeToo types will have a public meltdown, always amusing.


  1. Anonymous

    I was actually a fan of Bill Cosby back in the 70s and owned a few of his comedy "albums". His humor was essentially race-less, focused on stupid things that stupid kids did, and the responses from tough, no-nonsense Mom and Dad (married, with Dad working for a living). Compare and contrast to the ceaseless hate-YT and tiresome misandry from modern "comics" of all races and sexual orientations. It was a little sad when Cosby was accused and then convicted of being a sexual predator, for he at least seemed to be the exception to the rule among his fellow blacks. I won't often cheer a black man's release from prison, but this one is okay with me.

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