Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Holy Pudding Pops Batman!

My wife and I literally were talking about him yesterday and how it seemed like he was set-up and framed for saying things like young black men needed to stop acting like thugs and idiots. Sort of a pre-Epstein. Maybe he really did it but it seems out of character and awfully convenient. Anyway, the best part is that the #MeToo types will have a public meltdown, always amusing.


  1. I was actually a fan of Bill Cosby back in the 70s and owned a few of his comedy "albums". His humor was essentially race-less, focused on stupid things that stupid kids did, and the responses from tough, no-nonsense Mom and Dad (married, with Dad working for a living). Compare and contrast to the ceaseless hate-YT and tiresome misandry from modern "comics" of all races and sexual orientations. It was a little sad when Cosby was accused and then convicted of being a sexual predator, for he at least seemed to be the exception to the rule among his fellow blacks. I won't often cheer a black man's release from prison, but this one is okay with me.

    1. We had one of his albums as well, funny without endlessly talking about sex and whining about race.