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Hollywood Is Nothing But Propaganda

It isn’t surprising that there are so many old TV shows on streaming services. Most shows made even ten years ago were far superior to what is being put out today, and not just because every show today is chock full of woke talking points and actors picked to check off a box on some diversity checklist. The plots and acting in contemporary shows is generally terrible. There are a few exceptions, Breaking Bad was great at least in the first few seasons I have watched. The Walking Dead was the same and like Breaking Bad it was a fairly fresh idea for a TV show. Blue Bloods isn’t bad. But those are the rare exceptions to an otherwise awful and endless stream of terrible shows with awful acting, implausible storylines and plot holes you could drive a tank through. 

A show we started watching recently is The Rookie, starring Nathan Fillion, best known in geekdom as Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly and Serenity. We always liked that show and recently rewatched the whole series. The premise is a guy in his 40s has a life-changing experience and decides to leave his falling apart life in Pennsylvania to become a cop in Los Angeles. I checked the L.A.P.D. recruitment site and there is nothing that would preclude a 40 year old from applying to be a cop, I figured they had a maximum age like the military. 
Anyway, the show is mildly amusing as something to watch after dinner but good Lord the dumb shit they have in the plot is just awful. Not to mention they have a ton of PC crap in the show. Tough as nails but super awesome black wahmen training cop? Check. Faggoty black trainee? Check. A mystery meat chick trainee (Chinese and Irish)? Check. Mestizo tough as nails wahmen training cop? Check. On and on. Then of course we have all of the White guys who are drug kingpins and petty criminals in L.A. because that is accurate. But then we watched Season 1 Episode 16 titled “Greenlight” where Fillion/”John Nolan” arrests a young woman who feels disrespected and as a result her boyfriend “greenlights” the killing of Officer Nolan. Remember this is in Los Angeles. Here is where we find out about the assassination order….
Yes, the super common violent White supremacist gangs of L.A. who….wait for it….number several thousand.
Several thousand. Several being at least 3,000. In L.A. 
The Aryan Brotherhood, an actual White supremacist/neo-Nazi group, is estimated to have 15-20,000 members in and out of prison across the U.S.. The real number is likely much lower as the ADL and SPLC are notorious for exaggerating the threat to raise funds. Let’s say a third of the maybe 15,000 are in jail, and again that percentage is likely higher. That leaves a total of 10,000 somewhere in the U.S. but we are supposed to believe that there are “several thousand” of this fictional White supremacist gang in L.A. and furthermore the ones pictures mostly looked like regular White guys, very few tats visible. Half the guys they arrested looked like accountants.
Looking through the LAPD most wanted list, it is almost entirely mestizo gang members with a smattering of blacks and a couple of White guys, including a 90 year old man that is believed to be living in Germany. But here is a show about life in the LAPD talking about a several thousand strong “violent White supremacist” gang. What is that all about?
The episode was filmed in 2018, right in the heart of the Trump presidency. We had already had the Charlottesville fiasco and the Feds were talking about the rising danger of some autistic kids posting Pepe memes on social media. The narrative was clear: White men who questioned the direction of our own country were a ticking time bomb, violent and racist. Sure there have been almost no significant violent outbreaks since the episode was filmed that were attributable to White men, apart from a handful of shootings that got a lot of attention and the “insurrection” on January 6th, while at the same time thousands of blacks and mestizos were shot and many killed by other blacks and mestizos. That doesn’t really matter. White men are the single political threat to the neo-Marxist movement so they must be vilified at all costs and Hollywood is an active participant in creating that image. I would imagine that if you asked a sampling of random White people, most of them would agree that there is a serious White supremacist threat in America but would be completely incapable of expressing why other than maybe mentioning January 6th. 
There is obviously nothing new in this, no new revelation that Hollywood is evil. Just a reminder to never, ever spend a dime to support those pieces of shit who hate you and want to see you and your children exterminated and your history expunged. 


  1. Anonymous

    Bread and circuses. But what happens when the bread is moldy and expensive, and the circus just isn't entertaining because it's so condescending and repetitive in it's dull, moral posturing?

    And just who is watching this tripe, anyway? No one in my circle still subscribes to cable. The local provider here has been bleeding customers for years. We joined the exodus back in 2018 and haven't missed it one little bit.

  2. Arthur Sido

    And it has to be costing them bundles of money but they do it anyway, telling me that they stopped being about profit a long time ago. Throw some crappy super hero movie out there and it makes enough money from a mostly White audience to subsidize dozens of crappy movies undermining our society.

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